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Fast and usable calculator. The Coolest Online Calculator. Create a pie chart - Piecolor. Print Free Graph Paper. Online Stopwatch. Protractor. Virtual Dice. The Math Worksheet Rogo - Home. Teaching Tables - Making learning times tables fun.

Teaching Time - Telling the time made fun! Free Mathematics Games from SUMS Online. Online Math Programs. Tutpup - play, compete, learn. Super Maths World.

Estimate. Number Farm. CarrotSticks Online Math Games. Math Playground - Online Math Games that Give your Brain a Workout. All Math Games. Solve Your Algebra Problems Online. Lure of the Labyrinth. Fun math for kids. (Hold your mouse near the left edge of the dancing letters until the answer forms.If you can't see the answer to the math question, click here.)

fun math for kids

Join the Math Cats in a land of creative, open-ended math explorations! Want to know how old you are in days, hours, minutes, or seconds? Click here for the Math Cats' age calculator! Want to know how many minutes are left in your summer vacation, or when you'll be a billion seconds old? Cool Math 4 Kids Lessons, Games, Activities - free online cool math lessons, cool math games, fun math activities, math flash cards to print, calculators and more! AIMS Puzzle Corner: Free Math Puzzles. Tower Trade is a paper adaptation to the traditionally wooden Towers of Hanoi puzzle.

AIMS Puzzle Corner: Free Math Puzzles

In the classic version, a wooden base supports three equally spaced dowels, usually aligned in a row, although the earliest version of this puzzle is reputed to have had the dowels arranged in an equilateral triangle. Six – this number varies — circular disks of differing diameters are stacked on one of the three posts. The disks are arranged by size with the largest diameter one on the bottom and the smallest one on top.

The challenge in the puzzle is to transfer all six disks to another post while following two rules: only one disk may be moved at a time anda larger diameter disk may never be placed on top of a smaller diameter one. KS1 Bitesize - Maths. Visual Fractions - A Fraction Tutorial. Math. Untitled Document. GeoGebra. Algebasics™ Algebra Tutorials. Algebra Homework Help, Algebra Solvers, Free Math Tutors.

The Home of Speed Math and Smart Math. Global Grocery List Project. Math Worksheet Creator. Math Bits High School Math Resources. Figure This! Math Challenges for Families - Challenge Index. Johnnie's Math Page - Fun math for kids and their teachers. Khan Instant! Khan Academy. Lessons. Welcome to A Maths Dictionary for Kids 2012 by Jenny Eather. Welcome to IXL.