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Hommes féministes

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Pages Matam - "Piñata" (NPS 2013) Jamie Kilstein on Male Privilege. "On peut tous être des crocodiles à un moment donné. Ce qui compte, c'est de faire sa mue" Masks Off - A Challenge to Men. Joss Whedon's speech "I hate 'feminist' as a word." So. Women of color and queer women have been pointing out the problems with "feminism" since forever, and it's a white dude's decision to go with "genderist" that makes you decide to write an article on how it's ok to not identify that way?

Women who eschew the label are routinely held up as punching bags for you guys, but white male Whedon gets a pass? Feminism: you're doing it wrong. Look, the queer relationship with feminism is really complicated. (Usage note: "queer" in this context is not just another way to spell lgbt.) But our complaints are not always as completely and totally different from the ones you deem invalid as you might think. And what's more, just letting women of color and queer women off the hook and then demanding that Kelly Clarkson be a feminist historian for the masses when put on the spot is really... not getting the exclusion issues with the movement. Louis C.K. feminism: Oh My God on HBO proves comic a feminist. Photo by Kevin Mazur/HBO Last year at a comedy club Daniel Tosh supposedly told a heckler it would be funny if five guys raped her right that second. During the blowback that ensued when the story hit the Web, Louis C.K. tweeted a compliment to Tosh: “your show makes me laugh every time I watch it.

And you have pretty eyes.” Now people were mad at C.K., too. So he went on The Daily Show and said that he had no idea about the rape-joke controversy when he wrote the tweet. Then he described feminists and comics as “natural enemies,” since “stereotypically speaking, feminists can’t take a joke” and “comedians can’t take criticism.” David Haglund is a senior editor at Slate. Follow His new stand-up special, Oh My God, premiered on HBO over the weekend. There’s more, and it’s all very funny. His previous special, Live at the Beacon Theater, ended with a bit that excoriated men not just for being terrible at sex, but for blaming women for that typical male inadequacy.

What Joss Whedon Gets Wrong About the Word 'Feminist' - Noah Berlatsky. To claim that equality is the natural order is to forget the entire history of feminism. Joss Whedon thinks feminism has a branding problem. He's hardly the first person to make that claim, though the tack he takes in his acclaimed speech at Equality Now is a little unusual. Rather than discussing the feminist movement per se, Whedon talks specifically about the word, "feminist" as a formal exercise in poetry.

He likes the first syllable, is okay with the second … but he really dislikes "ist. " It's "Germanic, but not in the romantic way; this terrible ending with a wonderful beginning. " He repeats it over and over with a hiss. "Ist. " As it turns out, Whedon's objection is not purely aesthetic. Whedon doesn't mention Rousseau by name. Which, given Whedon's presuppositions, makes sense. Feminists have been wary of the idea of naturalness because it is so often used against women. This is why feminists are feminists—it's why there needs to be a name.

Education féministe = éducation égalitaire. A.Dworkin: Je veux une trêve sans viol. Labrys, études féministes/ estudos feministas juillet / décembre 2013 -julho / dezembro 2013 Je veux une trêve de vingt-quatre heures durant laquelle il n'y aura pas de viol Andrea Dworkin Note d'Andrea Dworkin : Ce discours a été prononcé à la Midwest Regional Conference de la National Organisation for Changing Men, au cours de l'automne 1983 à St Paul, dans le Minnesota. J'ai beaucoup réfléchi à la façon dont une féministe, comme moi, s'adresserait à un public principalement composé d'hommes militants, qui se disent antisexistes. Et s'il devait y avoir une requête, une question ou une interpellation humaine dans ce cri, ce serait ceci : pourquoi êtes-vous si lents ?

Cela se passe pour une simple raison. Le pouvoir exercé par les hommes dans la vie quotidienne est un pouvoir qui est institutionnalisé. C'est une chose extraordinaire que d'essayer de comprendre et de confronter pourquoi les hommes croient – et les hommes le croient – qu'ils ont le droit de violer. Seeing a Woman: A conversation between a father and son - From One Degree to Another | Nate Pyle. Someday I am going to have to have the conversation with my son. No, not the conversation all parents dread giving and all kids are mortified having. I enjoy making people uncomfortable so that conversation should be fun. No, I’m talking about another conversation.

The one that happens after I catch his eye doing what male eyes do well – following an object of lust. We will probably be out at the mall, because that’s what dads do with their sons, and I’ll catch the look. Maybe we’ll go to the beach and see it. Hey, come here. A lot of people will try and tell you that a woman should watch how she dresses so she doesn’t tempt you to look at her wrongly. Look right at me. You are more than that. There are two views regarding a woman’s dress code that you will be pressured to buy into. Unfortunately, much of how the sexes interact with each is rooted in fear.

A woman’s body is beautiful and wonderful and mysterious. I’m not telling you to not look at women. Ultimately, it’s what you want. Ne plus être un homme… | Un réseau de blogs, pour ceux qui ne veulent plus l'être… Egalitariste | Un site utilisant le réseau "Refuser d'en être…" Masculinité & violence. La Virilité. Comment les hommes peuvent appuyer le féminisme. Mon arrière-grand-père avait comme adage : « Y’a juste les fous qui ne changent pas d’idée ». Jetant un regard en arrière, je réalise que j’ai suivi son conseil et que la vie m’a porté à changer, à découvrir et, souvent, à changer d’idée. Un de ces changements est ma perception du féminisme. Bien qu’aujourd’hui je m’affiche ouvertement comme étant un homme féministe, il n’en a pas toujours été ainsi.

Pendant mon adolescence, mon entourage m’a implanté une fausse perception de ce qu’était le féminisme. On m’avait fait croire que le féminisme était quelque chose d’extrémiste, qu’il regroupait des femmes enragées qui détestaient les hommes et probablement des « gouines » (pour reprendre leurs mots). Une fois à l’université, je me suis fait un plaisir de casser ma socialisation et d’ouvrir mon esprit. Lorsque je pensais au féminisme, je n’avais en tête que des femmes d’un certain temps ayant des revendications différentes. De plus, les hommes ont, eux aussi, besoin du féminisme. How To Be A (Male) Ally. [Content Note: Rape Culture] Lately, I've been reading a lot of comments on the interwebs from genuinely nice guys who want to know how to be good feminist allies in this shitty rape culture world we live in.

And it's a more complicated question that it looks, since there's a lot of conflicting advice out there about white knighting (which in itself is a confusing term with about four distinct and sometimes mutually exclusive meanings) and helpful-versus-unhelpful anger and nice guyism and creepers and OMG PARALYZED BY THE POSSIBILITY FOR WRONGNESS. So here is a Helpful (Male) Allies 101 post for men who would like to be helpful male allies as far as my opinion goes. Also, upfront, these posters are very cool. Just sayin'. 1. How To Speak: A Day-To-Day Guide First and foremost, let's talk about vocabulary. Speaking very generally here, I frequently feel like the men around me have not been socialized to take care with their words, particularly in social settings. ...and so forth. 2. 3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt says he is a feminist. I'm going to tell you a little story about a man. A great man. A man named Joseph Gordon-Levitt. You know what, I think I'll put that picture in here again.

You know. Just to be safe. OK, one more time. Dear God, yes. Anyway! As a young, distressingly handsome child actor growing up in L.A., Joseph Gordon-Levitt watched a lot of Laker games with his family. (That's basketball for those of you who don't follow sportsball.) And whenever the cheerleaders would show up, his mom would make an interesting observation. (Not Joseph Gordon-Levitt's mom.) Why is it that all the dudes get to be celebrated for what they do?

While the ladies only get celebrated for what they look like. It just didn't seem fair. And as a result... O.M.G. Here he is, 20-ish years later, telling Ellen all about it. 101 Everyday Ways for Men to Be Allies to Women. I’ve considered myself a feminist and male ally to women for quite some time.

When I took my first Women’s Studies class two years ago with Professor Denise Witzig, little did I know that it would take me down an unsuspecting, beautiful, and transformative path towards feminism. Below, I’ve complied a list of 101 everyday ways for men to be allies to women. I must acknowledge that this post was written with cisgender, heterosexual men as a possible, target audience due to the lack of support from this group. However, I feel that many of these points are applicable on a broader scale. If you have suggestions or additions to this list, I’ve included my email at the end of this post. I’m totally open to dialogue. 1. I’m very intentional in making this point first. 2. In order to be a successful ally, you must make a daily effort to understand privilege. 3. Allies are not perfect by any means. 4. If you’re serious about being an ally, I think this point is somewhat obvious. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Stuff What Boys Can Do | Fugitivus. This is a list of ways that boys can ally themselves against misogyny. Examples, anecdotes, and stories. This list is for men that want to help but don’t know what to do. It is also for anybody who wants to share a story of something good that they saw. Anybody can contribute to this list. Here are the rules: This list is about men and their actions. I know there are lots of other things this list could be about, and it would all be awfully interesting.

Here’s one to start us off. A few years back, my boyfriend had been in a bar with a couple of friends, and they were all pleasantly wobbly and drunk. Jessica, 09/18/2009: Oh my god, I have one. May at May’s Machete , 09/18/2009 Several years ago, I had a habit of getting falling-down drunk a LOT. Rebecca J, 09/18/2009 My friend told me about a situation involving a male friend of hers who is a soldier. Jeff, 09/19/2009 PharoahKatt , 09/19/2009 This incident occurred one night when me and my partner had some friends over to play Rock Band.

30 Ways to Be a Better Ally in 2014. What Do We Want From Male Feminists? "MA'AM" - MEN ALIGNED AGAINST MISOGYNY. Daughters Who Will Change The World I have been taking with my daughter, who is 12, recently about evolution. She already knows more than any creationist or IDer out there, which is a good thing. Today I was reading Richard Dawkins’ The Greatest Show on Earth, which is a completely engaging and wonder evoking book about evolution. It brings the incredibly beauty of evolution to life in a way no other book I’ve read about evolution has. I showed my daughter some pictures of the skeletons of different animals like a bat, a pterodactyl, a human, and a couple of other animals and which illustrate the wonderful similarity of all of these skeletons have to one another. Yes, some specific bones have changed, some growing, some shrinking, but it is obvious that the wing bone in a bat corresponds to little finger in a human, or the middle finger of a human corresponds to the hoof of a horse.

I showed some of these to my daughter and she got visibly excited, “Oh! Les hommes qui voudraient s'intéresser au féminisme. Beaucoup d'hommes, lorsqu'ils en viennent à s'intéresser aux féminisme veulent aider dans les combats pré-existants. Ainsi on le voit militer pour que la rue soit à tous et toutes, militer pour l'égalité salariale ou je ne sais quoi. Mais ces combats là sont déjà pris en charge par les femmes qui n'ont donc nul besoin qu'on leur tienne à la main.

En revanche, nous avons besoin qu'on détruise déconstruise la virilité. Les femmes ne sont pas discriminées toutes seules, elles le sont car les hommes ont des avantages. Si les femmes sont payées 20% de moins à compétences et poste égaux, c'est que les hommes sont payés 25% de plus. Si les femmes n'occupent pas l'espace public, c'est que les hommes l'occupent et trouvent cela tout naturel. A ce sujet là donc j'avais lancé sur twitter, à destination de certains hommes aux velléités féministes, quelques conseils.

Je ne cautionne plus le harcèlement sexiste et j'aide une femme qui y est confrontée. Je "n'aide" plus au ménage je fais ma part. No More "Allies" | By Mia McKenzie I’m kinda over the term “ally.” Between Tim Wise’s recent (but not new) bullshit, a recent visit to a college where some so-called allies don’t even understand basic racism 101, and the constant cookie-seeking of people who just can’t do the right thing unless they are sure they’re gonna get some kind of credit for it, I’m done. Allyship is not supposed to look like this, folks. It’s not supposed to be about you. It’s not supposed to be about your feelings. It’s not supposed to be a way of glorifying yourself at the expense of the folks you claim to be an ally to. Tired of Talking To Men. I am tired of talking about feminism to men. I know that I’m not supposed to say this.

I know that as a good little third-wave feminist I’m supposed to sweetly explain to you how much I love and value men. I’m supposed to trot out my husband of nearly five years, my son, all of my male friends and relatives and display them as a sort of badge of honour, proof that I am not a man-hater. I’m supposed to hold out my own open palms, prove to you how harmless I am, how nice I am. Above all, I’m supposed to butter you up, you men, stroke your egos, tell you how very important you are in the fight for equality. But still. I’m tired of explaining to men that the feminist movement will, in fact, benefit them as well as women. I’m tired of men who insert themselves into feminist spaces with claims of hurt feelings. Rape culture is something that men should care about not because it might affect them, but because it affects anyone at all.

Like this: Like Loading... Marre de parler aux hommes. J’en ai marre de parler de féminisme aux hommes. Je sais que je ne suis pas censée dire ça. Je sais qu’en bonne petite féministe de la troisième vague, je suis censée vous expliquer gentiment à quel point j’aime et j’estime les hommes. Je suis censée faire état du mari avec qui je vis depuis cinq ans, de mon fils, de tous mes amis et parents de sexe masculin, et les exhiber fièrement comme une sorte de médaille du mérite, comme preuve que je ne hais pas les hommes. Je suis censée montrer patte blanche et vous prouver à quel point je suis inoffensive et gentille.

Surtout, je suis censée vous caresser dans le sens du poil, vous les hommes, cajoler vos egos, vous dire à quel point vous êtes importants dans le combat pour l’égalité. C’est la bonne manière de s’y prendre, enfin c’est ce qu’on m’a dit. À en croire ma mère, c’est avec du miel qu’on attrape le plus de mouches… Mais quand même. J’en ai marre d’expliquer aux hommes que le mouvement féministe leur bénéficiera, comme aux femmes. Devenir homme (3/4) : « Masculin féministe : des hommes pour l'égalité » Guide pour les alliés masculins. L'homme féministe : un mâle à part ? La domination masculine - Manifeste des hommes - Signez ici ! Check Your Privilege at the Door. Moi, ça va. Je ne suis pas opprimé.

Patriarchal bargain. Empathie et injustice. Boys Don’t Cry! Les coûts de la domination masculine Delphine Dulong, Christine Guionnet et Érik Neveu (dir.) De la masculinité à l’anti-masculinisme : Penser les rapports sociaux de sexe à partir d’une position sociale oppressive. Rupture anarchiste et trahison proféministe. Etre un homme proféministe: extrait d'un texte de Léo Thiers-Vidal. A space for men in feminism? What You Can Do to Support Women’s Rights, Part III: Men in the Women’s Movement. « Toutes les femmes sont discriminées sauf la mienne »

John Stoltenberg. Living With Andrea Dworkin. Challenging Casanova. #BeThatGuy: 7+ Everyday Ways Men Can Transform Masculinity. Zéromacho: des hommes contre la prostitution. Nous n'irons pas au bois... Des hommes disent NON à la prostitution. Petition for men against prostitution. Paroles d'hommes sur la prostitution : deux vidéos qui ne l'envoient pas dire. Why Men Need Feminism (Really, You Do!) Confessions Of A Former Misogynist | Purely a figment of your imagination. How I Became a Jesus Feminist. Why I Am a Black Male Feminist. I need feminism because. Why as a man, I need Feminism. Five Reasons to Be a Feminist Man | Blue The Nation. Jackson Katz: Violence against women—it's a men's issue.

Reshaping Masculinity: In Conversation with Jackson Katz. Jackson Katz Interview. Jackson Katz | Anti-Sexist Activist, Speaker, Author, Film-maker. A CALL TO MEN. Tony Porter: A call to men. Ted Bunch gives a "Call to Men" Robert Jensen. Y en a marre de ceux qui en ont marre de la non-mixité | Combien de fois 4 ans. Aux gars, par un gars: ce que la non-mixité femmes a changé pour moi. Un homme à la tête d'un journal féministe? Non. L’homme est l’avenir du féminisme. Nos amis et nous. La non-mixité, par C.Delphy. La révolution : prise de conscience ou match de foot ?

La haine de soi comme fondement du gauchisme féminin.