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What is Customer Data Management (CDM)? Definition, Best Practices and Technology Platforms. Customer data management (CDM) is defined as the process and framework of collecting, managing and analyzing customer data from diverse sources to form a unified view of each customer.

What is Customer Data Management (CDM)? Definition, Best Practices and Technology Platforms

In this article, we talk about why marketers need to prioritize CDM, its key components, best practices and popular technology platforms that enable robust customer data management. Table of Content What is Customer Data Management (CDM)? 5 Questions You Should Ask Before You Implement a CDP. Are you a newbie in the world of Customer Data Platforms?

5 Questions You Should Ask Before You Implement a CDP

Here are five things you need to know. Organizations are sitting on a goldmine of data but are unable to use it effectively, as the data is scattered across multiple avenues. The Stack Attack – One size fits one for your 2020 marketing technology stack – Content For marketers. The MarTech Explosion: It’s not a revelation that the world of technology is changing at a fast-paced rate.

The Stack Attack – One size fits one for your 2020 marketing technology stack – Content For marketers

With recent developments such as holographic smart phones, artificial intelligence, and not just 3D printing but 3D printing with metal and…for some reason…pole-dancing robots, technology in every field is advancing at unprecedented rates. Marketing Technology (MarTech) is no exception. The number of software providers in our field has exploded from around 150 in 2011 to over 7000 this year! Is martech headed for its "dot-com moment" in 2020? Microsoft, Adobe, SAP show demo for Open Data Initiative. Satya Nadella speaking at the 2016 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Microsoft, Adobe, SAP show demo for Open Data Initiative

David A. Grogan | CNBC REDMOND, Wash. — Old-guard software providers Adobe, Microsoft and SAP have a working demonstration of software for collecting data from certain products they offer and sending them all to one place for additional analysis. The resulting work, if widely adopted, could end up slowing the growth of Salesforce, the 20-year-old company that leads the market for sales tools. Adobe, Microsoft and SAP announced their Open Data Initiative in September, and representatives from the three companies meet each week. With the fruits of the Open Data Initiative, companies will no longer need to have engineers spend time getting all their data ready for further crunching, nor will they need teams of data scientists, Alysa Taylor, corporate vice president for business applications and global industry, told CNBC in an interview last week at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond. The Dividends of Digital Marketing Maturity. Beakerandflint.

Marketing’s Holy Grail: Digital personalization at scale. Personalization drives growth.

Marketing’s Holy Grail: Digital personalization at scale

But to scale it, companies need to do four things. Customers decide very quickly—in a matter of seconds—whether they like your marketing message. Provide something relevant and you’ve got a satisfied customer. Miss the mark, however, and they’re gone. This issue of relevance in our era of instant gratification is particularly pronounced because consumers are bombarded with messages, most of which are off target.

What's Keeping SMBs Away from Marketing Automation Adoption? eMarketer. Microsoft: ‘CMOs are not comfortable with the growing role of tech’ - Marketing Week. There has been an explosion in the marketing technology available to marketers.

Microsoft: ‘CMOs are not comfortable with the growing role of tech’ - Marketing Week

The latest estimate from chiefmartech estimates that in 2016 there were 3,874 martech solutions, double the previous year. This year’s estimate, due out later this month, is likely to tell a similar story. This is a concern for Microsoft’s US marketing chief Grad Conn. He believes “a lot of CMOs are being pushed into the technology space in a way that they are not comfortable with” and says “a lot of them don’t know how to set up their organisation to actually be able to manage it”. Speaking to Marketing Week, Conn says understanding this “confusing tech landscape” is one of the big challenges facing marketing professionals today.

Ad Fraud Declines Offer Hope as Marketers Fight Sophisticated Bots - WSJ. Marketers are starting to make progress in their fight against advertising fraud, reversing an upward trend that has plagued the growing digital ad business, according to a report from the Association of National Advertisers and the ad fraud detection firm WhiteOps.

Ad Fraud Declines Offer Hope as Marketers Fight Sophisticated Bots - WSJ

Economic losses due to bot fraud are projected to amount to $6.5 billion globally in 2017, down about 10% from the $7.2 billion estimated for 2016, according to the latest Bot Baseline report. Marketers for years have been paying for ads that are never seen by real people but are instead shown to fake web traffic created by so-called “bots,” computer programs that mimic human behaviors to give the false impression that real people are visiting a site and viewing ads.

But as marketers funnel more money into online advertising to reach their consumers, they have gotten smarter about taking precautions. Mobile ad fraud was also “considerably lower than expected,” according to the report. Microservices Make Inroads: Replacing the CMS Monolith. The term microservices is quickly evolving from an esoteric topics discussed only among gearheads or "stackers" to an increasingly important enterprise issue.

Microservices Make Inroads: Replacing the CMS Monolith

In simple terms, microservices is the decomposition of services and software into smaller and more portable components. When we first explained it, the concept was taking root among software developers but not yet among enterprise IT administrators and system operators. Adobe Summit Retrospective: Building a Stronger Cloud? LAS VEGAS — Adobe defended its cloud-hosting capabilities for web content management and the integration story of its marketing cloud, telling CMSWire it embraces microservices and APIs for development and integrations.

Adobe Summit Retrospective: Building a Stronger Cloud?

Tim Waddell, director of product marketing for advertising solutions at Adobe, told CMSWire during last week’s Adobe Summit at the Venetian Hotel here that Adobe focuses on integrating its acquisitions. “We’ve had our struggles and we’ve learned from our mistakes here and there," Waddell said. "But the focus is on making sure advertising works with analytics, for instance, and how truly simple or turnkey it is for a customer to do it. How Machine Learning is Upending Marketing. A marketing makeover is underway.

How Machine Learning is Upending Marketing

Machine learning is shaking up standard practices and enabling radical improvements around personalization, customer segmentation, and campaign performance.1 For early adopters of machine learning, statistics show they are edging out their competitors and creating impossible-to-ignore customer engagements. Machine Learning Gets Results Predictive marketers who use machine learning are 2.9 times more likely to report revenue growth at rates higher than industry average, according to a Forrester Research study. They are also 2.1 times more likely to “occupy a commanding leadership position in the product/service markets they serve.”

Clearly, machine learning is giving these marketers an advantage. Poland’s largest online bank and fourth largest retail bank — mBank — fits squarely into this new breed of predictive marketers. A large portion of mBank’s 4.5 million customers pay by credit card, giving mBank a good understanding of their purchases. eMarketer. Why Do Engineers Hate Marketing? Have you heard about the lost balloonist? A man is flying in a hot air balloon and realises he is lost. He reduces height and spots a man down below. He lowers the balloon further and shouts: “Excuse me, can you help me? 7 characteristics of engineers that great marketers should have - Amplifinity. Originally published in I often get double-takes when I reveal to other CMOs that I was a biomedical engineer in my previous life. After almost a decade as an engineer, I grew restless. I went back to school to earn my MBA and discovered there was a lot more to marketing than what influencers had told me.

Marketing vs. engineering: Which one is full of crap? (Vooza) The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch) Infographic: The 2016 Marketing Technology Landscape. Eight DMP questions marketers should ask. Cameron Strachan It doesn’t matter your size, industry, or revenue – all marketers want to make the most of audience information and data to support relevant communications and offers. Executing on this strategic thinking starts with a solid data management strategy. NAB, Westpac and Qantas invest in Data Republic. Westpac Reinventure co-founder Danny Gilligan, Todd Forest, NAB Ventures, managing director, Paul McCarney, co-founder and chief executive, Data Republic and Vaughan Chandler, executive manager, Qantas Loyalty Photo: Damien Ford National Australia Bank, Westpac Banking Corp and Qantas have taken stakes in Data Republic, a Sydney-based start-up that has designed a platform which allows companies and government to exchange data in a secure environment.

The deal indicates some of Australia's largest companies are considering sharing data with each other to enhance service delivery but under strict controls to protect customer privacy. NAB, Westpac and Qantas have invested a combined $10.5 million into Data Republic's recent Series A equity fundraising round.

The stakes were acquired through Qantas Loyalty, NAB's venture capital fund, NAB Ventures, and Westpac's venture capital fund, Reinventure Group. Data sharing to increase. Data Republic - Secure Data Exchange. Facebook closes sales loop; takes a bite out of the cookie. AT&T Plans to Sell Linear TV Programmatically. AT&T Inc. Everything You Wanted To Know About Marketing Operations But Were Afraid To Ask. 7 Web CMS Trends for 2016 and Beyond.