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High Quality Handmade Dice Bags par greyedout. RPT #11: Top 6 Ways To More Compelling Encounters - Roleplaying Tips. I believe encounters (some roleplayers also call them “scenes”) are the workhorses of roleplaying.

RPT #11: Top 6 Ways To More Compelling Encounters - Roleplaying Tips

Campaigns are simply the sum total of all the individual encounters that you plan for and play out. So, the theory is, if you make every encounter an exciting, memorable event, you will have a stellar campaign. Here are several ways to tweak encounters for maximum tension and enjoyment. Feel free to print this list out and keep it with your gaming notes for inspiration during sessions. Choose a compelling location. Google Search Terms. Dungeon Inspiration.

Dungeon Inspiration About A place where things that inspire role-playing settings, places, and encounters are posted.

Dungeon Inspiration

Ask me anything Submit. Meanwhile Back in The Dungeon... Meanwhilebackinthedungeon: Armor Mechanic as Obvious Attempt to have Nude Characters in Game…If you wanna get some more of that tangy Appendix N flavor into your games, where nude magic users battle scantily-clad warriors in the grand Sword & Sorcery tradition of yore — I suggest adopting this simple modification to Armor or Defense Class:Skyclad CharactersEssentially, if a player is willing to have their character adventure in the buff, that character adds, or subtracts, their Charisma or appearance modifier to their Armor Class or Defense.But if you really wanna be encouraging, they could use double their charisma modifier as their Skyclad Bonus.

Meanwhile Back in The Dungeon...

Make Sense? Illustration of Skyclad Human Sorceress by Frank Frazetta. The Dungeon Dozen. Dungeon Dozen Fan Index. After Zak S. mentioned that the totally sweet Dungeon Dozen posts were not organized in any way besides by date and a few tags right after I started reading the archives from the beginning, I decided I could do a good deed and organize stuff as I go.

Dungeon Dozen Fan Index

So, here it is. It is currently up to date, and I plan to keep it so as new posts are added. Hero's journey. "A Practical Guide to Joseph Cambell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces" by Christopher Vogler © 1985 “There are only two or three human stories, and they go on repeating themselves as fiercely as if they had never happened before.”

hero's journey

In the long run, one of the most influential books of the 20th century may turn out to be Joseph Campbell’s THE HERO WITH A THOUSAND FACES. The book and the ideas in it are having a major impact on writing and story-telling, but above all on movie-making. Savage Everything! So I've just finished Season 2 of The Walking Dead, and there are some things I think are worth updating regarding Clementine.

Savage Everything!

This is our first character update, but I'll be leaving the text of the previous post below in case people are still interested. Note that this is not strictly character progression; I've altered several stats and levels from my original iteration to better match what she's shaped up to be able to do. It's also worth noting that I will stat her as I played her, simply for ease of Hindrances. Name: ClementineRace: HumanExperience: 70 (Heroic) Agility d8; Smarts d8; Spirit d8; Strength d4; Vigor d6 Pace 6; Parry 5; Charisma 0; Toughness 5Hindrances: Young, Loyal, Pacifist (m)Edges: Alertness, Great Luck, Elan, Common Bond, Marksman, ExtractionSkills: Climbing d6, Fighting d6, Healing d6, Intimidation d4, Notice d6, Persuasion d6, Shooting d8, Stealth d6, Survival d6Inventory: Hat, Jacket, Ice Pick (Str+d4), Hatchet (Str+d4), Pistol (2d6, AP 1, 12/24/48)

SavageWorldsGenericCharsheetSmall.jpg Photo by vinzent999. 9ab1893e8033053ebdca815931580db4. IK0jLlj.png (PNG Image, 1280 × 720 pixels) - Scaled (80%) Gnome Stew - The Game Mastering Blog. Building NPCs in 3 Lines & NPC Contest by Dndeviants on deviantART. Roleplaying Tips for game masters for all role-playing systems. Roleplaying Tips Weekly E-Zine Issue #418 Contents: This Week's Tips Summarized 4 City Building Tips: Give cities flavour with districts Readers' Tips Summarized Johnn Four's GM Guide Books Lose The Eraser With Turn Watcher Turn Watcher(tm) is an easy to use Initiative and Effect Tracker for table-top RPG dungeon masters.

Roleplaying Tips for game masters for all role-playing systems Return to Contents A Brief Word From Johnn Get On The Guest Authors Topics List I've put together an in-house mailing list of bloggers, writers, and RPG fans interested in writing for the Roleplaying Tips e-zine. This is a great way to hone your writing skills, promote your website, and help thousands of game masters around the globe have more fun at every game. Tower of the Ape: Savage Worlds Deluxe Role-Play Drama – Gamerstable – A podcast about tabletop role playing games and other nerd culture topics. For those who want the entire Tower of the Ape experience in one, Player Characters: Renyard Durand – Poitanian Swordmaster Played by Mike Valacious - Mysterious Sorcerer Played by Mark Madhedai – Hyrkanian Nomad Played by Dan.

Tower of the Ape: Savage Worlds Deluxe Role-Play Drama – Gamerstable – A podcast about tabletop role playing games and other nerd culture topics.

The Alexandrian » Three Clue Rule. Mystery scenarios for roleplaying games have earned a reputation for turning into unmitigated disasters: The PCs will end up veering wildly off-course or failing to find a particular clue and the entire scenario will grind to a screeching halt or go careening off the nearest cliff.

The Alexandrian » Three Clue Rule

The players will become unsure of what they should be doing. The GM will feel as if they’ve done something wrong. And the whole evening will probably end in either boredom or frustration or both. Online RPG Tools @ RPG MUSINGS. Hero Lab - Lone Wolf Development. For assistance, please check our support forums or email us.

Hero Lab - Lone Wolf Development

View our Privacy Policy here. Army Builder is a registered trademark of Lone Wolf Development, Inc. The Army Builder logo and the Lone Wolf Development logo are trademarks of Lone Wolf Development, Inc. Hero Lab, the Hero Lab logo, Realm Works, and Fog of World are registered trademarks of LWD Technology, Inc. Prep-Lite Manifesto- The Template. I have recently begun a journey, on which I like to think I am not alone, to drastically reduce the time it takes me to prep my sessions. In doing so I have compiled, and in some cases created, some tools for speeding up my prep and aiding me in the running of my games, while maintaining a complexity I like in the games I run.

Your Whispering Homunculus: 30 Unsettling Moments / Kobold Press. May 28, 2010 / Richard Pett “Master!” Structure Your D&D Campaign Like a TV Show. Since TV writing and gaming are different types of episodic storytelling there are natural overlaps between the two, but I have never seen a roleplaying game better suited for the TV drama-show structure, than 4th edition D&D. I am not the first to make the gaming and television comparison, but I really started thinking about it after watching an interview with Ron Moore about the writing of Battlestar Galactica.

He made it sound like the writers on Battlestar were throwing all these surprises out (eg. so-and-so is a cylon!) Having only a vague idea of where most of it would lead. Distance and Length Conversion (Online Units Converter) Civilization Generator. D20 Source RPG Blog — World Building 101 - Creating Cultures. Roleplaying Tips for Tabletop RPG Game Masters. As a thank you for being a fellow GM and becoming a subscriber to my GM tips newsletter, I'd like to give you one of my books today => Adventure Essentials: Inns & Taverns.

Feel free to buy it if you like, but as a new subscriber I'll give it to you free. Hi, my name is Johnn Four and I've been a professional RPG writer for over 12 years now. I'd love share my unique GMing methods and techniques with you. It's tricky trying to be creative all the time. Drawing inspiration for session after session is tough. Google For GMing. Savage Worlds Tips and Tricks. Berlincity2092 [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Weapons. Pistols Masgun's flagship pistol, the 909 is known for its robustness. Utilizing light materials and a low number of parts, the pistol is reliable, easy to carry, and easy to disassemble and clean, making it a favorite among law enforcement and security forces. Player Races: Dragon Men (Savage Worlds) PDF. Savage Spellbook: Behold the beauty of trappings.

I was reading over the Bolt spell, and realised that if you look at the basic power (without the additional bolts/damage) it's technically the same as shooting a bow, except you use your arcane skill instead of Shooting, and you don't need the bow. In effect, it's a 1 PP power that lets you use a skill you don't have with tools you don't have (and of course there's the option to extend the RoF and damage with extra PP).

Great White Games/Pinnacle Entertainment Group. I was reading through various reviews and comments about Savage Worlds, and noticed a number of complaints about the powers being very bland and boring. Bandit Hunting. Top 3 Mistakes Made by Savage Worlds Game Masters. Uhm… You’re Doing It Wrong! I’m a Savage Worlds Game Master with more than two years and forty-some odd games under my belt. Twists for Encounters : savageworlds.

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