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Look to inspire. Time - page 6. Paint Dipped Chopsticks. Contributor post by Penelope and Pip {Today we welcome another new regular contributor to the blog, Rachael from Penelope and Pip!.

Paint Dipped Chopsticks

Rachael is an illustrator from Brisbane, Australia and is the creator of the whimsical world of Penelope and Pip. She is one of our DIY contributors and we're super excited to share her first today!} Hi! Rachael here from Penelope and Pip. Holiday Photo Cards, Wedding Invitations & Save The Date Cards.

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// The Chic-Type Blog. Country Maps Made From Their Iconic Foods I have to admit Buzzfeed is an addiction of mine.

// The Chic-Type Blog

I usually peruse through it when I need a short mental break from work, and it’s often just a series of hilarious GIFs and funny 35 Facts That Will Make You Feel Old; however, once in a while, I find some amazing content that is undoubtably worth sharing. This project is definitely one of those times! Free textures for your next web project. Paper Art. Paper shoes Illustrator David Browning from Bristol, UK also has an interest in papercraft, including making pop up books and detailed 3D paper shoe models.

Paper Art

Check out his hand made gallery for more paper delights! [via @papercrave on Twitter] Posted: October 7th, 2009 by June & Eve under Paper Art.Comments: 1 Origami koi pond. _^ fresh:touch loves patterns ^_^ How About Orange. Home Page - Love vs design. Téléchargez gratuitement, Imprimez, Découpez.

Funkytime- Design Juice, not from Concentrate! Creating a haven for the every day. My brand spanking new organised pantry. Eighteen25. 25 Beautiful Stamp Designs.


Linogravure. MY DIY – Création Homemade. DIY Projects, Inspiration, How-tos, Hacks, Mods & More @ - Tweak Technology to Your Will. La prochaine r?volution ? Faites-la vous m?me ! ? Article ? OWNI, Digital Journalism. Les hackers ne s'intéressent pas qu'aux logiciels, mais font aussi dans le "Do It Yourself".

La prochaine r?volution ? Faites-la vous m?me ! ? Article ? OWNI, Digital Journalism

Et quand ils s'en prennent aux objets, le résultat est souvent étonnant. Petit tour du monde du DIY. Article traduit en espagnol : ¿La próxima revolución? ¡Hágala usted mismo! Le How-To de la sérigraphie. Au sommaire: 1.

le How-To de la sérigraphie

Le matériel 2. Encoller un écran Nettoyage / Dégraissage.