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Art History Teaching Resources. Creativity, Copyright, and Fair Use. (OLD VERSION) Copyright and Fair Use Animation. Themes - Art of OHS. The Framework - STUDIO THINKING. Cardboard reference poster in Julie Toole’s classroom; Wilmette, IL We believe the arts are vitally important for educating students to be good thinkers.


More than 10 years ago, the authors of Studio Thinking: The Real Benefits of Visual Art Education (2007) set out to systematically investigate what it is that visual arts teachers in arts-based high schools teach in their classes, and how these classes are organized. From there, the Studio Thinking framework was born and is now used in classrooms at all grade levels, all over the globe. 5 Tips for Better Art Assessments. Do you have a love-hate relationship with grading?

5 Tips for Better Art Assessments

On one hand, assigning grades with letters and numbers is something all students understand. But, while this standardized system appears clean-cut, does a percentage really depict learning? What does a letter really mean, anyway? Grading systems are continually being revamped, especially as Standards-Based Grading continues to trend around the nation.

NAEA Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Resource

Studio Habits of Mind — teacher resource content — ArtCore. Finding the Right Dose of Assessment for Your Art Room - The Art of Education University. Studio Habits of Mind - Art of OHS. ​​ How did you come up with your idea?

Studio Habits of Mind - Art of OHS

What was your design process for this piece? Did you consider how ideas would work before you ​ tried them? The National Core Arts Standards Meet the Studio Habits of Mind. It’s no secret in today’s job market, employers are looking for creative and innovative individuals.

The National Core Arts Standards Meet the Studio Habits of Mind

But does our educational climate of high-stakes testing and accountability really prepare students for this reality? I would argue it does not. NCASMeetSHOM. Anti-Racist Art Teachers - Anti-Racist Art Lessons.