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Book Trivia - Middle School Library. CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND!!!!!!!!!

Book Trivia - Middle School Library

- May 18, 2015 Winner: Julia Bingel of 3C. Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes Libraries. Do you have what it takes?

Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes Libraries

We are sure you do! Solve a series of clues, open the locks in the puzzles and escape. Don't worry, it's just for fun and you can't get stuck inside! Check out our collection of Digital Escape Rooms created by librarians all around the world - how cool is that?! These Digital Escape Room rooms are designed for children of different ages, or for families to work on together. A Harry Potter themed Digital Escape Room. Personal Book Shopping. This year in our high school library we initiated a personal book shopping service with the goal to appeal to students who don’t have time to browse the library due to their packed class schedules, students who may be too shy to ask for book recommendations, and students who simply don’t know what they want to read.

Personal Book Shopping

Students have the choice to fill out an online or paper form that provides us with enough information to select books for them. Not only is the service beneficial to students, but it also gives us the opportunity to learn more about them and their interests. Google Form for Students to Fill Out We started by advertising the service via flyers around the school, posting on Twitter and teachers promoting the service to their classes. Students pick up a paper form in the library or from their English teacher, or they can access the Google form on the library website. What kinds of activities do you do? Personal Book Shopping Service Display. Theconversation. It’s 20 years on June 26 since the publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the first in the seven-book series.


The Philosopher’s Stone has sold more than 450 million copies and been translated into 79 languages; the series has inspired a movie franchise, a dedicated fan website, and spinoff stories. I recall the long periods of frustration and excited anticipation as my son and I waited for each new instalment of the series. This experience of waiting is one we share with other fans who read it progressively across the ten years between the publication of the first and last Potter novel. It is not an experience contemporary readers can recreate. The Harry Potter series has been celebrated for encouraging children to read, condemned as a commercial rather than a literary success and had its status as literature challenged. My own focus is on the pleasure of reading. My own son, on the autism spectrum, adored Harry Potter.

‘Toxic’ writing? Writing for kids. How Do You Get Teens Interested in Classic Literature? Blind Date With a Book! Getting some teens hooked on reading can be a challenge.

How Do You Get Teens Interested in Classic Literature? Blind Date With a Book!

Start a Reading Revolution: Flip Your Class With Blogs. Are kids actually reading?

Start a Reading Revolution: Flip Your Class With Blogs

It's a worthwhile question. In an age when distractions seem to make readers more reluctant, one must wonder how many students actually do it. There's evidence to support this fear. Grant Wiggins recently published a survey of a typical American high school. It found that English is students' least favorite subject, and worse, they despise reading. Even though the books are classics, they are very uninteresting. Teachers' Corner - Reading Australia. In celebration of World Poetry Day on 21 March, we decided to spend the entire month featuring the diversity and brilliance of our Australian poets, contemporary and classic.

Teachers' Corner - Reading Australia

Whether you’re not fully comfortable teaching poetry or whether you’re just looking for some tips to jazz up your next poetry class, we’ve got the resources for […] Keep Reading. 100 Must-Read YA Books Written in Verse. One of my favorite formats, and one that’s abundant in the young adult designation in particular, is the verse format.

100 Must-Read YA Books Written in Verse

I love novels, as well as non-fiction, that is thoughtfully and skillfully crafted in verse. It’s a skill few writers possess well, since it’s so much more than simply breaking up prose into lines and calling it done. There needs to be clear thought and purpose behind the format, since it reflects the voice and perspective of the character. South Orange Middle School Library - Twitter Style Book Review. Using the Twitter style, students create a short book review that hints at the story, without giving TOO much away - adding a shortened link to the Amazon book listing gives more information, buying, and expanded book reviews.

South Orange Middle School Library - Twitter Style Book Review

Students also rate the book with an emotion =D or ***star rating. If you cannot say something in 140 characters or less, then it is not worth saying. Challenge yourself with Reading Bingo 2014. Is “reading more books” on a list of your New Year resolutions?

Challenge yourself with Reading Bingo 2014

Retreat by Random House have prepared the 2014 edition of a printable Reading Bingo. It contains 24 reading challenges that will help you read more and have more fun with it. You can approach the Reading Bingo card however you like: beginners, start by getting one line; if you’re more advanced, try the whole outside box on the card; experts, fill in the whole card! This years there is also a special bingo card with challenges related specifically to books geared to teens. Via Retreat Blog. About Ola Kowalczyk Collecting bits and pieces about books and libraries in digital age. Reading Bingo.