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Memory Loss & the Brain. User:MIDaffin/Human Givens. Picard_2_14.pdf. Harvard undergraduate anecdata on human uniqueness. Many people believe that their performance on TestMyBrain experiments generally reflects how smart or intelligent they are.

Harvard undergraduate anecdata on human uniqueness

More on Natural Substances to Combat Alzheimer’s. Two weeks ago we told you how coconut oil is showing great promise in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

More on Natural Substances to Combat Alzheimer’s

New studies show that other natural substances are also offering big breakthroughs, and the drug industry is trying to jump on the bandwagon with them too. Fish oil reduces inflammation, including the inflammation associated with dementia. The DHA form of fish oil also converts into neuroprotectins, which, as the name suggests, protect our nerve tissue. A recent study suggests that the risk of Alzheimer’s may be reduced by a third if we consume this regularly. Another broad study suggested that the risk of all forms of dementia could be reduced by almost half with fish oil. Coconut Oil and Alzheimer’s Disease. How worried should drug companies be about supplements eating into their monopoly profits?

Coconut Oil and Alzheimer’s Disease

A lot—as this story will show. Coconut Oil and Ketones. Coconut Oil and Alzheimer's - Preventing and Reversing Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia are on the rise, with over 5 million people suffering from the disease in the U.S.

Coconut Oil and Alzheimer's - Preventing and Reversing Alzheimer’s

It is costing the country $148 billion annually—and pharmaceutical companies wouldn’t have it any other way, as their profit margins continue to increase. While we tend not to worry about diseases that occur much later in life, knowing how to prevent and treat Alzheimer’s is essential. Lifestyle choices such as diet can help prevent the disease, with some research pointing to the relationship between coconut oil and Alzheimer’s – and how this oil can help prevent and reverse the problem.

Coconut Oil and Alzheimer’s – Coconut Oil Helps the Body Produce Ketones. The Natural Medicine Guide to Schizophrenia (Healthy Mind Guides): Stephanie Marohn: 9781571742896: Books. A Systematic Review of Comparative Efficacy of Treatments and Controls for Depression. Abstract Background Although previous meta-analyses have examined effects of antidepressants, psychotherapy, and alternative therapies for depression, the efficacy of these treatments alone and in combination has not been systematically compared.

A Systematic Review of Comparative Efficacy of Treatments and Controls for Depression

We hypothesized that the differences between approved depression treatments and controls would be small. Methods and Findings The authors first reviewed data from Food and Drug Administration Summary Basis of Approval reports of 62 pivotal antidepressant trials consisting of data from 13,802 depressed patients. Conclusions. Testy. Positive psychology. Return to Main page.

Positive psychology.

Compiled by William Tillier Calgary Alberta. June, 2012. Table of contents. Kazimierz Dabrowski Theory Positive Disintegration positive disintegration overexcitability psychoneurosis multilevelness dynamisms. The key points of the theory of positive disintegration. Return to Main page. -- Developed by Kazimierz Dabrowski (1902-1980), a Polish psychologist and psychiatrist. -- As a youth, Dabrowski was affected by his experience of the aftermath of battle in World War I. -- When his best friend committed suicide during college in the 1920s, Dabrowski decided to study mental health.

The key points of the theory of positive disintegration.

Dabrowski: 10 Constructs. Return to Main page.

Dabrowski: 10 Constructs.

Dabrowski: 10 Constructs. Return to top. Smart and smarter drugs. “You know how they say that we can only access 20 per cent of our brain?”

Smart and smarter drugs

Says the man who offers stressed-out, blank-screened ‘writer’ Eddie Morra a fateful pill in the 2011 film Limitless. “Well, what this does, it lets you access all of it.” Morra, played by Bradley Cooper, is instantly transformed into a superhuman by the fictitious drug NZT-48. Granted access to all cognitive areas, he learns to play the piano in three days, finishes writing his book in four, and swiftly makes himself a millionaire. The psychobiology of emotion: the role of the oxytocinergic system. Conation: Its Historical Roots and Implications for Future Research. ADDITIONAL ADD/ADHD RESOURCES « Dr Hallowell ADHD and mental and cognitive health. Comprehensive ADHD Resources These are the best comprehensive ADHD resources we’ve found online: ADDA : The website for the Attention Deficit Disorder Association, this is aimed at the adult ADHD audience ADD on : A regularly updated and comprehensive resource CHADD : The website for the non-profit organization Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD) ADD on WebMD : Another comprehensive resource, updated regularly Everyday Health Spotlight on Dr.

ADDITIONAL ADD/ADHD RESOURCES « Dr Hallowell ADHD and mental and cognitive health : Provides over 100 articles written by national ADHD authorities and adults with ADD, 100 links to ADHD related websites, a free monthly eNews letter and a national ADHD directory. Social and Mechanical Reasoning Inhibit Each Other. I've got two questions for you. 1. Would water flow if there was a large hole in the tube? 2. Does he think that she is angry? Did your head feel any different while you were solving each problem? In recent years, neuroscientists have identified two opposed brain networks: the default mode network (DMN) and the executive attention network (EAN).

In a recent study, Anthony Jack and colleagues argue that the crucial distinction between the two networks isn't internal vs. external attention but information processing. The Brain Clock Blog. New Body Health. Improving Cognitive Skills. Memories Transplanted With Organs. I recently came across an interesting and novel phenomenon via a remarkable fact I read on 10 Brainteasers to Test Your Mental Sharpness. How Your Brain Decides Without You - Issue 19: Illusions. Princeton’s Palmer Field, 1951. An autumn classic matching the unbeaten Tigers, with star tailback Dick Kazmaier—a gifted passer, runner, and punter who would capture a record number of votes to win the Heisman Trophy—against rival Dartmouth.

Princeton prevailed over Big Green in the penalty-plagued game, but not without cost: Nearly a dozen players were injured, and Kazmaier himself sustained a broken nose and a concussion (yet still played a “token part”). It was a “rough game,” The New York Times described, somewhat mildly, “that led to some recrimination from both camps.” Each said the other played dirty. New Brain - New World. Braintrust: What Neuroscience Tells Us about Morality - Patricia S. Churchland. Giftedness in Adults Rating Scale. Famous Faces. Famous Faces Test. Touch May Alleviate Existential Fears for People With Low Self-Esteem. T & F Online. Even Without Dementia, Mental Skills Decline Years Before Death. 'Brain Exercises' May Delay Memory Decline In Dementia. Aug. 4, 2009 — People who engage in activities that exercise the brain, such as reading, writing, and playing card games, may delay the rapid memory decline that occurs if they later develop dementia, according to a study published in the August 4, 2009, print issue of Neurology®, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

Brain exercises may slow cognitive decline initially, but speed up dementia later. B-complex vitamins may help slow progression of dementia. Oct. 28, 2010 — Large doses of B-complex vitamins could reduce the rate of brain shrinkage by half in elderly people with memory problems and slow the progression of dementia.

Lapsus : Symptômes - Causes - Diagnostics - Traitements - Dictionnaire Santé - Encyclopédie médicale - Description pathologie. Publicité. Is Alzheimer's a Form of Diabetes? When the body refuses to make insulin, the condition is called type 1 diabetes; when the body mismanages the hormone, it's known as type 2. Alzheimer's is really just 'type-3' diabetes, new research shows. (NaturalNews) Emerging research on the widespread degenerative brain disease known as Alzheimer's suggests that this prevalent form of dementia is actually a type of diabetes.

Published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, a recent study out of Rhode Island Hospital (RIH) confirms that Alzheimer's is marked by brain insulin resistance and corresponding inflammation, a condition that some researchers are now referring to as type-3 diabetes. Dr. Alzheimer's Disease Is Type 3 Diabetes–Evidence Reviewed. Can Alzheimer disease be a form of type 3 d... [Rejuvenation Res. 2012.

Borderline (Emotionally Unstable) Personality Disorder. Borderline personality disorder: Treatment and management - Summarized From NICE (UK) Guidelines (2009) The management of crises Principles and general management of crises When a person with borderline personality disorder presents during a crisis, consult the crisis plan and: maintain a calm and non-threatening attitude try to understand the crisis from the person's point of view explore the person's reasons for distress use empathic open questioning, including validating statements, to identify the onset and the course of the current problems seek to stimulate reflection about solutions avoid minimising the person's stated reasons for the crisis refrain from offering solutions before receiving full clarification of the problems explore other options before considering admission to a crisis unit or inpatient admission offer appropriate follow-up within a time frame agreed with the person.

Borderline Personality Disorder Demystified - symptoms, nature, and treatment are outlined and explored. Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder - Robert O. Friedel MD, Steven Gans MD, John M. Grohol Psy.D. Explore the nervous system. Mirror neuron. Holiday Lectures on Science. Science-Based Medicine. Psych Central - Trusted mental health, depression, bipolar, ADHD and psychology information.

Fear Can Be Erased from the Brain. 12 Brain Rules. Neurological Control - Neurotransmitters. BrainBlog. Ventricles of the Brain and CSF Flow Animation.flv. Idiot Savant. Agnosia. 25 Napping Facts Every College Student Should Know.

How to Sleep Better. Alternate Sleep Cycles. How to Stay Awake After an All-Nighter: Coffee and Other Tips. Phosphatidylserine-dependent neuroprotective signaling promoted by docosahexaenoic acid. N-Docosahexaenoylethanolamide promotes development of hippocampal neurons. Enrichment_and_brain_cell_growth. Rhodiola Rosea >> Side Effects. 1409.full. The Mental Status Examination in the Age of the Internet. Mental%20State%20Exam%20-%20form. New Mentality. Temperamental. Mind Linkages. New Brain Health. Psychosomatica.