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2 Do. Review, readjust, reorganize, remember. Maybe Someday. Well Read. Dark Light Consciousness: Melanin, Serpent Power, and the Luminous Matrix of Reality. Comes and Goes. Memento. NewStuff. Practicum. New Practicum. Hearth Home Base. Quotidiana. Testy. Modern Culture. WORLD VIEWS. Societal Gumbo. Peacemaking. Safe Seed Resource List. Nava: A Revolutionary Filtering Water Bottle - Monsanto-Free Seed Companies. In 2005, Monsanto purchased Semenis which was (and is) the world’s largest seed company and now they own thousands of conventional seed companies in addition to their GMO seed business. Monsanto now owns 40% of the conventional seed market in the US and 20% of the worldwide market, including organics and heirlooms. It’s not terribly easy to avoid them, which is why we’ve compiled the list below list with the help of readers and some experts from the field, both to help you navigate through things as well as encouragement for companies to take part in the boycott so that they may also qualify to have their names included.

Here they are, and please let us know of any companies we may have missed and we will add them to this list. Names are in alphabetical order. Try to search for a company in your bioregion when possible. Adaptive Seeds*All Good Things Organic (SW)Amishland Seeds*Annie’s Heirloom SeedsThe Ark Institute*Backyard Beans and Grains ProjectBaker Creek Seed Co. Canada: Europe: Farm Wars Safe Seed Company List. Barbara H. Peterson Farm Wars The following is a list of seed companies that provide organic and heirloom seed varieties. These companies have no ties to biotech interests, and do not get their seeds from Monsanto.

This list is a work in progress. If you find that any information on this list is outdated or just plain wrong, please let me know so that I can update it. DOWNLOAD PDF HERE: FARMWARS SAFE SEED COMPANY LIST Ap082012 The following companies have determined to NOT have any association with biotech interests, and DO NOT sell seeds sourced from companies owned by Monsanto. 15 uses for Egg Shell-don't through away Egg Shells after having your Breakfast. It is a common perception among us that we think of egg shells nothing but the waste. This perception is completely wrong. A person should know how these shells could be utilized efficiently so as to make the most out of these shells. There are numerous benefits of egg shell. So, don’t throw away those egg shells after taking your breakfast. Help To clear out your drains You don’t need to use costly, strong and poisonous chemicals to clear out your drains now.

Egg Shells for the Garden Egg shells are not only useful to clear out your drain but there are important uses of egg shells for the garden as well. Deter the pests Using crushed egg shells can help in removing garden pests for example snails and cutworms etc. Feeding the birds As egg shells are a very good source of calcium and proteins, it is also advisable to feed egg shells to chickens, especially to female birds that are ready to lay eggs or have finished laying eggs.

Deter the animals Removes Tea Stains Fertilizer Smoother Coffee. | enliven your mind. They Did Not Give Up. Who in Congress Supports SOPA and PIPA/PROTECT-IP? | SOPA Opera. Scholarships4Moms. Official Rules The following Scholarships4Moms promotion is intended for residents in the United States only and shall be construed and evaluated according to the laws of the United States. To participate in Scholarships4Moms promotions, you must also be at least 18 years old. If you do not meet these requirements, we ask that you not register with us. In order to receive the stated promotion, it requires completion of the offer terms. Offer terms include; age and residency requirements, along with a valid email and shipping address. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received and vary by drawing. On average, the odds of winning are approximately 1:250,000. To apply, go to the Registration Page and follow the links and instructions to register.

The registration time frame is from approximately April 15th, 2014 at 12:01am through May 15th, 2014 at 12:00am Eastern Standard Time. FCS/Scholarships4Moms owns and operates additional scholarship promotional websites. That's The Ticket. 10 Fingers. How to get free seeds for your first garden. Starting a garden from seed can be an expensive proposition if you're ordering online and buying from seed catalogs. A handful of harder-to-find heirloom seeds can cost as much as a frou-frou cup of coffee. Factor in shipping charges and you'll be wondering how starting a garden is supposed to save you money.

Fortunately, experienced gardeners can be some of the most generous people — especially where seeds are concerned — and they are often willing to part with seeds to help a new gardener. Below are some tips on places you can go online and in real life to get your green thumbs on free garden seeds. Gardening forums When I started my first real outdoor garden, I was lucky enough to have been part of an online forum filled with gardeners who where as generous with their knowledge as they were with the seeds from their gardens. Sometimes gardeners unload excess seeds on newbies for what is known as Self-Addressed Stamped Envelopes offers. Seed swaps Seed libraries Save your own seeds. Vitamin B12 tied to Alzheimer's disease.

NEW YORK - Vitamin B12 may help protect against Alzheimer's disease, according to a study out Monday. The study suggests that seniors with more of the active part of the vitamin in their blood have a lower risk of developing the disease, which eats away at the minds of one in eight Americans aged 65 and older, according to the Alzheimer's Association.

However, the findings don't necessarily mean that taking B vitamin supplements will stave off mental decline. Just last summer, for instance, a pair of studies deflated long-held hopes that B vitamins — like B12 and folic acid — would help patients who had suffered strokes or heart attack. "More research is needed before we can get a conclusion on the role of vitamin B12 supplements on neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease," said Dr. Babak Hooshmand from Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, whose findings appear in the journal Neurology. The researchers took blood samples from 271 Finnish seniors without dementia. Simplify your life. Food dehydrator. Bitcoin – Pirate’s Gold or new Global Currency? On July 19th this year, a Doctor Nefario arrived at Seattle airport and was asked if he had enough money to cover his stay in the US.

He replied that he did, but it was in Bitcoin, an electronic cryptographic currency. Unfortunately, not only did the Customs and Border Protection Authority not know what Bitcoin was, they didn’t accept it as a valid currency and so refused him entry. The Customs and Border Protection’s ignorance of Bitcoin is shared by many, even though there are currently around 63.6 million USD of Bitcoin in circulation. This may seem trivial in comparison to the approximately $950 billion US dollars in circulation. However, “real” currencies sometimes end up being not worth much, as was the case with the Zimbabwean dollar, which had to be discontinued as the national currency in 2009 when it became essentially worthless. A $100 trillion dollar banknote at that time wouldn’t even buy a bus ticket.

What is Bitcoin? The Dark Side of Bitcoin? How do you use Bitcoins?, News, Augmented. The Rise and Fall of Bitcoin | Wired Magazine. In November 1, 2008, a man named Satoshi Nakamoto posted a research paper to an obscure cryptography listserv describing his design for a new digital currency that he called bitcoin. None of the list’s veterans had heard of him, and what little information could be gleaned was murky and contradictory. In an online profile, he said he lived in Japan. His email address was from a free German service. Google searches for his name turned up no relevant information; it was clearly a pseudonym. But while Nakamoto himself may have been a puzzle, his creation cracked a problem that had stumped cryptographers for decades.

The idea of digital money—convenient and untraceable, liberated from the oversight of governments and banks—had been a hot topic since the birth of the Internet. Cypherpunks, the 1990s movement of libertarian cryptographers, dedicated themselves to the project. One of the core challenges of designing a digital currency involves something called the double-spending problem. One Per Cent: Bitcoin value plummets as main exchange is hacked. Jacob Aron, technology reporter Bitcoin freefall: the market plummets as large amounts of bitcoins are sold off at rock-bottom prices - bigger circles correspond to larger transactions (Image: Mt. Gox) Following reports of theft last week, the Bitcoin community suffered another major loss of confidence yesterday when its largest exchange, Mt. Gox, was compromised, causing Bitcoin's value to fall from around $17.5 to just a few cents. Although the online peer-to-peer currency has no central authority, Mt.

Gox has become one of the most important Bitcoin players by allowing people to convert bitcoins to US dollars and back. The attacker then attempted to sell coins from one large account, but was prevented from emptying the account by a $1000 per day withdrawal limit. Karpeles says that no other accounts were compromised and all trades will be rolled back to before the time of the hack, restoring Bitcoin's value to $17.5. While these measures should go some way to restoring faith in Mt. The Demographics Of Bitcoin. With the growing popularity and perhaps relevance of a globally decentralized currency system in a world adrift in fiat devaluation death-matches, it is perhaps interesting to understand just who these Bitcoin'ers are?

The ongoing survey of Bitcoin users (here) has some intriguing results already: The 'average Bitcoin user' is male (96%), 32.7 years old, libertarian / anarcho-capitalist (37%), non-religious (61%), with a full time job (43%), and is in a relationship (56%). The biggest motivation for new users are curiosity, profit, and politics; and 39% of users do not drink, smoke, gamble, or take drugs.

Just over half of users have mined bitcoins and the greatest community fear for Bitcoin is “regulatory/legal intervention” followed by ”reputation problems”. Overall more people seem to find Bitcoin intellectually rewarding (70% have learned more about cryptography) than socially rewarding (22% have made friends). Via Space Druid, Some highlights… Miners How does a miner spend nothing? Bitcoin: The Cryptoanarchists’ Answer to Cash.

Illustration: Harry Campbell There's nothing like a dollar bill for paying a stripper. Anonymous, yet highly personal—wherever you use it, that dollar will fit the occasion. Purveyors of Internet smut, after years of hiding charges on credit cards, or just giving it away for free, recently found their own version of the dollar—a new digital currency called Bitcoin. You’ll know it when you see it (strippers who accept tips in bitcoins advertise their account addresses right on their bodies). And more important, if you pay with it, no one needs to know. In the long run, a system like this, which restores privacy to electronic payments, could do more than just put the sneak back into the peek. You may have heard about Bitcoin last year, when the digital currency was briefly a major media story and speculators rushed to cash in on the rising value of bitcoins.

May and his guests looked forward to everything those governments feared. Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program - Grants and Education. Extreme Planet Makeover. Price of Peace Chart: Programs and their costs. Strategy 3. Eliminate Illiteracy: Education for All $10 billion/year for ten years, allocated for: a) Television Literacy Campaign for satellite network, solar-powered television sets, satellite receivers in villages without adequate schools; appropriate educational programming, ($2 billion/year); textbooks, teaching aids, in-service teacher training and supervision ($3 billion/year); $140 million/year for training 1 million new teachers in Africa; b) Internet Access for All for global wireless Internet access via communications satellites, land-based technology where appropriate ($4 billion/year); $1 billion/year for the preparation of Internet materials for use in developing countries.

Closely related to #’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 11. Cost: 12.5% of the cost of Gulf War 1, or 2.8% of the 2003 tax cut given to the richest U.S. citizens; 14 months of what the U.S. spends on video games. For more details and references, click here. Guns Germs & Steel. The World - Introduction. WWOOF - World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age | Digging through the Geocities Torrent. We live in a world where people say “GIF”, but mean “Animated GIF”. In the 1990′s, and during the first years of the new century — or lets say before this format’s glorious comeback — there were two genres: GIFs and Animated GIFs. There were collections of GIFs and Animated GIFs, there were famous GIFs and famous Animated GIFs. I was reminded about it by the welcome message on the Sailormars Transparent GIF page.

Here are transparent GIFs of my favorite sailor senshi, Hino Rei. In January 1999, when the page was last updated, it was clear that the GIFs behind the link would be static. But why then GIFs and not JPEGs, especially knowing that images are technically scans of magazine pages? When a browser encounters the transparent color, the browser doesn’t show any graphic information, which enables the web page background to show through.

So, GIFs could be rectangular and transparent, static and animated. The web got static explosion … … static fire … … and a cat that is just there. P.S. Algorithm of Love - January/February 2011. A dating site created by geeks, for geeks. Whether overclocking their computers to get the best possible performance, or using sensors to maximize the effectiveness of their workouts, nothing defines geeks (aside from a love of spaceships) so much as the belief that data and information can improve, well, everything. So why not optimize the search for love? That's the idea behind dating site OkCupid. It began in 1999 when Sam Yagan, MBA '05, then a Harvard undergrad, launched with classmates Max Krohn and Chris Coyne. The site included humorous quizzes and a dating service, among other things.

But the matchmaking function was overshadowed by the success of SparkNotes, its online study guides that ultimately were acquired by Barnes & Noble in a multimillion-dollar deal. Fast forward to 2007: Yagan teamed up with Krohn, Coyne and Christian Rudder to launch OkCupid as a stand-alone service. OkCupid's users provide data by answering a series of multiple-choice questions. 100 Simple Ways to Change Your Life for the Better | Nerds Do It Better. May 7th, 2008 100 Simple Ways to Change Your Life for the Better No matter how perfect you may think you are, the fact this there’s always some small way you can improve for yourself and others. Whether it’s broadening your knowledge or reducing your impact on the earth, there are seemingly endless little things you can do to make a change for the better and make yourself more attractive to others at the same time.

Here, we’ll discuss 100 of these steps, and how you can go about doing them. Health Good health is the foundation of a good life, so make these improvements, and they’ll resonate out to the rest of your life. Social Take these steps to change your social life for the better. Join a book club: Get some social interaction while improving your knowledge with a book club.Get out of the house: Believe it or not, the world just isn’t going to come to you. Emotional Improve your emotional life with these simple strategies to improve your health and relationships.

50 Ways to Get Your Life in Order. 50 Ways to Re-purpose and Reuse Glass Jars {Saturday Inspiration & Ideas} 37 Recipes How To Make Gifts In A Jar. Tents, Camping Equipment & Outdoor Clothing - Yeomans.

The Lifesaver Bottle. 101 Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy | XMind: Professional & Powerful Mind Mapping Software. Download XMind. Casaubon. The WWW Psychedelic Bibliography. How to remove an iPhone or iPod Touch password. Complete guide to using iOS 6 (roundup) Useful Tips For iPad. Facebook's New iOS Apps: Pros & Cons. Ipad Apps. Pronunciations for iPhone. iOS 6 Tips and Hidden Features | Gadget Lab.