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Classroom Management

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Teacher will use these resources to help ensure that the classroom is focused and actively engaged while remaining task oriented. Also to improve the process of dealing with disruptive behaviors.

Does the Way Your Classroom Is Decorated Affect Your Learning? - The New York Times. Photo A new study tries to determine whether there might be a correlation between how a room is decorated and kindergartners’ learning.

Does the Way Your Classroom Is Decorated Affect Your Learning? - The New York Times

The researchers wanted to know if too many decorations could actually be distracting or overstimulating for young minds. Reading Eyes. Interesting Info -> Body Language -> Reading Eyes Body Language of the Human Eye guest author: Ariel Lehrer Is it possible to read someone's thoughts by gazing into their eyes?

Reading Eyes

What body language cues can we gather just from observing eye movement? If only you would have known that the funny little emoticons you were drawing when you were a kid would become the big business they are today. That's because the ability to read a person's intentions based on eye movement develops at about the age of four. Right Brained or Left? The direction of a person's gaze alone reveals a whole world of what is going on behind the forehead. Lying Eyes The story changes a little when you are not trying to assess the person's thought patterns but posing a question directly to them. Supercharge Your Classroom Management Plan With Detailed Modeling.

Modeling is so effective that it should be among your most often used teaching strategies. When most people think of modeling, they envision a teacher standing in the front her class performing a task she expects from her students. For example, if she were modeling an art project, she would most likely make the project herself in front of her students using the same materials they would be using. There is nothing wrong with modeling in this way. It can be effective, especially if the students are attentive and the project is interesting. Are You Sabotaging Your Own Classroom Management Success?

One of the most common email questions we get is . . .

Are You Sabotaging Your Own Classroom Management Success?

“What about students from disadvantaged backgrounds?” The question never ceases to knock me back on my heels because, truth be told, every strategy on this website has been developed in classrooms with students living in among the most challenging circumstances. Why Micromanagers Make Bad Teachers. There is a pervasive fear in teaching that if you’re not on top of your students every moment—coaxing, guiding, advising, directing—you’ll lose control of your classroom.

Why Micromanagers Make Bad Teachers

If left unchecked, this fear turns otherwise easygoing men and women into micromanagers, hovering over their students like a nervous driver’s education instructor. Skittering like water bugs from one desk to the next, they burst through bubbles of personal space, kneel down hot-breath close, and force their unwanted and unnecessary help upon their students. Why Persuasion Is A Poor Classroom Management Strategy. Trying to persuade students to behave is one of the most prevalent methods of classroom management.

Why Persuasion Is A Poor Classroom Management Strategy

This is why it’s so common to see teachers huddled privately with students—trying to push the right buttons, searching for the right words to say, attempting to convince students to behave. 50 Things You Don’t Have To Do For Effective Classroom Management. Classroom management shouldn’t feel difficult.

50 Things You Don’t Have To Do For Effective Classroom Management

If you’re straining, trying hard, and feeling heavy burdened, if you’re stressed-out and exhausted at the end of the day, then something is amiss. You see, exceptional classroom management is knowledge based, not effort based. It’s knowing what works and putting it into action and what doesn’t and discarding it. It’s letting proven strategies do the heavy lifting for you, giving you the confidence to take any group of students, no matter how challenging or unruly, and transform them into the class you really want. Done right, classroom management should feel. . . liberating. How To Have Jedi-Like Classroom Management Powers. “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.”

How To Have Jedi-Like Classroom Management Powers

-Obi-Wan Kenobi There exists a quiet cadre of teachers who can take over any classroom—out-of-control, disrespectful, or otherwise—and get the students under control, quiet, and working within minutes. They have a certain presence about them, a certain unmistakable quality or vibe that reverberates from one student to the next, signaling that business is no longer usual. Almost magically students sit up straighter, listen more intently, and show a level of respect their former teachers would scarcely believe.

This powerful, Jedi-like presence can only be described as the force of their personality. The One Thing Standing In Your Way Of Having Your Dream Class. The one thing standing in your way of creating the class you’ve always wanted is believing that you can.

The One Thing Standing In Your Way Of Having Your Dream Class

With no shortage of teachers willing to tell you why you can’t—and how naive you are to think otherwise—this is no easy task. There are also dozens of justifications and excuses right at your fingertips, just waiting for you to pull out whenever you’re feeling discouraged. The parents don’t care. Body Language And Classroom Management. The core principles we associate with classroom management—rules and consequences, incentives, and following through—are important.

Body Language And Classroom Management

No doubt about it. The first step for teachers wanting to improve is to learn how to use them effectively. Warning: Most Teachers Make This Classroom Management Mistake; Do You? If you can eliminate this one mistake when responding to misbehavior, you will lower your stress level, save time, and have a more influential relationship with your students.

Warning: Most Teachers Make This Classroom Management Mistake; Do You?

What is it? The mistake most teachers make is asking students why they misbehaved. Example: Mr. Shoemaker glances across the room and sees Jeffrey standing on a chair. Why Becoming An Expert In Classroom Management Equals Higher Test Scores. Misbehavior, disrespect, inattentiveness, low motivation, slow academic progress. The things most teachers stress over aren’t a concern for experts in classroom management. Behaviour. Discipline by Design. Here are eleven techniques that you can use in your classroom that will help you achieve effective group management and control. They have been adapted from an article called: "A Primer on Classroom Discipline: Principles Old and New" by Thomas R. McDaniel, Phi Delta Kappan, September 1986. 1. Ten Tips for Classroom Management. Classroom Management Ideas. School Matters - Challenging Behaviour. Classroom Management.

Standard Posted by Mia Posted on April 20, 2013 Posted under Teacher Infographics, Teaching Anyone Comments 8 Comments. Classroom Management Strategies, Tips, and Resources. The 8 Minutes That Matter Most. I am an English teacher, so my ears perk up when writers talk about their process. I've found the advice handy for lesson planning, too. That's because both writing and planning deal with craft. 10 Specific Ideas To Gamify Your Classroom - 10 Specific Ideas To Gamify Your Classroom by Mike Acedo In today’s classroom, educators are constantly required to mold their teaching methods to give students the best opportunity to succeed. It is not only imperative for students to learn the required material, but also critical that students gain a sense of confidence toward their work, and find motivation to expand their learning.