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Fool-Proof Mathemagic Tricks. Flix Plus Adds Custom Shortcuts, Poster Hiding, and More to Netflix. Blocky-lego-ish Nerdy Awesomeness. BrickUltra "Home to LEGO News & More! Famous Paintings Reimagined Using Legos. LEGO. Apple. Why I Won't Buy an Apple Watch. Apple's smartwatch looks better than any other we've seen yet, but I'm not sold.

Why I Won't Buy an Apple Watch

Here's why. Tim Cook took the stage and proudly proclaimed that, for the Apple Watch, "The list of features is a mile long. " That's exactly the problem. The hardware is sophisticated, exquisite, and refined in typical Apple fashion. But instead of offering a simple solution to an obvious problem, the Apple Watch offers endless solutions to non-existent problems.

Beats sued by Bose over noise-cancelling patents. 28 July 2014Last updated at 08:10 ET The legal action involves Beats Electronics' Studio range of headphones Headphones-maker Beats Electronics is being sued by rival Bose over its range of noise-cancelling audio gear.

Beats sued by Bose over noise-cancelling patents

Massachusetts-based Bose claims that Beats has infringed five of its patents. Bose alleges it has lost sales to its competitor as a consequence. Worst Deal Ever: Microsoft's Apple Investment. Whether you’re holding an old-school 4, a tooty-fruity 5c, a Shanghai-edition gold 5s, or a Calle Ocho-jailbreak especial, it’s easy to forget how many stars had to align for any iPhone to happen at all.

Worst Deal Ever: Microsoft's Apple Investment

The particular butterfly flappings that combined to create Steve Jobs’s extraordinary life and career are well-known and oft-recalled; less remembered is the $150 million lifeline Microsoft (MSFT) threw Apple (AAPL) in August 1997, when Apple was within weeks of bankruptcy. That now-infamous investment gave Apple enough money and breathing room to consolidate control of its Mac business and parlay that momentum and cash flow into the iPod and iTunes. Then the iPhone and iPad that would go on to mortally wound the entire personal computer industry, effectively zero-sum annexing continents’ worth of market capitalization from Microsoft’s waning empire. Apple: Why the iPad Is More Important Than the iPhone. When Apple (AAPL) unveils its latest iPad and iPad mini later this month, the Internet will not explode, as it did when the company launched new iPhones last month.

Apple: Why the iPad Is More Important Than the iPhone

That’s fair enough. The iPhone is Apple’s benchmark product. It accounts for half the company’s revenue. It commands more news coverage than any other mobile device. It’s Hannah’s phone on Girls. Investors, however, should not ignore the iPad. IT-DCIS. Sloth Paper Toys. National Forecasts - Met Éireann. 24 April 2014 11:00 Today Largely dry today with some good sunny spells.

National Forecasts - Met Éireann

Isolated showers will develop though and some may be heavy. Highs of 12 to 15 or 16 degrees in light to moderate southerly breezes. Drawing and Sketching - Resources for Artists. Colored Pencil Technique. MAKING A MARK: How to Sketch - advice and information by Katherine Tyrrell.

Read about sketching and how to sketch on my blogs PLUS my contributions to group sketching blogs See my sketchbooks in the Travels with a Sketchbook Gallery on my art website.

MAKING A MARK: How to Sketch - advice and information by Katherine Tyrrell

View my sketches of places where I live and where I travel to in the UK ( London, England, Interiors ) and overseas (eg. USA, Australia, France, Venice and Bali) The copyright owner of all text and images and files on this page and linked pages is Katherine TyrrellAll rights reserved except where use for non-commercial personal and educational use is specifically indicated. Moleskine® 75 Exceptional Moleskine Notebook Artworks. Moleskine notebooks are a favorite among many artists, designers and writers.

75 Exceptional Moleskine Notebook Artworks

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and with many different kinds of paper. The elastic closure and pocket in the back of each one adds to their utility. The popularity of Moleskines among the art community ensures that there are thousands of great examples of Moleskine art out there. Flickr alone has a huge pool of Moleskine artists. Moleskine Art. Advertisement More than quick sketches and drawings, Moleskine art can encompass mixed media and even digital art.

Moleskine Art

100 Amazing Ways to Hack Your Moleskine Notebook. ' - Moleskine Art. Indigo & Cloth. FIELD NOTES Shop. Word Notebooks 3-Pack - Tan Camo at Urban Industry. Word.

Word Notebooks 3-Pack - Tan Camo at Urban Industry

Notebooks are designed to help organize your life while looking good in the process. Each pocket notebook features 48 pages of lined paper with the unique Word. bullet point system. Designed and made in the USA, Word. Notebooks are currently available in ten different colour options: Black, Orange, Natural, Traditional Camo, Tan Camo, Swedish Camo, Blue Floral, Red Floral, Tan Leaf and Green Leaf. Black Cover. Black Cover Archives. Black Cover Black Cover Archives The Perfect Notebook: The Original Stifflexible The Markings Notebook The Guildhall Pocket Notebook Allen’s Journal.

Black Cover Archives

Notebook Stories: A Blog About Notebooks, Journals, Moleskines, Blank Books, Sketchbooks, Diaries and More. Notebook Stories: A Blog About Notebooks, Journals, Moleskines, Blank Books, Sketchbooks, Diaries and More. The good people at Whitelines were kind enough to send me some samples for review, so let’s take a look! First impressions: I like the clean, modern look — the drawing-hand logo is cute and the orange and white color scheme is cheery. The colors won’t appeal to everyone, though: if you have modern decor with lots of Ikea furniture, they’ll blend right in, but if you prefer the aesthetic of a wood-paneled library full of leather-bound books, these notebooks may not be for you!

The cover of each notebook tells you the paper type– lined or squared are your options, as plain pages would be sort of missing the point! The specs also include the size and the carbon footprint of the notebook– this has to be a first! They Draw & Travel. Notebooks. Feel the rainbow!

Artist Gabriel Dawe is showing his incredible new installation that just opened to the public last October 6 in Como, Italy. As part of Miniartextil, an annual exhibition of contemporary art, Dawe created Plexus no. 19, a stunning thread installation that’s beautifully spread across two balconies in the atrium of a historic villa.

The early 19th century neoclassic house, called Villa Olmo, was acquired in 1924 by the municipality of Como and is now open to the public only during cultural events and art exhibitions like this. This year’s Miniartextil exhibition is called Agora, taking from the Greek word that describes an important public place where people come to share ideas. “The Art of Clean Up” by Ursus Werhli « TYPOGRAFFIT : BLOG. German artist Ursus Werhli takes obsessive compulsive behavior to a whole new level with his work in completely organizing various objects and situations in clever ways.

Here are some selections from his book, “The Art of Clean Up”. (source) This entry was posted on Wednesday, December 11th, 2013 at 05:16:26 PM and is filed under BLOG English, BLOG Japanese . You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Lego Recreations of Famous Movie Scenes. You’re never too old to play with toys! Lucky for us, twenty-one year old Alex Eylar still uses his Legos to hilariously re-create some of the most famous movie scenes of our time. Based in Oakland, Eylar goes by the name Profound Whatever on Flickr, where he shares his extensive collection of staged scenes starring an entirely Lego cast. From symbolic dramas, to action-packed blockbusters, to cult classics, Eylar has a way of making his chosen scenes recognizable, despite the minimal expression provided in the plastic faces. Aside from movie scenes he has an awesome series of crime scene possibilities from the board game Clue, using Legos of course.

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