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Print custom fabric on-demand. Bear: Tutorial and Pattern. Last week I showed you one of the projects I’ve being working on.

Bear: Tutorial and Pattern

I wanted to make something really special for our wedding photographers, so as a Thank you present I made 2 little bears for their son and daughter. Now that I actually finished and shipped the teddy bears, I didn’t want to just show you how it turned out, I also I wanted to share the pattern and some basic instructions on how to assemble. So gather your materials! And get ready to make your very own teddy bear! Tutorial: Ribbon Pinecone Ornament. Ribbon Pinecone Ornament Tutorial by Jenna .

Tutorial: Ribbon Pinecone Ornament

Ornaments for any occasion – try fall colors for Halloween or red and green for Christmas. A no sew project suitable for most age groups (young children might need supervision with pins though). Tutorial & Whipperberry - StumbleUpon. "Snuggie" Character Costume. This cute costume is made of warm fleece and is great for wearing out on Halloween or just chillin' around the house.

"Snuggie" Character Costume

Good luck choosing which Pokemon you want to create your costume after! I got the idea for this after my good friend Max purchased a pair of Pikachu Pajamas. With a hefty price of 74 dollars (on that site), I figured I could do one better and make my own for a fraction of the price. 40 dollars of fleece later, me and my other friend Evan set out about making our own Charmander and Meowth costume.

However, I didn't document the making of those costumes. Strawberry Pillows. These pillows are easy and quick to make, a perfect end of summer project!

Strawberry Pillows

The best thing about them is seeing other people's reactions to them. Everyone who sees them wants to touch them, squeeze them, and carry them around. There is something about their large size (about 15-inches high) that just makes people smile! Tricks + Treats: Lady Bird Owl Costume DIY by Chelsea. Hello all, I'm Chelsea from!

Tricks + Treats: Lady Bird Owl Costume DIY by Chelsea

I was so excited when Elsie asked me to create a DIY for Tricks & Treats, and I knew just what to make. I love dressing up on Halloween and really wanted to wear something fresh this year - something cute and unique. This Lady Bird Owl Costume is made entirely from items I had around the house, and by settling down with some popcorn and a funny movie i was able to make it in under one hour. DIY: T-shirt Surgery : TreeHugger - StumbleUpon. Image: flickr Do you have have tonnes of old baggy t-shirts crowding out your wardrobe and not sure what to do with them?

DIY: T-shirt Surgery : TreeHugger - StumbleUpon

Chopping them up and reconstructing them into funky, sexy and hip clothing is hot right now. Long Stemmed Fabric Flowers. So the last few weeks have been overwhelmingly filled with busyness.

Long Stemmed Fabric Flowers

And this week is no exception. Criminently this time of year always about does me in. However I thought I'd pause and blog a little tutorial. All of the fabric flowers out in blog land just kill me. They are all so fabulous. Charming Window Pillows. Hi!

Charming Window Pillows

I’m Angela from My Three Sons and I was a mechanical engineer in my life before kids. Really an engineer to the core, I’m all about optimized processes and well-utilized materials. Connor's Messenger Bag. Hi there I'm Vanessa and if you're here from Made by Rae, welcome to Punkin Patterns!

Connor's Messenger Bag

Glad you could stop by and please take a look around. While you're here take a minute to enter my fabric giveaway - In honor of Celebrate the Boy month, I'll be giving away 1 yard of Curious George Fabric. Pin Cushion Ring: 5-Minute Project! DIY: Wrap-turned-Scarf. This is the most easiest DIY ever!

DIY: Wrap-turned-Scarf

A very fun and simple DIY wrap-turned-scarf project that takes less than a minute to create and requires only one piece of fabric! Materials: scissors, measuring tape, and a rectangular piece of fabric (approximately 60 inches long). Puking Pastilles& Blog Archive & Free Car CD Holder / Case Tu... You’ll love this little piece of sunshine in your car! Not only is it fabulously chic, it holds all your favorite Muse music and DVD’s. And as an added bonus, you get to use up a bunch of scraps from your stash!