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TOILETPAPER. Jon Rafman. The Harlem Shake World Map. Garde à cheval. Putting-sunglasses-on-like-a-boss_863.gif (Image GIF, 347x190 pixels) Time's End. Xkcd: Electoral Precedent. Google. The magic button — Make Everything OK. No - Yes, No, Maybe - The Instant Decision Maker. Dream Design. Fish: a tap essay. This is a short but heartfelt manifesto about the difference between liking something on the internet and loving something on the internet.

Fish: a tap essay

It’s available for free as part of the Tapestry app for iOS and Android, too. You can read about the app: Fish gratefully uses Vollkorn by Friedrich Althausen and slabText by Brian McAllister. The main thing to do here is sign up for my email newsletter. I try to make it feel like a note from a friend, and it’s very easy to unsubscribe. Gamers_get_girls2.gif (Image GIF, 972x9247 pixels) - Redimensionnée (7%) The Evolution of Video Game Controllers. OQoFp.jpg (Image JPEG, 1700x1133 pixels)