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Cookies which are necessary for the website to function cannot be switched off. Performance, functional and targeting cookies are turned off by default and can be turned on using the Cookie Preference Center. You can at any time change or withdraw your consent from the Cookie Declaration on our website. Webhook Bot. Browser Automation. Axiom Browser Automation. Documentation: Public REST API. 1.

Documentation: Public REST API

Introduction The LEAPWORK Automation Platform comes with a REST API, allowing any third party system to run automation flows on the platform and to retrieve the results. The REST API makes it easy to incorporate automated flows as part of any CI/CD pipeline. The REST API is hosted on the LEAPWORK Controller, as outlined later in this document. The REST API exposes its endpoint on the default port 9001, but the port can be manually configured as needed. The REST API also includes an API explorer, which can be accessed in a browser at the following URL: This will allow you to easily test the endpoints in the API and explore the results before setting-up the actual integration. 2. Websites for Accountants. Web Scraper Documentation. Web Scraper Cloud can be managed via an HTTPS JSON API.

Web Scraper Documentation

The API allows to manage sitemaps, scraping jobs and download data. Use our PHP SDK when developing your application in PHP. API access token can be found in Web Scraper Cloud API page. API call limit By default, each user has a limit of 200 API calls per 15 minutes. What is Continuous Planning? While weathering this storm of uncertainty, finance is also under pressure to do more, faster, and with fewer resources.

What is Continuous Planning?

Now more than ever, Finance is at the center of every business, and CFOs must evolve their teams into a more strategic, more data-driven source of insights to drive better decisions for the business. But a major challenge faced by finance is one of productivity. Laborious, time-intensive manual activities – like collecting, aggregating, and validating plans and reports in offline spreadsheets – cost the finance team hundreds of man-hours each month. That’s real time, money, and effort that could be redirected to more strategic activities. Everyone in finance knows that spreadsheets are old and that even small companies outgrow Excel.

UK Payroll Software - HMRC Approved - Online Payroll. Templates for employers. Automations - SuiteFiles. Integrations — Datamolino. Pricing - Templafy. Accountants. Get paid up front. Help your business customers pay later. Payments. Our dispute management solution is unique in the industry, and reduces the time and effort you spend dealing with dispute.


Merchants utilising the Dispute Management Solution benefit from: Better visibility of dispute performance. Significant improvements in recovery rates. More efficient management of the dispute lifecycle.’s platform allows for the creation of dispute response templates. You can defend each dispute with one-click. We send your dispute response to the acquiring bank on your behalf, meaning no more emails to acquirers with individual disputes. We display the dispute outcome to the merchant, showing whether a dispute has been successfully recovered OR lost. Live Chat Software Pricing. Features - flinder. Business advisor qualified accountants all our business advisors are qualified accountants. in this role we combine commercial experience with accounting expertise giving you the best of both worlds. your business advisor will be able to translate the impact of what’s going on in the financial and operational world of your business and how these interlink giving you a much richer understanding of your business. and of course, we are also perfectly placed to deal with any technical accounting issues you will encounter as your business grows.

features - flinder

Plans and Pricing. - Pricing. & Sage — Accounting Integration. Online Practice Management for Accountants. Self-Service Analytics, Data Science & Process Automation. What is open accounting? — Ledgerflow. Opening accounting is the new opportunity for banks and lending firms to source up to date financial data to help them better understand each small business customer and provide them with the specific products their business really needs.

What is open accounting? — Ledgerflow

As the high street presence of bank managers has declined, so has the opportunity for personal day-to-day interaction between business personnel at banks and SMEs, which has caused something of a knowledge gap for lenders. Open accounting enables lending institutions to bridge this gap in their understanding. It takes the open banking concept a big step further and allows businesses to grant Trusted Third-Parties (TTPs) access to view all the information available in the accounting ledgers. Of course if a business wishes to stop this access at any time it can do so.

Professional Accounting Consultancy. Circit. Circit. Compare Business Loans Online. Cloud Document Management System - Cloud Portal. Xama Technologies. Find your perfect ‘App Stack’ - App Advisory Plus. Predictive Black. Using the Standard Industry Classification system, we drill down into data for all sectors and sub-sectors allowing access to all levels of data.

Predictive Black

For each sector and it’s sub-sectors we aggregate and then disaggregate the data to produce charts for each of the four views, Outlook, Revenue, Costs and Cash. We then provide charts to support the overall the analysis. Outlook presents AI-driven predictions of future revenue for the sector being examined along with a market outlook derived from stock market performance of relevant stocks in the sector. Revenue addresses key factors affecting revenue including: Overall Sector revenue, business sizes in the sector, confidence, prices the sector can charge and business investment in both physical and intangible assets. In the Costs section you can see data that ranges from average monthly earnings in the sector as well as the average number of employees, to interest rates and rents, to fuel prices and exchange rates. Braintree Payments. Railsbank Global Open Banking Platform. Clarity. Partner with Capitalise. Build up your practice by adding capital advisory services.

Partner with Capitalise

Sync contacts between your favorite cloud applications - PieSync. (1) New Message! Digital signature. GDPR Statement. This statement was produced on 24th May 2018.

GDPR Statement

Maestrano reserves the right to update this statement on an ongoing basis and such updates will be published on our website. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) imposes strict controls on how all organisations collect and process personal data within the European Union and/or personal data of EU citizens. The regulation outlines six key principles for organisations that process individuals’ personal information. - How it works. Pricing – Ucollect. 60+ UK Cloud Finance Software Tools: The Complete List. Billomat - Create Online Invoices. Email Marketing, Autoresponder, Email Marketing Software - GetResponse. SaaS management for Modern IT. Intelligent Automation for every day cognitive tasks. B2B Payments Services by Transfermate. Find out more about our range of services Book a payment lock in real-time exchange rate Lodge the funds to the TransferMate account in your country We transfer the funds to your beneficiary Request a Payment.

Non-payment & invoice insurance for SMEs. Integration Marketplace. How it works - Spendesk. Brandon says… Transform your customer communications with Twilio. Croner-i Tax and Accounting.