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Crucial Concepts

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The Story of Your Enslavement. The Money That Is Sold Abroad Is You! Plato's Cave. Metatron's Cube. Descartes and the Matrix. Lexical Analysis of 2008 US Presidential and Vice-Presidiential Debates - Who's the Windbag? Lexical Analysis of 2008 US Presidential and Vice-Presidential Debateshome | Martin Krzywinski : projects contact 1 minute summary Metrics of speech structure of candidates fall within narrow tolerances, suggesting high degree of wordsmithing and rehearsal.

Lexical Analysis of 2008 US Presidential and Vice-Presidiential Debates - Who's the Windbag?

For example, noun/verb/adjective/adverb ratio spread is very small with candidates' values within 2%. Relatively small differences seen in unique word count and noun phrase profile. The Obama/McCain debates began with balanced performance from both candidates but end with Obama verbally overpowering McCain and delivering speech with more concepts and higher complexity. When words exclusive to a candidate are considered, Obama's more frequent use of verbs and much more frequent use of adjectives and adverbs, compared to McCain, suggests that he is more of a fluid and contextual thinker who, unlike McCain whose language metrics suggest a categorical approach, does not seek to fit issues into pre-existing categories. Introduction Methods. Declining linguistic standard of the presidential address. Understanding The Modern Monetary System. Cost of War to the United States.

About | Embed | Notes & Sources To embed the Cost of Military Action Against ISIS counter on your website, blog, etc, follow these simple instructions: 1) Add the following javascript to your page: Add the following code wherever you want the counter to show up: NOTE: This doesn't need to be a <div>.

Cost of War to the United States

Use whatever tag you need. A Note About Style We've intentionally left out any styles for this embeddable counter, instead leaving it up to you to provide styles consistent with the look of your site. <div id="npp-widget-cost-military-action-against-isis" class="npp-widget"><h3 class="npp-widget-title"> Cost of Military Action Against ISIS </h3><p class="npp-widget-summary"> Every <span> hr(s)</span>, taxpayers in <span></span> are paying <span>$###</span> for <span>Cost of Military Action Against ISIS</span>.

Military action against ISIS is so far being paid for by war funds appropriated for Iraq and Afghanistan (known as Overseas Contingency Operations). For more detail, see Notes & Sources. Drug War Clock. Researchers examining the effectiveness of ONDCP's anti-drug media campaign reported: "The NSPY [National Survey of Parents and Youth] did not find significant reductions in marijuana use either leading up to or after the Marijuana campaign for youth 12 to 18 years old between 2002 and 2003.

Drug War Clock

Indeed there was evidence for an increase in past month and past year use among the target audience of 14- to 16-year-olds, although it appears that the increase was already in place in the last half of 2002, before the launch of the Marijuana Initiative. It will be worthwhile to track whether the nonsignificant decline from the second half of 2002 through the first half of 2003 is the beginning of a true trend. Logical Fallacies. Welcome Welcome to an official mirror site of The point of an argument is to give reasons in support of some conclusion.

Logical Fallacies

An argument commits a fallacy when the reasons offered do not support the conclusion. See How To Use This Guide. If you can think of more fallacies that you'd really like to see, please send me a note. In the long run, this site will become a complete discussion of logic. Disinformation Playbook. Last Friday, I led a workshop to build a web site for a new foundation that Steve Gillmor and Hank Barry and I have been thinking through called AttentionTrust.

Steve is an inveterate blogger and podcaster who has been on a crusade to inform the blogosphere about the value of attention data. Hank Barry took a sabbatical from his role as VC at Hummer Winblad and stepped in to run Napster a few years back and take on the RIAA, an opponent whose paperwork he is still digging himself out from under. I came to Attention because it simply felt right, like an equal rights argument at a time when all such arguments seem to have been resolved many years ago. It is exciting to think about ways to get people to pay attention to their own attention, which means organic value that they rarely if ever recognize. By putting up the site in advance of much other than putting up the site, we wanted to spur an agile development process around a fundamentally good purpose.