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Untitled. Play Science Games. Match the molecules to prove you are a chemistry expert in this addictive puzzle game from Evolute Games.

Play Science Games

Beat your friends scores and earn achievement awards over 48 mind challenging levels with twelve bonus levels to really challenge your thinking. Every level comes with interesting chemistry facts, meaning Chemistry is educational as well as fun. Have you got enough Chemistry? Drag the atoms using the mouse or arrow keys and SHIFT. Match the molecule displayed before the time runs out to complete the level and progress. MOLECULARIUM. Nanotoon : Designs et Collections sur Zazzle. Nanotoon Entertainment Research is an innovative production company that combines creative talent, technical capability, and production expertise to create animated films, immersive experiences, merchandise and interactive games.

Nanotoon : Designs et Collections sur Zazzle

Our team draws on the talents of highly skilled professionals from a wide range of disciplines, from artists and writers, to animators and filmmakers, from musician and actors, to chemical engineers and computer scientists. Nanotoon's objective is to create memorable characters and compelling stories to entertain, educate and inspire audiences of all ages to see the world around them in entirely new ways. To realize the nanoscale spaces portrayed in Molecularium and Molecules to the MAX! Educators - The Molecularium Project. To the delight of school teachers and parents alike, it has been clearly demonstrated that kids of all ages genuinely learn and retain an amazing amount of the educational content and thoroughly enjoy these entertaining experiences.

Educators - The Molecularium Project

Independent analysts quizzed viewers before and after a screening of the show and found that the core concepts presented were firmly grasped by young audiences. Five years old drawings Results: An independent assessment of Molecularium - Riding Snowflakes from 1200 audience respondents (ages 6 to 69) found: -Total percentages of correct answers increased significantly for every age group after the show. Welcome to NanoSpace! This is the legal part of our Web site.

Welcome to NanoSpace!

It’s just so everybody knows the rules for conduct on the Web. Be sure to get your parents to review and discuss these rules with you: All of the games here are just for you to play. You can’t sell them, give them to anyone, or pretend that you made them. You can’t do anything EXCEPT play them, unless you ask us first and we say it’s OK. Play Science Games. Chemistry Unit 9 Chem Eqns - CCHS Chemistry.