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How to Create Video Quizzes on Vizia. Last week I shared some information about a new video quiz creation tool called Vizia. Since then I've received some questions about how it actually works. To address those questions I created the short video that is embedded below. As mentioned in the video, all of the responses to your questions are collected in a spreadsheet that you can download and or open in Google Sheets. Once the responses are in Google Sheets you could use the Flubaroo Add-on to grade the responses to your quiz.

Applications for Education Vizia could be a good tool to use to create short flipped video lessons in which you ask questions to check for understanding. One way that I might use it is to put a campaign commercial into the Vizia editor then create questions that ask students to identify the persuasion techniques that are used in the commercial. How to Place an Image-based Quiz in Your Blog. A couple of weeks ago I published a tutorial on how to create an image-based quiz on Formative. The image-based quizzes that you create in Formative can be embedded into your classroom blog where your students can then answer the questions in the quiz. In my video embedded below I demonstrate how to create the quiz, how to embed it into your blog, and I show you a student's perspective of the quiz as embedded into a blog.

Applications for Education I am a proponent of using classroom blogs as online hubs for digital activities like image-based quizzes. Putting the Formative quiz in your classroom blog means that you don't have to try to direct all of your students to a link or a classroom code. Instead, you can just direct them to your classroom blog where they can find all of the activities and resources that they need for your class.

Welcome! Quizzy Offers a Quick Way to Create Online Quizzes. Quizzy is a free service that enables you to quickly make and publish online quizzes. To get started simply register for a Quizzy account then title your quiz and start writing multiple choice questions. When you have finished writing your questions you can publish your quiz publicly or keep it private. Quizzes that you mark as public can be shared with others by simply directing them to the URL assigned to your quiz. People taking your Quizzy quiz online receive a score as soon as they complete all of the questions.

At this time Quizzy quizzes are entirely text-based without any options for inserting images or videos. Applications for EducationQuizzy could be a good tool for creating practice quizzes for your students. If you don't work in a 1:1 environment you can print Quizzy quizzes with just one click in your Quizzy account. Quizalize - Create Interactive Review Games to Play Synchronously or Asynchronously. There is certainly not a shortage of interactive quiz platforms available to teachers today. Platforms like Socrative and Kahoot have turned boring review activities into fun games that students want to play all the time. The trouble with those platforms is that to get the most out of them all of your students need to play at the same time. That's where Quizalize is trying to be distinguish itself in a crowded market.

Quizalize is a quiz game platform that will remind you of Socrative or Kahoot. Like Kahoot, students play your quiz games on their laptops or tablets by going to the Quizalize website then entering their names and a class code. In the video embedded below I provide an overview of how to create, distribute, and track quiz games in Quizalize. Three Free iOS Apps for Test Prep. Last week my post about the test prep app Gojimo was one of the most popular posts of the week.

This morning someone emailed me looking for a simple app in which students could create their own review materials. The following three apps let students create their own review flashcards that include explanations for questions. Through the Quizlet iPad app students can access their own sets of flashcards or search for those created and shared by others. Through the app students can access their flashcards used even when they don’t have an internet connection. Quizlet flashcards can include audio elements in eighteen languages. Audio support is available for Quizlet flashcards. To access the audio option students simply tap the speaker icon to hear the contents of their flashcards read aloud. StudyBlue is a service for creating and sharing flashcard sets. GoConqr is a service for creating and sharing flashcards, building mind maps, and tracking your study habits.

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Student Response System - Learn From Your Students - GoSoapBox. Quizalize. Welcome! Zaption Presenter - Make Interactive Video Presentations. Zaption is a tool for creating video-based quizzes. Unlike some services like TED-Ed that have students watch a video then answer questions at the end, Zaption allows you to display questions for students to answer as they watch a video.

To create a quiz on Zaption you start by creating a "tour" in your account. A tour is a combination of videos, images, and text arranged into a sequence. Back in April Jennifer Carey wrote a great overview of using Zaption in the classroom. Yesterday, Zaption announced a new feature in beta testing. That feature is called Zaption Presenter. Quizalize - A Fun Quiz Platform. Quizalize is a newer quiz game platform that reminds me of Kahoot. Like Kahoot, students play your quiz games on their laptops or tablets by going to the Quizalize website then entering their names and a class code. Students are awarded points for correctly answering questions quickly. Students are given feedback instantly on every quiz question that they answer. A total score is presented to students at the end of every quiz. Creating quizzes on Quizalize is a simple process. To get started just name your quiz and tag it with a subject label. Quizalize offers a marketplace in which you can find quizzes created by other users.

An overview of Quizalize is provided in the video embedded below. Applications for Education One of the better aspects of Quizalize is found in the results page that you see as a teacher. Riddle Adds New Features for Building Image-based Quizzes.

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ExamTime - Changing the way you learn. Teacher Resources: Quizinator for Teachers, Instructors, and HomeSchoolers. Quiz Socket. Quizboard. eQuizShow - Free Online Quiz Show Templates. - create online cloze tests, drag & drop, dropdown and multiple choice quizzes.

Naiku | Balanced Assessment. Better Learning. :: Study English with fun, free ESL video quizzes. Quizzes | Free Online Quiz Maker| ExamTime. Our Quiz tool, part of, was specifically designed to help you study and prepare you for exams. It enables you to test your own knowledge and practice exam questions. We have different question types that help keep you engaged and test what you’ve studied. Having this free tool at your disposable will greatly improve your chances of achieving exam success. To help you along the way we also have extensive sharing features so you and your friends can challenge each other. Our public library also allows you to search for Quizzes from all over the world.

This means you will always have Quizzes to complete and can always be preparing for your exams. Want to create your own Online Quiz with GoConqr? Get Started Now. Welcome to Flubaroo. QuestBase | Create on-line and printed assessments, quizzes, exams, surveys.

Math. Testmoz - The Test Generator. Quiz Maker for Online testing: Create quizzes, test, exam. Quiz Revolution - Most Popular Quiz Maker, Make a Quiz or Survey, Create a Fast Quiz. Quizzes » Fun Quizzes & Surveys » Make a Quiz Online » Quibblo! Create A Quiz. Creating a New Quiz Is Easy Okay, Get Started! (You may be interested in our tips for getting your quiz to the front page) First, tell us which kind of quiz you are creating. There are three kinds: Login To continue working on an existing quiz or check the stats, log in: Quiz Name: Quiz Password: Quiz Topic Ideas Which political party do you fit into? Kahoot! | Game-based blended learning & classroom response system.

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