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Survival Skills for the Information Age. Whenever the topic of data comes up at meetings or informal conversations it doesn’t take long for people’s eyes to glaze over.

Survival Skills for the Information Age

The subject is usually considered so complex and esoteric that only a few technically-minded geeks find value in the details. This easy dismissal of data is a real problem in the modern business world because so much of what we know about customers and products is codified as information and stored in corporate databases. Without a high level of data literacy this information sits idle and unused. One way I try to get people more interested in data is to make a distinction between data management and data content.

In its broadest sense, data management consists of all the technical equipment, expertise, security procedures, and quality control measures that go into riding herd on large volumes of data. Okay, maybe that’s taking it a bit too far. Your home addressYour mom’s birthdayYour computer passwordA friend’s phone numberYour daughter’s favorite color. Ple. MIND MAPPING. Data Aesthetics. The Art of Complex Problem Solving. Antique Maps, Old maps, Vintage Maps, Antique Atlases, Old Atlases. Oscillatorium Site Index in Map Format. Gallery — NetworkX 1.8.1 documentation. - Welcome to TheBrain. Exploratree - Exploratree by FutureLab. Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus - An online thesaurus and dictionary of over 145,000 words that you explore using an interactive map. Text 2 Mind Map - Simple mind mapping online. InfoRapid KnowledgeBase Builder - Mind Maps as Knowledge Storage. Create huge 3D Mind Maps and Concept Maps with InfoRapid KnowledgeBase Builder (Freeware)

3D concept maps / mindmaps tool for students 3D concept maps / mindmaps tool Lite version. Mind42: Free online mind mapping software. SimpleMind Desktop. Ordering SimpleMind Desktop. Try before you buy.

Ordering SimpleMind Desktop

Use our free 30-day trial before purchase. It's a one-time purchase for a life-time license. No monthly or annual fees. All updates within the same main version are included. SimpleMind desktop is a ModelMaker Tools product and sold via on-line store My Commerce / ShareIt. Payment is possible in other currencies than Euro, however to avoid the risk of changing exchange rates our partner, My Commerce, will add 8 to 10 percent to the price. A SimpleMind site license is a license for an unlimited number of users on the same physical site.

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