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La pause dans la ville

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Sciences, environnement, technologies. Et si la ville du futur était celle du «chill» ? Paru sur Demain la Ville. Shigeru ban. Cette maison génère plus d’énergie qu’elle n’en consomme. Cette maison génère plus d’énergie qu’elle n’en consomme Les habitats alternatifs ont le vent en poupe.

Cette maison génère plus d’énergie qu’elle n’en consomme

Les idées se multiplient, pour tous les goûts, et font la part belle à l’écologie. Thinking Beyond the Station. You are cutting it close, rushing to catch your bus or train.

Thinking Beyond the Station

Just as you arrive to the station/stop, you hear the heart-crushing sound of acceleration. You look up, it’s rolling down the line. It’s gone. Now you’ll have thirty long, lonely minutes to dwell on your near miss as cars careen past you. Your eyes scan the area. Far too often this is the scenario that typifies the transit experience. Through Placemaking, stations and stops become focal points in a community, especially if there is an associated plaza or public space.

A taille humaine / social

Thérapie anti-stress à base de chatons. 3XN Wins Mälardalen University Architectural Competition. | by Levent Ozler EmailGoogle+TwitterFacebook 3XN won the the architectural competition for a new educational building for Mälardalen University - a university college in Eskilstuna southwest of Stockholm.

3XN Wins Mälardalen University Architectural Competition

Spacebuster. Invited by Storefront for Art and Architecture the Spacebuster was developed and designed to explore the qualities and possibilities of public space in New York City.


Spacebuster interacts with the architectural and the social space and its conditions. It opens urban space for temporary collective uses. Interboro — LentSpace. © Michael Falco.

Interboro — LentSpace

Published on March 22, 2012. Occupying an entire city block, LentSpace acts as a platform for rotating exhibitions of contemporary art complemented by various public programs. The infrastructure and master plan of LentSpace includes a tree nursery and an operable fence. The tree nursery provides foliage and shade for the site while also incubating street trees to be distributed at a later time throughout the surrounding blocks. In response to the client’s requirement of enclosing the space with a seven foot fence, we designed a moveable sculptural fence facing Duarte Square that can enclose or open the site to different degrees, creating an array of social spaces.

Looking more like a piece of furniture than a security measure, the fence also serves as a public amenity in the form of benches and wall panels for exhibitions on the edge of LentSpace. . © Dean Kaufman. . © Interboro . Phase 1 Phase 2. Interboro — LentSpace — Image 5 of 24. Christo, Big Air Package. 14 years after showing The Wall during the Emscher Park International Building Exhibition, Christo today presented a new extraordinary work of art created especially for the Gasometer Oberhausen.

Christo, Big Air Package.

The internationally acclaimed artist installed his Big Air Package inside the 117-meter-high industrial building. It is the largest indoor sculpture ever made. Big Air Package, Project for Gasometer Oberhausen, Germany was conceived in 2010 by Christo and will be on view from March 16 to December 30, 2013. BasketBar Utrecht - Nl Architects. Pink Street / Jose Adrião Arquitectos.

Mobilier urbain défensifs

Reclaim the streets. Parklet. Stationner-autrement-coeur-nantes-13. Un espace de gratuité sur la place Royale à Nantes. Info. Punch and Judy - Codman's Theatre, Lime Street, Liverpool. Professor Richard Codman lll's Punch and Judy booth outside Lime Street Station, Liverpool. Flip & Fold Seating by Karl Marius Sveen. Who wants standard seating when you can have Flip & Fold designed by Karl Marius Sveen?

Flip & Fold Seating by Karl Marius Sveen

Not me. Interboro — LentSpace — Image 5 of 24. Logements, commerces et places publiques à pierresvives. Vendredi 9 mars, André Vezinhet, Président du Conseil général et Député et Hélène Mandroux, Maire de Montpellier ont posé la première pierre de l’ECOQUARTIER pierresvives.

Logements, commerces et places publiques à pierresvives

Le Président du Département est allé à la rencontre des 5 promoteurs immobiliers qui participent à la construction du projet dont Philippe Vezinet, Directeur régional Icade Promotion Logement, Pascale Mongereau, Directrice générale de la filiale Montpellier de Cogedim Languedoc Roussillon, Christian Rocanières, Directeur régional Groupe Arcade, Frédéric Rouvier, Directeur de Bouwfounds Marignan Immobilier et Jean-François Gapillout, Directeur de Urbis Réalisations. Hérault Habitat construira et proposera 52 logements aidés. Ce nouvel espace intègrera la mixité des fonctions : logements, services publics, commerces, places publiques, jeux d’enfants et parc paysager, le tout dans une démarche de solidarité et de développement durable. Dusky's Wonders.

Portal De La Percepción / Rojkind Arquitectos (290848) Works on Paper: Design Miami / Miami Design. Greetings from gorgeous South Florida where I have been soaking up the sun and art fairs for the past few days.

Works on Paper: Design Miami / Miami Design

I will refrain from telling you just how perfect the weather has been here as I know my friends in New York are freezing and Paris is covered in a very rare blanket of snow. Suffice to say, Miami was everything I had hoped for as a pre-Christmas getaway! I will also refrain from giving you a blow-by-blow description of the multitude of art fairs occurring simultaneously with the big attraction, Art Basel Miami Beach. Let me just say that Art Basel was much more energetic and successful than last year but not as go-go as 2007. Everyone I spoke with seemed very pleased and there were pieces marked sold on every booth. Flat Pack: 20 Creative Furniture Designs for Cramped Living. Raumlabor » Spacebuster. Tee Off During Tea Break With Walmart Brazil. What better way to fight off labels like “faceless corporate monster” than planting a mini-golf course on your head office roof!

Tee Off During Tea Break With Walmart Brazil

That’s right, I’m talking about Walmart getting together with the boisterous designers at Guto Requena Studios, who also brought us a 3-D printed voice chair. They incorporated this quirky feature at Walmart’s Brazillian head office in São Paulo, to apparently alleviate board-meeting boredom and promote work-place harmony. A mini-golf course provides a friendly alternative to visions of Patrick Bateman types, driving golf balls off of skyscraper terraces.

Is Walmart pushing a down-to-earth, ‘fun’ image, which has been adopted by other ‘fun’ industry giants? Turenscape Design Institute - Project - Link the City to Nature - Image-23. REACTIVATE!! Part 2, Instant urbanism. REACTIVATE!! Is a two-fold exhibition which runs until late August, at the Espai d' Art Contemporani de Castelló, near Valencia in Spain. The first part, which i covered earlier this week (see REACTIVATE!! Part 1, Urban reanimations and the minimal intervention and Retired priests have all the fun) engages with recent architecture projects which makes the most of disused, outworn or inadequate urban spaces and buildings to create striking new edifices. Israel's Square by COBE. “Israel’s Square in Copenhagen has been undergoing a renovation since we won the competition in 2008. Now the new square is completed” from the architects. Israels Plads is a large public area in the center of Copenhagen, situated in the area between the station Nørreport and The Lakes, with a bustling covered market and close to Ørsteds Park and the Botanical Gardens.