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Well Done Stuff ! Apple at 30 years On Jan. 24 Apple Macintosh will turns 30 years old. Over the years, the popular computer has been molded into many shapes and sizes, constantly in redesign mode. Championed by the revolutionary Steve Jobs, Mac computers have risen to the … Continue reading HEATWORKS MODEL 1 by ISI Technology – your next water heater Well Done Stuff ! Thank you for your support. The 1st part of the campaign has ended. We are still taking donations to go towards the promotion of the film when it is finished. Please enter the amount you would like to give in the box on the right side of the page. CAMPAIGN VIDEO IN OTHER LANGUAGES! » Are YOU abstracT?
Illumination: the Secret Religion - The Coming Race Psychopaths We live in a world run by psychopaths. Psychopaths are everywhere. In fact, psychopathy is a fundamental part of the human condition. Illumination: the Secret Religion - The Coming Race
Apocalypse 2012. AIRES | Apocalypse 2012. AIRES
Path of Light | Meditational Downloads for Healing, Pain, Spirtual Path of Light | Meditational Downloads for Healing, Pain, Spirtual It is easy to talk about love and what it would be like to love all the people. For those who want to make a difference in their surroundings, to lift family and friends, co-workers and associates, the single most important way to do this is to embody Divine Love so that this energy permeates your every thought, not just when meditating. Opening the channel of light for the energy of Divine Love allows it to descend to the Soul, to the mind, to emotions and to the physical brain for your conscious awareness.
JAH is the source of all of the information that every single Living Soul on this Planet needs, in order to survive into the new Millennium. This site covers everything, from proof of our TRUE and, until now, hidden identity (who and what we really are), to the complete explanation of why the world is in the incredible mess that it is currently in.Also on this site, is the True interpretation of many of the Ancient Prophecies, from The Holy Scriptures and else-where; including those of Nostradamus; which were given hundreds of years ago, and give details about the times we are now living in, and what is going to happen on Earth, in the very near future.We sincerely hope that you take the time to browse this site and that you will tell your friends and family about it, as we are totally convinced that you will find it to be a Fountain of Truth.The question is, what would you like to find-out about first?The following is a list of subjects which should help you to get started. JAH - Home Page JAH - Home Page
Charis Melina - Home
There is a New Revelation about God, a Revelation that takes God out of the ancient history of humanity, out of the conflicts and the fantasies and the misunderstandings of humanity. This Revelation takes God into the larger panorama of life in the universe called the Greater Community. You need this new understanding of God now because the God of the ancients was a small God—a God of your world and of your time, a God of your cultures, a God of your peoples in ancient time. But humanity has outgrown this God, this human God, this angry God, this vengeful God, this God that seems to be a projection of your personality and tendencies. The New God The New God
Vedic Physics Vedic Physics Vedic Physics There are some examples of the Vedic Metirc (The Measuring System Of The Gods) and how to apply it to devices you may want to create. Holographic Universe. Modern science has arrived at the conclusion we live in a holographic universe but this has been known for eons. I-Ching is the foundation of the binary system and many cultures believe life is an illusion. Everything is nothing, nothing is everything. Ancient Astronauts There is everything from Mayan circuit board technology and Rocket ships to ancient Hindu flying Machines with a video of the internal workings.
TEACHINGS FROM THE SACRED SCHOOL OF OM NA TEACHINGS FROM THE SACRED SCHOOL OF OM NA Open your heart wholly to the Creator and you will feel the abundance, bliss and love that surrounds you and exists within you. Embrace the truth of your being and let it emerge with courage and grace, you will see the presence of God within you. The Era of Love 2012 marks the beginning of the Era of Love on the Earth, a time when every person devotes their energies, thoughts and efforts to acting, reacting and existing as love in order to create an existence that is blissfully loving for all to experience.
Matrix Energetics Transformational seminars taught by Richard Bartlett
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Cosmic Gaia Universal Mother Spiritual Oneness: Empowering spiritual diversity and freedom, and connecting the heart of all religions Gaia & Immune System: Healing the roots of epidemics, bioterrorism and war Goddess Stargate: Deactivating harmful technologies, exposing hidden agendas, stopping New World Order, and creating the pathway to heaven Cosmic Gaia
2012 the end of the world. Predictions the end of the world 2012 Recently, there has been a lot of discussions about end of world 2012. According to the Mayan Calendar, the 21st of December 2012 will be the last day. The Mayans claim that the world will not end on the 21st of December 2012. Instead, the world will enter into a new age. 2012 the end of the world. Predictions the end of the world 2012
love • light • joy • peace A portal into the art of relaxation and a message of hope and peace. A haven for peace, compassion and good global vibes. tai chi, feng shui , inspiration, pictures, poems and links God's Little Quotes God's Little Acre - Love light joy and peace - Tai Chi and Meditation.
The New World Order Library|| Download all you want for FREE - Science News, Technology, Physics, Nanotechnology, Space Science, Earth Science, Medicine
Tradeshift - Business Network for free online invoicing & more
Implosion Group on Dan Winter's Fractal Physics + Bliss Science..Sacred Geometry&Physics Consciousness ”Fractality Causes Charge to ACCELERATE! - Since all biologic growth is limited by ability to absorb energy it is self evident the best way to compress that in to nourish biology is FRACTAL! Recursive Feedback=Self Awareness=Fractality. 100 Years of Writing Field Equations, yet has physics investigated whether the same fractal field that causes gravity could also most nourish DNA- ONE Simple Electric Symmetry (Fractality:Visualize a Rose, In 3D it is the PHASE CONJUGATING- Dodec Stellated)- to CAUSE AND STABILIZE: 1. ALL DNA GROWTH+ Healing (Concentrates LIFE FORCE), 2. GRAVITY & Atmosphere Maintenence
Together Joyfully co-creating a spiritual Galactic Society we can all be proud of!! The purpose of developing Galactic Friends is to offer a venue to showcase the uplifting messages from our collective space families and spiritual oversight. My objective is to inform humanity with current and post Nesara information to assist with the profound earth transformations presently in progress. Galactic Friends - Together Joyfully co-creating a spiritual Galactic Society we can all be proud of!
Spirit in Form
Leija Turunen energy healing, holistic health, nutrition consultant.
Shirts to cover the people. News to cover their stories. Apparently Apparel - Disclosure Should Not Be Mission Impossible...
Creation Ministries Mobile Site
Humans Are Free
Aliens ,UFO, MARS, Pole Shift, ASCENSION, HAARP, 2012, CERN
Sign of the Times -- A Chronicle of Decadence in the Atomic Age