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Health advice for 2017: Simplify, simplify. Image: monkeybusinessimages /Thinkstock As the Shaker lyrics go, "'Tis the gift to be simple," and simplicity is a gift you might want to grant yourself in the new year.

Health advice for 2017: Simplify, simplify

If so, you'll have some help from health experts. In the past few years, complicated advice for diet and exercise has given way to simpler, more sustainable guidelines, and the FDA has come down in favor of simple soap and water over antimicrobial cleaners to prevent infectious diseases. If you've vowed to make positive changes in your lifestyle this year, you're likely to be more successful if you don't take on complex new regimens. "People can achieve remarkable changes in their lives one small step at a time," says Dr. Kick Butt In 2017 With These Must-Follow Diet And Fitness Tips.

Getty Let's face it, 2016 was a crummy year.

Kick Butt In 2017 With These Must-Follow Diet And Fitness Tips

But now is not the time to ruminate on the negative, nor the past -- let's focus on a new year which, by power of deduction, will be a good year. It must. Although we can't control many things happening in the world, two things we can control and make better are our diet and health. To start the year fresh, here are 11 diet, fitness and nutrition tips to follow in 2017. 1. The hardest part about getting on the health train is the first step. 6 simple ways to get healthy for 2017. In September, Cole Thomas was driving his co-workers to a job site when a deer darted in front of his truck.

6 simple ways to get healthy for 2017

He swerved to avoid it and landed in a ditch. When he tried correcting the turn and pulling back onto the road, he spun out of control and the truck rolled three times. After opening his eyes, Thomas noticed he could see his legs, but couldn't move them. “I realized I was hurt very badly,” Thomas, 34, told TODAY. “I looked down at my legs and I couldn’t feel them and I was like ‘Oh boy.’” Trend Watch: Filipino Food Heats Up. Filipinos have been immigrating to the United States in large numbers for more than a century.

Trend Watch: Filipino Food Heats Up

Today, there are nearly two million living in the country, with more than half of them settled in California. But Filipino food has been relatively slow to catch on—especially compared to Thai, Vietnamese, and other Southeast Asian cuisines. That may be because Filipino food is so hard to describe, says Joanne Boston, a writer turned advocate for the Filipino Food Movement, which promotes Filipino cuisine. Start with a tropical fruit and fish backbone, throw in some Spanish influence like pork and vinegar, stir in some Chinese noodles and soy sauce, and you start to get the idea. Family loyalty is also strong. 7 travel trends for 2017 that will drive the global tourism industry. Tour and activity providers are used to spotting trends.

7 travel trends for 2017 that will drive the global tourism industry

It's a natural part of the trade in an industry that changes globally. What was successful one year might not work as well in the next one. Our 2016 Trends Report was a great success, helping many experts stay up-to-date with their travel companies. And that's why we've put together a relevant, actionable report on all the vital trends of 2017 for the global tourism industry. This year Lucy, Nicole, and I have worked together to create our most insightful report yet, but we wanted to share a few insights directly on the blog as well. Paris Travel Guide. More than 1,000 square miles, Paris is split into two halves—the Right and Left banks—by the storied Seine River.

Paris Travel Guide

The city is further broken into 20 numbered arrondissements (or neighborhoods), which twirl clockwise from the centralized 1er (or first) arrondissement. Rive Droite (Right Bank) 1er. The "Top 25" Best Destinations in the World. A few days ago a list of the top 25 Best Destinations in the World surfaced.

The "Top 25" Best Destinations in the World

According to Trip Advisor, these are the top 25 travellers’ favourites…. including locations throughout Asia, Northern Africa, The UK, USA, Latin America, and even Australia. But the big question is… how many have you visited!? 1. Marrakech, Morocco What is there not to love about Marrakech!? Image via Wikicommons. The best places to visit in the US in 2017. The 25 Most Popular Travel Destinations In The World. The Best Places to Travel in 2017. Putting together our annual list of the best places to travel is a process that takes several months—we survey writers based around the world, talk to our A-List travel specialists, and look at the most exciting hotel and restaurant openings.

The Best Places to Travel in 2017

While news and global events have a large impact on the places we choose, we also pay attention to cities that are worth revisiting: Philadelphia, in particular, may surprise you with the amount of growth and development it has seen in recent months. North America made a strong showing on this year’s list—more than a quarter of these places are within reach for a long-weekend trip from the United States.

Top 10 Vacation Spots. 21 Most Beautiful Places In The World To Visit. Stacked World Beach Bucket List. Down by the seashore life gets a little bit easier—no matter where you are.

Stacked World Beach Bucket List

Beautiful scenery, balmy sun rays and the delicate scent of ocean air are the perfect remedy for any of life’s curveballs. All over the world beaches make it easy to be grateful for the simple things and know how to get visitors to unplug from reality. Sway a little from the Jones Beach beaten path and add these eight to your bucket list. Road Trips To Take While It’s Still Warm. Half of autumn’s beauty stems from the harmonious hills and deciduous trees that illuminate rich harvest hues.

Road Trips To Take While It’s Still Warm

The other half: the weather is still pleasant enough to turn your attention towards planning some well-deserved weekend excursions. Five entertaining road trip ideas make for the ideal getaway before the mercury drops for good. Related Content 9 Places to Wine & Dine on the North Fork Last-Minute Fishing Trips to Take This Fall 3 Gorgeous Fall Weekend Getaways Flying in the Finger Lakes. Best Foodie Destinations. The World's Best Food Cities: Paris. World's Best Food Cities. The world's 18 greatest cities for food - Travel. Looking for a Food Photographer in London? - Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary. Looking for a Food Photographer in London? - Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary. The All-Star Chef Classic Los Angeles Will Host the World’s Best Chefs This March.

A Taste of Heaven: 6 Destinations to Sharpen Your Culinary Skills. 10 Walking Food Tours Around the U.S. The 20 Best Countries in the World for Food - Yonderbound. A little glossary for a newbie: Goi cuon – spring rolls stuffed with coriander, greens, minced pork, shrimp or crab.Banh mi – sandwich with vegetables, omelette and various different fillings.Banh Xeo – Vietnamese pancakes. The literal translation is «sizzling pancake».Pho – noodle soup.Cha Ca – white fish, sauteed in butter with spring onions.Must-Drink in Vietnam: Jasmine tea, Bia Hoi – local beer, strong iced coffee, lemon iced tea. There are many things in general you can try, from salads to hot dishes, from sweets to soups.

But if you want something traditional, cheap and fast – it`s definitely souvlaki. The iconic dish of Greece is a fast food that you usually can find anywhere on the streets, in the bars, in small take-out shops and cafes. Top 10 Best Food Photographers in the World. The food is not only cooked and prepared to be eaten since it is also created in different stunning ways to be photographed. There are several creative ideas that are used for preparing food and making it look very delicious to you once you see it and even before tasting or smelling the food that you see. Here comes the role of photographers to capture amazing photos of food to look delicious and this is why there are photographers who specialize in food photography.

The food is photographed for different reasons as the photographs are used for advertisements, packaging, cookbooks, magazines and menus. Current Food Photography Styles and Trends: A Cake Case Study. When BlogHer asked Anita Chu and me to speak at this past weekend's annual BlogHer Food conference (in Seattle!) About current food photography trends and styles, it didn't take me very long to settle on this challenge: take one single subject--a cake, in this instance--and shoot it using the many different styles of food photography that are present on the blogosphere today.

This experiment arose naturally from my (and Anita's) academic proclivity for controlled scientific studies: holding the subject matter, the photographer, and the camera equipment constant, how does varying the other elements in the photograph--the approach to light, the framing, the styling, the props, etc. --change the stories and emotions a photograph can communicate and evoke?

Mashable. It turns out there’s some truth to the common Twitter put-down: A lot of people go online to talk about the sandwich they just ate. But they’re not just talking about it, they’re photographing it. Why? In many cases, people are documenting their lives — or at least the gustatory portion of it. There are other reasons, too. Sometimes, it’s to celebrate the completion of a dish or a special occasion. At least once a month, 52% of people take photos with their mobile phones; another 19% upload those photos to the web. Reasoning that marketers should pay more attention to such nonverbal web communication, interactive agency 360i recently did a deep dive into the data and found a few constants. 10 Cozy Hot Chocolate Spots for Chilly Canadian Winters. 20 Wedding Food Trends You'll See in 2017. Gone are the days of run-of-the-mill reception hall caterers! In lieu of choosing from a selection of basic surf and turf options, couples are opting for a more unique approach to their wedding day eats.

From food trucks to themed stations, the options for personalized grub choices are truly endless. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of 2017’s go-to food trends—because let’s honest, when it comes to everyone’s favorite part of the day, the menu takes the cake! Brian Bossany Photography 1. The only thing that can make your favorite comfort food better is if it’s served from the window of a truck. The $15 Food Photography Lighting Set Up. Welcome to the last Taylor Takes a Taste of 2011.

Welcome to my last post of 2011. This is not a summary of everything that I did in 2011 (that will come January 16th on Taylor Takes a Taste’s second Birthday) but more a post that combines almost everything I am passionate about. Wouda Interviews Local Photographer Melissa Delport. Food Trends: What’s Cooking for 2017. At events, when it comes to food and beverage, the “wow” factor is always a priority. While fresh, good food never goes out of style, certain dishes and ingredients can garner buzz. Dark and Moody Food Photography - Tamron.

Food, beautiful food - Food styling tips from the experts. 2017 food trend predictions: What to look forward to. How To Recreate Moody Natural Food Photography Lighting. Wouda Interviews International Photographer Alex. Boy meets Girl On their first day of college, they shared their first meal together. Although it was at a cheap Chinese buffet restaurant, it set off a lifetime of meals together! 5 Tips to Seriously Improve Your Food Photography Techniques. Food photography is arguably one of the most challenging types of photography out there. Like painting, you start with a blank canvas and build. Creating dark mood food photography. What you’ll need. Back to Basics: Food Photography Lighting & Styling - PhotoShelter Blog. One Light Food Photography. For beautiful salivating food photography, you don't need a lot of lighting equipment. Dark and Moody Food Photography. What will 2017's big diet trends be?

Kick Butt In 2017 With These Must-Follow Diet And Fitness Tips. International Day of Happiness: five foods that will make you feel more joyful. La Bonne Bouffe, London SE22, restaurant review: 'a mixtape of old-school bistro classics' Eat well in 2017: the best new (surprisingly sensible) diet books  Healthy food trends for 2017. Whole Food Plant-Based Is The New Clean Eating In 2017. Last supper syndrome: Binge-eating before starting restrictive diet is not the way to start 2017.

6 Foods That Make Up A Heart-Healthy Diet. Resolution 2017: Ditch the Diet (and Still Lose Weight) Diet plan 2017: Top tips to help you achieve your ideal figure. How the Clean-Eating Plan Works. Your diet plan for 2017 – Will definitely work for you {Top Diets Of 2016} US News ranks best diet plans for 2017. Health care villages and districts create caring communities. Try It Tuesday: The "Buddha Diet" and Intermittent Fasting. Put Your Best Fork Forward for National Nutrition Month.

The biggest healthy food trends of 2017. Arrival at Fragrant Nature - Picture of Fragrant Nature Backwater Resort & Ayurveda Spa, Kollam - TripAdvisor. These are the unexpected travel trends for 2017. What Are The Biggest Trends in Family Travel for 2017? What Are The Biggest Trends in Family Travel for 2017? The five trends that will dominate family travel in 2017. 8 Coming Travel Trends for 2017. Fragrant Nature Hotels & Resorts - Kollam - Picture of Fragrant Nature Backwater Resort & Ayurveda Spa, Kollam - TripAdvisor.

The Experts' Views: Five New Travel Trends for 2017. 7 travel trends for 2017 that will drive the global tourism industry. Luxury Travel Trends 2017. Travel trends for 2017: City - Sand - Sea. Top 3 travel trends to watch in 2017. Top Travel Trends for 2017. 15 Days Ayurveda, Meditation and Yoga Retreat Kerala - Top Travel Trends of 2017! - TravelSetGo. These are the hottest travel trends for 2017 I Travel I Lifestyle Channel. 9 Hot Travel Trends in Greece and the World for 2017 – GREECE LISTS. Transformative Travel Will Be the Travel Trend of 2017. The Royal Feast at Fragrant Nature, Kochi - FWD Life. From food tours to bleisure: Major travel trends to watch out for in 2017. Travel trends for 2017 - 2017 Travel Trends, Destinations & Resolutions - TripIt Blog. 8 Coming Travel Trends for 2017. Top travel trends in 2017 for Indian tourists.

Fragrant Nature Resort, Kollam – Experience. 2017 Diet Plan: 3 Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss. How the Clean-Eating Plan Works. Diet plan 2017: Top tips to help you achieve your ideal figure. Best Diets 2017 For Fast Weight Loss. A Healthy Diet Plan To Lose Weight In 2017. US News ranks best diet plans for 2017. Fragrant Nature Lake Resort & Spa Reviews, Profile & Contact -

Plant proteins, healthy fats and more 2017 food trends. Ten Food Trends That Will Shape 2017. 5 Top Food Trends You'll See in 2017. Healthy food trends you should be following in 2017. Food Trends 2017: I'm Excited! Eat This! The Healthiest Food Trends for 2017. Health and Wellness Trends 2017.