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40 Google+ Tips & Tricks For Power Users | PCWorld. July 27, 2011, 8:24 AM — Google+ is all the rage right now. Even under its limited-invite "field trial" phase, the social sharing service is growing in leaps and bounds, with oodles of new users joining every day and even more champing at the bit to get in. Most of us, however, are only beginning to scratch the surface of what Google+ can do; like many Google products, G+ is brimming with advanced features and untapped tweaks.

That's why I decided to put together this massive list of Google+ tips and tricks. It includes some of the best power-user pointers I've found both from my own experimentation and from following some really smart folks in the Google+ universe. For more G+ tips and general tech talk, be sure to join me on Google+ as well. Google+ Tips Part 1: The Stream 1. 2. 3. 4. 14 Special Google Searches With Instant Answers. Google can do more than display lists of websites – Google will give you quick answers to many special searches. While Google isn’t quite as advanced as Wolfram Alpha, it has quite a few tricks up its sleeve. We’ve also covered searching Google like a pro by learning the Google search operators – if you want to master Google, be sure to learn those.

Calculator You can use Google as a calculator – just type in a quick calculation and Google will provide an answer. Google now offers a clickable calculator tool when you search for a calculation, so you can use Google like you’d use a calculator application on your desktop or smartphone. Unit Conversions Google can also convert between a variety of units. As with the calculator, the unit conversion tool is clickable.

You can also combine unit conversations and math. Currency Conversions Google can also do currency conversions for you. Your IP Address Weather Sunrise and Sunset Times Package Tracking Dictionary Definitions Flight Tracking Movie Schedules. Search Google Anonymously While Logged Into Google In Firefox. One of the things that keeps some users from using Google Search is the certainty that everything that is done on the site is being logged and analyzed by Google. While it is possible to overcome this, for instance by launching searches only in the browser's private browsing mode, or using search engines such as Startpage that use Google search results but do not track you, you may prefer an automated solution that just works in the background without you doing anything.

You could try and use Google while you are not signed in to your Google Account, but that too means some form of tracking as there are other means besides tracking a user by account. Plus, it means that you cannot use other Google Services such as Gmail properly without signing in first again. Another option would be to use two different web browsers, one for Google searches, the other for all other activities. The new Firefox add-on Searchonymous introduces a solution that resolves this issue. 10 Important Google URLs That Every Google User Should Know. Which websites and apps have background access to my Google account? What does Google know about me? Where can I see all the ads that I’ve clicked on Google search? What does Google know about the places I’ve visited recently? Where should I go if I have forgotten the administrator password for Google Apps? What are my interests as determined by Google?

Where can I get a list of ads that I’ve ever clicked on Google? Here are some of the most important links that every Google user should know about. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Bonus: For Google Apps Administrators. Make Any Dead URL Work Again | Directory A Page 83. Should I Remove It? How To Fix High CPU Usage In Windows. If your computer fans frequently hit top speeds, it’s a sign that your CPU is fully loaded. Simultaneously, your computer may slow down. That’s annoying, especially if you’re not actually doing anything. The CPU (central processing unit), also known as processor, is the brain of your computer. Like your own noggin, it can become overwhelmed if bombarded with too many processes, or if a single task consumes undue attention.

Just as you may find work difficult when overwhelmed, your processor can slow to a crawl if too much is asked of it at once. Normally, this situation can be avoided by staying away from demanding apps, but CPU usage can sometimes go out of control because of a bug in a process, such as the infamous WmiPrvSE.exe. Fortunately, high CPU usage is usually easy to fix. WmiPrvSE.exe This process, which has the full name of Windows Management Instrumentation, is part of Windows and assists organizations in monitoring and troubleshooting a large number of systems on a network.

Windows 8 | 7 Tips, Tricks, Help, Support, Downloads, Features. 70 Things Every Computer Geek Should Know. The term ‘geek’, once used to label a circus freak, has morphed in meaning over the years. What was once an unusual profession transferred into a word indicating social awkwardness.

As time has gone on, the word has yet again morphed to indicate a new type of individual: someone who is obsessive over one (or more) particular subjects, whether it be science, photography, electronics, computers, media, or any other field. A geek is one who isn’t satisfied knowing only the surface facts, but instead has a visceral desire to learn everything possible about a particular subject. A techie geek is usually one who knows a little about everything, and is thus the person family and friends turn to whenever they have a question.

If you’re that type of person and are looking for a few extra skills to pick up, or if you’re a newbie aiming to get a handhold on the honor that is geekhood, read on to find out what skills you need to know. How to become a real computer Geek? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Bienvenue Chez Kikine. All My Faves | Canada | My Homepage. Services Internet... votre portail. Services internet... votre portail ! Services internet comme page de démarrage avec Google Chrome / avec Firefox Les infos... Les nouvelles... Les dossiers... -1 La production mondiale de bananes en danger La Commission Charbonneau en directe Articles les plus populaires (Les affaires) Les nouvelles du sport Fil de presse en continu TVA nouvelles Les plus populaires TVA sports La faille de sécurité HeartbleedVol de numéros d'assurance socialeDevez-vous changer vos mots de passe VOIR LA LISTE Crise en Ukraine La Syrie La Corée du Nord Crise dans le monde arabe Propriétaire d’un véhicule de marque Toyota, vous êtes peut-être illigible, cliquez-ici pour vérifier et vous inscrire.

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