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From Black power to Black Lives Matter

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3eeme fiche projet pedagogique. ! Anglais Tle - Fireworks. His Life Mattered. Widespread protests have again broken out in the U.S.A. after the death of an African-American man in police custody.

His Life Mattered

Kneeling for His Rights. NFL American football star Colin Kaepernick brought attention to Black Lives Matter's protests about police brutality towards African Americans with his silent protests, kneeling instead of standing when "The Star-Spangled Banner" played before NFL games.

Kneeling for His Rights

Two years on, Kaepernick has been frozen out of the football league but has won two major human-rights awards for his actions, and is now fronting a new Nike advert. Kaepernick started his protests at the beginning of the 2016-17 National Football League season. There had been a series of incidents in which African American men had died when stopped by the police, highlighted by Black Lives Matter and leading to mass demonstrations.

American football is the most popular sport in the country and many players are African American. Symbols of Slavery. Protests against racism and the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis have re-ignited demands in many places around the world to destroy or revise symbols of those who engaged in slavery, who were often honoured in their lifetimes and whose names and faces often remain in the public eye as statues, buildings or institutions.

Symbols of Slavery

In the U.S.A., statues of explorer Christopher Columbus and Confederate generals, who fought against the abolition of slavery in the Civil War, have been attacked and criticised. February is Black History Month. It’s changed names and format several times since 1924, but February is the month when schools, cultural institutions and the general public celebrate the African-Americans whose stories have often been left out of official history books.

February is Black History Month

The celebration of black history is credited to Dr Carter G. Woodson, an African-American historian with a doctorate from Harvard, who helped found the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History in 1915. The ASNLH launched the Negro History and Literature Week in 1924, and by the late 1960s the week had turned into a month. Why February? February was chosen because it contains the birthdays of two Americans who played a prominent role in African American history: President Abraham Lincoln, who signed the Emancipation Proclamation and took the country into civil war over the question of slavery.Frederick Douglass, who escaped slavery, opened an abolitionist newspaper and became the first African American to hold high government office. Montgomery Bus Boycott: A Victory for Civil Rights. Sixty years ago, on 20 December, 1956, Martin Luther King and his fellow campaigners won a first victory in the long battle for African-American civil rights.

Montgomery Bus Boycott: A Victory for Civil Rights

The Montgomery Bus Boycott, which had begun when Rosa Parks famously refused to move to the back of the bus, finally ended after 381 days, when the Supreme Court ruled bus segregation illegal. But Rosa Parks wasn't the first African American woman to refuse to give up her seat in a Montgomery bus. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on 1 December, 1955.

In the previous year, four other women had refused to move seats. On 2 March, Claudette Colvin, a 15-year-old high-school student got on a bus with some classmates. Colvin was arrested. The Mayflower 400 Years On. Four hundred years ago, on 16 September 1620, the Mayflower set sail from England, carrying the Pilgrim Fathers (and Mothers!)

The Mayflower 400 Years On

To found the first permanent British colony in North America. This A1+ article gives very basic information, to allow young learners to start building up a cultural competence about the founding of the U.S.A., Puritans and Thanksgiving. Vocabulary and grammar the simple past. Rockwell, Roosevelt and Freedom. This B1-level article will introduce your pupils to the Rockwell and Roosevelt Four Freedoms Exhibition (Caen Mémorial, June-October 2019).

Rockwell, Roosevelt and Freedom

It focuses and expands on a very specific passage from Franklin D. Roosevelt’s State of the Union speech delivered in January 1941 in which he put an emphasis on freedom, or rather freedoms: freedom from fear, from want, freedom of religion and of speech. As the U.S. entered WWII, Rockwell gave shape to these concepts in four paintings that are now world-famous and the subjects of an exhibition in Caen celebrating the 75th anniversary of D-Day. Vocabulary and structures.

Love in Harlem. If Beale Street Could Talk, one of this year’s Oscar-nominated films has impeccable credentials: the first English-language film adapted from one of James Baldwin’s novels, it was both adapted and directed by Barry Jenkins, who won the 2017 Best Picture Oscar for Moonlight.

Love in Harlem

Like Moonlight, and Baldwin’s work, it is centered on a working-class African-American community. Set in Harlem, where Baldwin grew up, it is a love story — a romance but also an ode to loving family bonds. Anglais Tle - Fireworks. Séquence 3 : African Americans from Segregation to Black Lives Matter. Sequence 3eme born black in the usa 1.

Moonlight : Black lives matter. Trois visages qui finissent par n’en former plus qu’un ; trois acteurs qui deviennent un seul homme ; trois époques qui construisent un destin.

Moonlight : Black lives matter

Le deuxième long-métrage du réalisateur américain Barry Jenkins, Moonlight, évoque avec brio le parcours chaotique de Chiron, jeune Noir américain né dans un quartier difficile de Miami. Comme l’indique sa magnifique affiche, Moonlight est tout entier centré sur la question de l’identité. Comment se construire quand on est un jeune homme noir aux États-Unis et que la société fait tout pour vous empêcher d’exister ? La réponse de Barry Jenkins est aussi pessimiste que terrifiante : pour pouvoir s’affirmer en tant qu’individu, Chiron n’aura d’autre choix que de se conformer aux pires stéréotypes sur les Noirs - dealer, délinquant, dangereux. C’est tout l’enjeu de cette narration en trois temps de la vie du héros.

Sur le plan pédagogique, Moonlight pourra être étudié en cours d’Anglais, en classes de Première ou de Terminale. C’est lundi, c’est bibli – Black History month (part 3) Black Lives Matter réutilisable by achevalier on Genially. Today, we're talking a lot about the movement 'Black Lives Matter' : whats does it mean in French ?

Black Lives Matter réutilisable by achevalier on Genially

Les Noirs ont le droit de vivre La vie des Noirs compte. ! What is the "Black Lives Matter"? The latest New Yorker cover pays tribute to black lives lost – Speakeasy News. The June 22 edition of The New Yorker has been released, and the illustrated cover is devoted to the history of violence inflicted on black people in the United States.

Entitled 'Say Their Names', the powerful illustration features George Floyd, the US citizen recently killed by a police officer in Minneapolis. It shows his body imprinted with images of individual victims, placards, scenes from history and pertinent symbolism. KadirNelson is the artist who has produced this cover, one of the most powerful in The New Yorker's history. Black Lives Matter : Travail collaboratif et éducation aux médias autour d’un sujet d’actualité – Speakeasy News. Le traitement des sujets d’actualité intéresse toujours les élèves et c’est une bonne chose car cela témoigne de leur volonté de penser en citoyens et de développer leur esprit critique. Cependant, il est parfois délicat d’aborder des sujets d’extrême actualité car on se trouve alors en concurrence avec le flot d’informations dont les élèves sont abreuvés en temps réel.