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Resources for Teaching about Minerals

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Graham Baird: How do crystals work? Natural Resources Revenue Data. Tourists who stole sand from beach in Sardinia could face up to six years in prison. A pair of tourists face up to six years in prison after allegedly stealing a large quantity of sand from the pristine beaches of Sardinia.

Tourists who stole sand from beach in Sardinia could face up to six years in prison

The French couple were found to have nearly 40kg (90lb) of fine white sand in the boot of their car. The vehicle was stopped during a routine check by border police as the tourists were preparing to board a ferry in Porto Torres, on the north coast of the island, bound for Toulon in France. The sand was found in 14 large plastic bottles and had been taken from a beach near Chia in southern Sardinia. Sardinia re-homes sand taken from its beaches by pilfering tourists. - Mines, Minerals and More. USGS National Minerals Information Center. Whiting Event, Lake Ontario. Whiting in Lake Michigan.

Home - Salt Institute. USGS Mineral Resources On-Line Spatial Data. 2_2013_homeontherangestory. 2_2013_firstgoldstory. The Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland - Home. The 'Images of Clay' Archive is an ongoing project of the Society's Clay Minerals Group and The Clay Minerals Society (USA).

The Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland - Home

The idea behind this project is to build a collection of high quality images that are freely available to all to download for non-profit purposes, such as the teaching of clay mineralogy (see the copyright statement below). Suitable images include electron micrographs of clay minerals, or indeed any image associated with the study of clay mineralogy.

Anyone wishing to contribute images to the archive should e-mail them to to Steve Hillier, at The Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland - Kaolinite. M.

The Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland - Kaolinite

Roe, Macaulay Institute Well crystallized kaolinite from the Keokuk geode, USA From: Keokuk geode, USADimensions: Field of view approx. 18 microns wide These images are free to all to download for non-profit purposes. Scientists explain ancient Rome's long-lasting concrete. Image copyright JP OLESON Researchers have unlocked the chemistry of Roman concrete which has resisted the elements for thousands of years.

Scientists explain ancient Rome's long-lasting concrete

Ancient sea walls built by the Romans used a concrete made from lime and volcanic ash to bind with rocks. Now scientists have discovered that elements within the volcanic material reacted with sea water to strengthen the construction. They believe the discovery could lead to more environmentally friendly building materials.

Unlike the modern concrete mixture which erodes over time, the Roman substance has long puzzled researchers. USGS Asbestos CA Map. Learn the Facts About Serpentinite Before It’s Removed as California’s State Rock. Tabby Concrete - EPOD - a service of USRA. Photographer: Rob Sheridan Summary Author: Rob Sheridan Concrete is a ubiquitous building material consisting of aggregate bonded together by cement.

Tabby Concrete - EPOD - a service of USRA

Ww2.kqed. Lostcity05 towers. NOAA Ocean Explorer. Serpentinites form when seawater reacts with peridotite - rocks that form the Earth's mantle and have been brought up to the seafloor by tectonic processes.

NOAA Ocean Explorer

This picture shows a hand sample of a serpentinite recovered from the Atlantis Massif. Thin fractures in the serpentinite are filled with calcium carbonate. Sample is 16cm wide. Click image for larger view and image credit. MINERALDISCOVERY.COM. Untitled. Gypsum — a key ingredient in the manufacture of drywall and plasters — forms through a four-stage process, beginning with the formation of bits of nanocrystalline calcium sulfate that gradually assemble into larger aggregates, according to new research.


Credit: James St. John, CC BY 2.0 Drywall and plasters made from both natural and manufactured gypsum are commonly used in home and building construction around the world, in part because of gypsum’s widespread availability. Despite its abundance, and its seemingly simple makeup, however, relatively little is known about how the calcium sulfate mineral forms in nature. In a recent study, researchers have shed new light on the multi-stage process by which gypsum grows — and the findings could help develop more efficient ways to manufacture the material.

The new research, published in Nature Communications, builds on a body of earlier work trying to sort out how gypsum forms. Fs2008 3089. Thomas Thwaites: How I built a toaster. Your House. Rocksare1. Rx are Made of Mins. Minerals Education Coalition. EduResourcesTalcProducts. EduResourcesSmectiteProducts. EduResourcesKaolinProducts. Minerals Education Coalition. MEC MINERALS IN OUR ELECTRICAL WORLD VIDEO SERIES Explore the formation, unique properties, mining and processing techniques and engineering uses of minerals in electrical products essential to our daily lives.

Minerals Education Coalition

These videos, from MEC and Edison Tech Center, can be paused after each section for further discussion or classroom activities. Educational Units on metals Delve into the mining, processing and use of these important metals in 16-page units created by Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold.Copper: More Than Metal (PDF download)Molybdenum: Helping To Build A Strong Future (PDF download) MEC aggregates teacher guide This guide will help you get the most out of MEC’s free online educational resources, low-cost supplemental materials, and other available aggregate teaching resources. Aggregates Teacher Guide (Download) smart, the international educational portal from rio tinto Solve math, science and business questions related to real-world operations in the global mining business. Geology Kitchen, Explorer Multimedia Home. Tf 1112 99. Ionic Bonding. Covalent Bonding.