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Trump/Nunes Story Gets Weirder, GOP Lets Companies Sell Your Internet Data: A Closer Look. Newsreel: 2017-03-11 - UR Skola. Visa enskild publikation. Prövning engelska grund. Find and sell teaching resources.

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Anonymous - Timeline. Questioning That Deepens Comprehension. Editor's note: This post is co-authored by Nancy Frey, a Professor of Literacy in Educational Leadership at San Diego State University and a credentialed special educator, reading specialist, and administrator.

Questioning That Deepens Comprehension

Questions are a common way for teachers to check for understanding, right? The answer we’re looking for is "yes. " Who hasn't questioned a group of students to determine whether or not they understood the content? Unfortunately, not all questions are created equally. We propose four over-arching questions that can be used to scaffold students' thinking about complex texts. What does the text say? What does the text say? The questions in this category require students to think literally about the text. The amount of time that teachers spend at the literal level will vary based on student responses. Questions at this level could include: What is the relationship between the narrator and the main character? How does the text work? What is the _______ referenced by the narrator? Espresso English. Att anpassa språket - vad innebär det? - Mia Smith.

Summertimes - English outdoors - Mia Smith. Nu närmar sig sommarlovet med stormsteg och många skolor bryter schemat för olika aktiviteter mot slutet av terminen.

Summertimes - English outdoors - Mia Smith

Har man tur skiner solen, och då vill vi ju gärna ut med eleverna.

Tiny teachable moments: English

Att anpassa språket - vad innebär det? - Mia Smith. Att befästa eller ifrågasätta stereotyper - Mia Smith. Nu har jag gjort det igen, det som vi alla gör.

Att befästa eller ifrågasätta stereotyper - Mia Smith

Jag har återanvänt en gammal uppgift som jag vet funkat bra tidigare utan att egentligen tänka igenom riktigt noga ifall jag behöver omarbeta den, eller anpassa den något. Jo, det blev ganska bra. The UK’s international culture and education organisation. LearnEnglish Teens - British Council. LearnEnglish Kids. 100 English Synonyms to Expand Your Vocabulary – Espresso English. A synonym is a word with the same or a similar meaning as another word.

100 English Synonyms to Expand Your Vocabulary – Espresso English

For example, the words big and large are synonyms. Buy and purchase are also synonyms – although we tend to use “buy” in a more informal context, and “purchase” in a more formal context. Keep in mind that some synonyms in the list below might not be “perfect” synonyms – there may be slight differences in meaning and connotation. For example, the words smart and wise. Both of them mean “intelligent,” but the word wise also implies that the person has additional good judgement and deep perception about life. Synonyms are often used in different collocations, too. Powerful, potent, and firm are synonyms for strong. Using the European Language Portfolio > Using the ELP. 10 lifesaving websites for ESL teachers. Lisa has asked me for some recommendations regarding useful sites for EFL teachers and I’m happy to make a little compilation of the places I visit most often to find ideas, inspirations, betimes lesson plans if I feel exceptionally lazy (The Liberation of the Garden Gnomes by Peter Vahle is just shiny!)

10 lifesaving websites for ESL teachers

And share them with you. So, here we go – my ten favourite websites: Hope you’ll like my choice and give these sites a go. I must admit, my life as a teacher is WAY easier thanks to those wonderful people contributing there, but I also appreciate their influence when I see my own teaching style spiced up with different inspirations and ideas – I feel motivated to change, experiment, develop, to make my classes as interesting as I can.

Enjoy the recommendations I’ve shared and if you know some interesting sites, please, share them with me as well. Listening exams. Why Some Countries Are Poor and Others Rich. Where did English come from? - Claire Bowern. There are two other TED-Ed lessons related to this topic: How languages evolve and How did English evolve?

Where did English come from? - Claire Bowern

(a lesson that fills in some of the details that we omit here due to the fact that the focus of this lesson was further in the past). There is still a great deal of debate about Indo-European, most importantly about the location of the homeland. To read more about this debate, there are classic books by Mallory and Renfrew, as well more recent works by Anthony. Then, read these articles by Bouckaert et al. At the same site, watch this movie that shows one hypothesis about how Indo-European languages expanded. To learn more about the distribution of languages across the world, see LL-map or The Ethnologue. MES English - free printable resources for teachers. Literacy In The Digital Age. Editor’s Note: Teaching Channel has partnered with Student Achievement Partners on a blog series about digital literacy tools and their effective use by educators.

Literacy In The Digital Age

The majority of the tools mentioned in this post and the four earlier posts in our series, transform the student experience from passive consumers of information to active creators of content, employing multiple English Language Arts standards and skills along the way. We firmly believe this ought to be the new norm in the modern classroom. Kids have access to information; we must teach them how to navigate a world constantly evolving where content is at their fingertips. The traditional application of ELA isn’t enough for future-ready learners.

We would argue our students read and write more now than they ever have before — between texting, social media, gaming, and everything else they do in their digitally fueled, online lives. Guide to learning english online. Using the European Language Portfolio > Using the ELP. English for students. English 6-9 graders. Worksheets & Grammar Printables. Engelskatips. Engelska (åk 6-9) Around the World in Eight Months.