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Wind power

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Wind Turbine Kits and supplies. Educational wind turbines – WindGenKits. Vertical Turbines, Packed Tight, Boost Power. The trend in turbine design has been toward taller and bigger, as the wind power industry tries to maximize generating capacity.

Vertical Turbines, Packed Tight, Boost Power

But researchers from Caltech suggest the developers might be going about it all wrong – they say much shorter vertical-axis turbines, placed in a tight array with each turbine turning in an opposite direction to its neighbors, can be at least 10 times as efficient at capturing the wind power in a given area. John Dabiri, a Caltech professor of aeronautics and bioengineering, and his colleagues base their theory on work done at the university’s two-acre experimental wind farm in northern Los Angeles County, and describe their findings in detail in the July issue of the Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy. image via Caltech The VAWTs Dabiri and his colleagues tested – described by Caltech as looking like upright eggbeaters – were just 10 meters tall and 1.2 meters wide.

VAWT Load Control Circuit. How to build a PMA permanent magnet alternator generator for wind turb – WindGenKits. We have created a series of videos to demonstrate the process: Step 1: Winding the coils and connecting them together.

How to build a PMA permanent magnet alternator generator for wind turb – WindGenKits

Step 2: Casting the coils in resin to make the stator. Step 3: Building the Rotors This layout provides a great starting point for designing your own PMA. Click the image to open the PDF file in a new window: This layout shows the internal coil connections for 3 phase. How many Turns per coil? The number of turns per coil is a flexible design variable. With 60 turns per coil, at 150 rpm, the rectified DC voltage is 16V. 750 WIND GENERATOR TURBINE PERMANENT MAGNET ALTERNATOR.

BladeDesign. Turbine Balancing. Here is the stub off an F&P shaft I made to plug the hole and provide a fulcrum with a centre of gravity adjustment.

Turbine Balancing

The main thing to note if you make your own, is that for consistency, the thread must be firm and the string must be tight through the string hole. Method: Pick a dead calm day or go indoors where no draughts. Fit the plug to the prop. Lower the C of G (centre of gravity) for a dead action. Never fear, most will go to far to a neutral or accelerating action and get odd and confusing readings. Well that's how I do mine. PVC Wind Turbine Blades. 12V Volt DC 300W Permanent Magnet Motor Generator Wind Turbine PMA Hydo PELTON 1. 5 Blade Wind Turbine Generator Blades and Hub 17 mm or 1 2 Inch. Free energy modified alternator A2 - with neodymium magnets more energy is generated. High powered magnets. Permanent Magnet Alternator generator how to build your own. Wind Turbine Permanent Magnet DC Motors - Working Principle.

Wind energy, being one of the most important renewable energy sources, and wind turbines, which are necessary for producing wind energy, are very important in today's environmentally aware world.

Wind Turbine Permanent Magnet DC Motors - Working Principle

Below we outline detailed information about generators, with many power options right up to 7 MW, as well as one of the most important components of wind turbines and motors that is used in place of generators in individually made wind turbines. Permanent Magnet DC motors are the most important components that can be used in place of generators. The magnetic fields produced as a result of the spiral movement of the magnet within the component is that which produces electricity. Why Use a Motor to Generate Electricity? The most important reason is that it is cheaper than electric generators and it also contains many components we utilize in our daily lives. The Otherpower discussion board - Index. How To: Build Your Own 1000 Watt Wind Turbine. CEC-500-2005-084.PDF.

MotorWave. For the past 2 years, I have learned a lot about wind power.


How to improve efficiency as well as reducing costs. I am now ready to release our latest Hybrid design turbine. It combines Motorwind multi blades technologies with conventional design. The object is to get the best out of each one. Multi blades are very suitable for low wind speed and inexpensive to manufacture. It costs today approx US$1.5 million per MW (rated capacity) that will work only 30% of the time at best and that will deliver approx 2 to 300 kW when in use(depending on the location site). MotorWave. In a steel case a fully installed change over grid electrical box. content :a kWh meter ,a 24DC/230VAC or 110VAC 0.8kW inverter(square wave),a bi pole relay contactor,a low &high level battery sensor,a general control switch and a green light indicating when the system is powered by Motorwind using only standard components that any certified electrician can replace anywhere in the world. function: when the battery level is high the inverter powers the electrical appliances.when the battery level becomes too low the system switches automatically back to the grid avoiding any interruption. the inverter will only start if the battery voltage reaches approx 26 volts and keep working until the battery level goes down to approx 22 approx 22 volts the inverter shuts down and will only restart when the battery is recharged.


(Caution :do not use for computer-the switching time is detected by computer as power failure) PVC Wind Turbine Blades. Make Your Own Wooden Wind Turbine Blades. Find out how to carve your own durable wind turbine blades from wood home > windAn easy introduction into DIY wind power generation is to make your own PVC wind turbine blades and fit them onto a permanent magnet alternator, Sturmey Archer Dynohub or stepper motor.

Make Your Own Wooden Wind Turbine Blades

_i. Homemade Wind Generator - Learn How Wind Power Works. 'Wind trees' could replace controversial giant turbines in race for sustainable energy. An artificial 'wind tree' has been created to generate electricity from even the slightest flow of air.

'Wind trees' could replace controversial giant turbines in race for sustainable energy

Jérôme Michaud-Larivière, founder of the Paris-based start-up NewWind, has created Tree Wind and plans to market the invention next year. The eight-metre high (25ft) tree consists of a steel trunk, from which extend branches holding 100 plastic 'leaves', AFP reports. "The idea came to me in a square where I saw the leaves tremble when there was not a breath of air. " Michaud-Lariviere said he realised that energy had to come from somewhere, and that it must be able to be transferred into watts. The prototype has been "planted" at the telecom City Pleumeur-Bodou. In an interview with Microsoft earlier this year, Michaud-Larivière explained the leaves act as mini wind turbines. "Our micro-generators ensure production virtually throughout the year with a production threshold lowered to winds of less than 2m/s (5.5mph).

" The wind tree costs about £23,000 per unity. Philippe Starck's Stylish Wind Turbine For Your Yard. In keeping with Philippe Starck's philosophy of creating practical objects with a sense of aesthetics and functionality, the designer has created a couple chic wind turbines, named Revolutionair.

Philippe Starck's Stylish Wind Turbine For Your Yard

The hip French designer first unveiled his sketches in 2008, working with Italian generator company Pramac to make them a reality. This sleek look offers another image of the classic three-blade turbine we've come to love - and some hate. If Starck's designer windmills were whirling around mountaintops, would North Carolina ban wind farms because they're "ugly"? Whisk-shaped windmill for the garden. Photo courtesy of Pramac I've never found windmills unsightly; not the quaint Dutch kind or today's towering elegant minimalist versions. Build this open source DIY wind turbine for $30. Getting started with home wind energy projects can set you back a pretty penny if you buy a finished product, but if you're a little bit handy and don't mind scrounging for materials and getting creative in the garage or backyard, you can try your hand at building one of these DIY wind turbines for about $30 in materials.

Build this open source DIY wind turbine for $30

After all, it is #iheartrenewables week! We've previously covered Daniel Connell's open source concentrated solar collector plans, but now he's back with another great DIY renewable energy project, a vertical axis wind turbine based on the Lenz2 lift+drag design. Connell's design calls for using aluminum lithographic offset printing plates to catch the wind, which he says can be obtained cheaply (or possibly even free) from an offset printing company, and a variety of hardware and a bicycle wheel. "The turbine uses the ~40% mechanically efficient Lenz2 lift+drag design. (Vortex) "Annual Output 1,200-7,000 kWh" Wind Power Generators.

Annual Output (KWH/year) = 0.01328 (D^2) (V^3) source... Wind Turbine Output Boosted 30% by Breakthrough Design. Clean Power Published on April 29th, 2009 | by Timothy B. Hurst Passive structure design of “Wind Energizer” by Leviathan Energy reportedly increases wind turbine efficiency 30% in field tests. Technological advancements in wind energy efficiency have generally come incrementally and usually made via a process of increasingly large wind turbine blades. Put simply, the model has been: longer blades = more output per turbine. But that pattern of incremental improvements may be a thing of the past if Leviathan Energy has anything to say about it. How I built an electricity producing wind turbine. Several years ago I bought some remote property in Arizona. I am an astronomer and wanted a place to practice my hobby far away from the sky-wrecking light pollution found near cities of any real size.

I found a great piece of property. The problem is, it's so remote that there is no electric service available. That's not really a problem. No electricity equals no light pollution. One thing I noticed right away about my property is that most of the time, the wind is blowing. D05 - Mini Micro Vertical axis Wind Turbine Generator DOMUS 500 Darrieus Savonius 500W. 1 x M35 - three-phase diode bridge rectifier 26A Three-phase diode bridge rectifier, converts the three-phase alternating current produced in the output from the non-use by the inverter DC - DC rectified used by the inverter and controller CC.

For permanent magnet alternator 500W (cod.M20). Full specification ... No risk thanks to the formula satisfied or refunded if the product is not to your liking, or simply change your mind, you can return it within 14 days. What is not included is excluded from the supply everything that is not expressly stated. DOMUS 500 " STAND ALONE" version: D05_SA: DOMUS 500 BASIC + M26 + M22The grid systems "Stand Alone" is used to carry electrical energy where the national electricity grid does not reach: country houses, chalets , cottages , gardens, boat or RV.