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Flipped classroom. TIC per l'insegnamento. IMI 09.04.16. ESTUDIA. CASA. Fun Reading Comprehension Activities for Kids. Learning to read is a breeze for some kids, but can be challenging for others.

Fun Reading Comprehension Activities for Kids

The whole process starts with children using descriptive language for story telling and progresses to the ability to comfortably read alone. Working with children throughout these stages supports their development and allows for their own self-learning. Finding fun ways to entice and challenge readers through reading comprehension activities can make the process enjoyable – and encourages kids to enjoy reading for years to come.

Reading Comprehension for Beginning Readers Young children just getting comfortable sounding out words and starting to read on their own can learn more about story structure by changing the ending of a story read together. Take a trip to your local library for a couple books the child is not familiar with. Reading Comprehension Activities for Learning Readers Reading Comprehension Activities for Advanced Readers About the author - Sarah Lipoff Sarah is an art educator and parent. Actividades de comprensión auditiva para niños. La comprensión auditiva es un bloque importante en la construcción de la comprensión de lectura.

Actividades de comprensión auditiva para niños

Proporciona a tu hijo oportunidades para practicar y mejorar sus habilidades de comprensión auditiva pueden conducir al éxito de lectura en la escuela, según, un sitio web enfocado en lectura creado a través de una subvención por el Departmento de Educación de EE.UU. Muchas actividades divertidas que se enfocan en la comprensión auditiva están disponibles para ti y tu hijo. Lectura en voz alta. El tinglado. Portada ¡Halloween, qué miedo!

El tinglado

Miedo en la oscuridad de Halloween Venid, lectores de El tinglado, que os invitamos a una buena sesión de Miedo, ese sentimiento tan perturbador para el gentío, pero tan prolífico para los artistas. Contemplad estos vídeos extraídos de las mentes más calenturientas, pero también de las más divertidas. Porque Risa y Horror se dan la mano para hacer nuestra existencia más llevadera, más entretenida. Leer más Por El Tinglado en General el 26.10.15 sin comentarios. Recursos de la BBC. Aprender Lengua es divertido. Enlace permanente « María Jesús Alcántara Lengua-Literatura » Aprender Lengua es divertido!

Aprender Lengua es divertido



Padlet%20-%20PROYECTO%20CANAL%20CURIOUS.pdf. EVALUAR POR RÚBRICAS. MATERIALES PARA NIÑOS. Líneas pedagógicas. Instituto Nacional de Tecnologías Educativas y de Formación del Profesorado. Inicio - Google en la Educación. Profes en el siglo XXI: 36 cosas a las que debes estar dispuesto/a. 1.

Profes en el siglo XXI: 36 cosas a las que debes estar dispuesto/a

Seleccionar la plataforma de comunicación adecuada entre las muchas disponibles 2. Enviar archivos de gran tamaño. 3. 6 Things The Most Productive People Do Every Day. Ever feel like you’re just not getting enough done?

6 Things The Most Productive People Do Every Day

Know how many days per week you’re actually productive? About 3: People work an average of 45 hours a week; they consider about 17 of those hours to be unproductive (U.S.: 45 hours a week; 16 hours are considered unproductive). We could all be accomplishing a lot more — but then again, none of us wants to be a workaholic either. It’d be great to get tons done and have work/life balance.

And who better to ask than Tim Ferriss, author of the international bestseller, The 4-Hour Workweek? (Tim’s blog is here and his podcast is here.) Flip my classroom. Language Learning. El Castellano. Videos ele. MOOC #CDigital_INTEF. TICs. Digital storytelling with StoryRobe. StoryRobe is another way for kids to create digital stories using photos or digital copies of their own artwork.

Digital storytelling with StoryRobe

Once they've selected the images they want to use and put them in the right order, they can record the text to go with the images. They can talk for a total of up to 3 minutes, and synchronize the images with what they are saying by tapping the screen as they talk to advance to the next picture. StoryRobe creates a single video file that can then be shared. Unlike StoryKit, there is no option to add text to the finished product, as the model is more video-like than book-like. There are ways to add it it to the pictures however. I initially thought that one drawback to working with StoryRobe is that once you start the process of adding pictures to your story, you really have to complete the story (including adding audio) in one sitting. I have not always been successful in creating StoryRobe stories - the process seems to fail at the point of creating the finished video. Presentations Made Easy. Recursos TIC. HERRAMIENTAS REPRESENTACION. Información utilizada para el PLE. DiarioTwitt Educativo. Ayudas TIC para Docentes. Recursos TIC para clases. DOCENCIA+TIC.