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8 Survival Tips For Your Tiny House Build. Having been involved in several construction projects over the last 20 years, I am deeply familiar with the physical and emotional process that happens when building.

8 Survival Tips For Your Tiny House Build

I liken it to the process of being in labor, something I have experienced twice being a mother of two. As it is with labor, just because I have been through it before doesn’t mean that I have figured it out and that I won’t go through many of the same challenges and frustrations that I have experienced before. When a process is intense, it is easy to forget and draw upon the learnings previously received which is why it is so helpful to have a variety of emotional tools to deal with challenges as they arise.

Below are 8 survival tips for your tiny house build. Solutions To The Top 5 Tiny House Limitations. By Gabriella Morrison Do you want to live tiny but are worried about having to make too many sacrifices in space and comfort?

Solutions To The Top 5 Tiny House Limitations

Small & tiny home ideas. Macro Eco Solutions. O Eco Solutions. Self Sufficient Home. Tech News That Matters. Meet Jivr, the chainless e-bike that wants to revolutionize city cycling. Commuters the world over face the perennial problem of how to optimize their journey to work: What time should I leave?

Meet Jivr, the chainless e-bike that wants to revolutionize city cycling

Is the connection running on time? Will bad weather mean the train’s too full? Am I better off just taking the car? SYNTHETIC SEEDS A VIABLE APPROACH FOR CONSERVATION AND PROPAGATION OF PHYTOREMEDIANT HERB : Bacopa monnieri (L.) WETTST. Omega Center for Sustainable Living. Lunar, Martian and Planetary Architecture - Cal-Earth Building Designs. MAGMA, CERAMIC, AND FUSED ADOBE STRUCTURES GENERATED IN SITUWritten By: E.

Lunar, Martian and Planetary Architecture - Cal-Earth Building Designs

Nader Khalili The accumulated human knowledge of "universal elements" can be integrated with space-age technology to serve human needs on Earth; its timeless materials and timeless principles can also help achieve humanity’s quest beyond this planet. Two such areas of knowledge are in earth architecture and in ceramics, which could be the basis for a breakthrough — in scales, forms, and functions — in low gravity fields and anhydrous-vacuum conditions. With the added missing link of the element of fire (heat), traditional earthen forms can be generated on other celestial bodies, such as the Moon and Mars, in the form of magma structure, ceramic structure, and fused adobe structure. Ecovative Design. Capture solar power with your curtains. LONDON, England (CNN) -- Imagine every time you closed your curtains, you were capturing enough solar energy to power your laptop.

Capture solar power with your curtains

The technology is available, but no one's packaged it up in a handy DIY kit at your local hardware store. Solar textiles use the same technology as traditional solar panels to convert sunlight into energy. Sheila Kennedy hopes to be the first. South African Student Invents Waterless Bathing. Solar water heating. Solar water heating (SWH) or solar hot water (SHW) systems comprise several innovations and many mature renewable energy technologies that have been well established for many years.

Solar water heating

SWH has been widely used in Australia, Austria, China, Cyprus, Greece, India, Israel, Japan and Turkey. In a "close-coupled" SWH system the storage tank is horizontally mounted immediately above the solar collectors on the roof. No pumping is required as the hot water naturally rises into the tank through thermosiphon flow. Eat The Enemy: How Eating Autumn Berries Can Help The Environment AND The Fight Against Cancer. This story is part of "Eat The Enemy," a HuffPost series on edible invasive species, non-native plants and animals you can help contain from the comfort of your dinner table.

Eat The Enemy: How Eating Autumn Berries Can Help The Environment AND The Fight Against Cancer

Not all invasive species are edible, and some included in this series can be dangerous, including lionfish and wild boar. Please take caution when foraging or hunting for your own food. The term "invasive species" calls to mind images of aggressive animals that tear up landscapes and destroy everything in their path -- wild boar or Asian carp are well-known culprits -- but would you ever think to include berries on that list? You're mistaken if you think animals are alone on the invasive species list, because as proven by something as seemingly sweet and innocuous as the "autumn berry," vegetation can be equally threatening to our environment. One documented case of the autumn berry's devastation is the story of Tony Smith, a Virginia farmer whose land has been destroyed by the plant. Eat The Enemy: How You Can Help The Planet, And Your Appetite, By Dining On Invasive Species.

We seem to live in a world of bizarre culinary trends, quickly-evolving health research and a barrage of eat-this-not-that PSAs.

Eat The Enemy: How You Can Help The Planet, And Your Appetite, By Dining On Invasive Species

Deciding what to put on the dinner table has never been more of a battle, as experts decry America's obsession with meat and factory farming, significant contributors to climate change and the rise of antibiotic-resistant superbugs. But what if there were a sustainable source of food you could eat, and actually help out the planet? Start Here - MiniMotives. If you’re new to this blog, welcome!

Start Here - MiniMotives

My name is Macy and I am delighted to know others are interested in smaller living. If you’d like to learn more about me or see the bucket list that started this all feel free to click those links, otherwise feel free to say hi, I would love to know who you are and where you’re from! I had the idea to ‘go tiny’ in November of 2011, by December I was working on getting my trailer ready. I moved fast, unfortunately construction moved slow :). 18 months after starting my build I moved in, 2 years after starting I officially called my house ‘finished’. TinyHousers - MiniMotives.

Radiant Floor Heat - A Review - MiniMotives. I often get questions about my radiant floor heat and I realized I never reviewed it… So here we go!

Radiant Floor Heat - A Review - MiniMotives

Was it ‘worth it’ – It certainly served its purpose as a learning project, I learned how to install and operate it, I have no regrets about adding the thermal mass in the floor (and the extra axle that came with accommodating that). For me this was a learning project and I have indeed learned! Now, Would I do it again? – Naw. Micro Cottages and Tiny Houses from 1-800-913-2350 Enter valid plan # (ex: 12-345) Micro Cottage Floor Plans Micro Cottage floor plans with less than 1,000 square feet of heated space -- sometimes much less -- are rapidly growing in popularity. The smallest, including the Four Lights Tiny Houses are small enough to mount on a trailer and may not require permits depending on local codes. These tiny house plans are perfect second homes and vacation getaways and, for the right person or couple, make great starter homes to be expanded over time as circumstances and budgets allow.

All of our house plans can be modified to fit your lot or altered to fit your unique needs. Read More More... Narrow by Features Clear. Tiny Home Builders. What is a tiny house? A tiny house is a small house that is sized such that it can fit on a trailer. In most areas this means that it can’t be bigger than 8 feet 6 inches wide, 13 feet 6 inches tall, and 40 feet long.

Camper Kart is a Tiny Home That Pops Out of a Shopping Cart. We've all seen the men and women who live out of shopping carts in cities throughout the world, but imagine if they could add one of Kevin Cyr's awesome pop-up tents to the mix. The Camper Kart is a portable home that boasts a cozy-looking bed, a lantern and even storage space. The earth-friendly shelter is made largely out of recycled materials that could potentially give the world's less fortunate a sheltered, private space in which to lay their heads at night. Tiny House Talk.

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Fuel Cell Technology. BOROUGH FURNACE. Solar basket - REsolar11464 - € 14,95. How To Get Fresh Water Out Of Thin Air. Image Credit: MIT. Cardboard & Paper Furniture. Protecting Health and the Planet With Clean Cookstoves. This story is part of a special series that explores energy issues. For more, visit The Great Energy Challenge. Biochar Clean Cookstoves Boost Health for People and Crops. Solar Oven Transforms Salt Water to Drinkable Water. Plastic Bottle Bulbs Shed Some Light on the Situation. Liter Of Light. Everyday Tools.