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Uncompromising Ecological Architecture. This Self-Healing House uses plants, moss, and birds to create a living facade. Some might think metropolitan living means you can’t commune with nature, but designer Edwin Indera Waskita’s Self-Healing House shatters that misconception.

This Self-Healing House uses plants, moss, and birds to create a living facade

Waskita’s project transforms barrier-like walls into a scaffolding for plants, mosses, and birds to mingle with the human residents inside. By encouraging the growth of plant life, birds are lured to the spot and deposit seeds for more greenery to grow. The result is a space that perfectly unifies nature and modern living. Menthé charpentier indépendantiste.

Design reference. The Willowman project in detail. The Willow Man and cradle to cradle living. Armadillo Tea Canopy. The Treehouse Guide - DIY building, designs and plans reference. The World's Best Treehouse - Blue Mountains - Bilpin - NSW - Australia. Fully plumbed DIY treehouses & tree-cabin in OR "treesort" So you want to install a Garnier limb? Author’s note: This post was originally published in late 2008, and for those of you about to try your hand at treehouse construction and setting Garnier limbs, I hope this gives you a good start.

So you want to install a Garnier limb?

My treehouse business has since suspended operation, but I leave this post here because it still seems to help people find the knowledge and the courage to build a dream or two. For allowing me to be of that service, I thank you all. And remember, when doing any project, enjoy and stay safe. One of the most common questions I get asked is, “How do you install a Garnier limb?” My answer always starts with one word: Carefully. TreeHouse Workshop. Greenhouses Made With Salvaged Windows. Take a peek inside this magical 1969 hippie tree house village in Hawaii.

The Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. [ home ] Brittlebush is an experimental desert dwelling for winter residents at the Taliesin West campus of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture.

the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture

It was designed and developed by graduate student Simón De Agüero. Simón envisioned the design to be an open-air living space with a protective roof and low walls. 27 Absolutely Stunning Underground Homes. Survivalist tiny dorms at Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin architecture school. Weaving a home.. how one woman can help millions of people globally. A sustainable tent that collects rainwater, folds up for easy transport and stores solar energy?

Weaving a home.. how one woman can help millions of people globally

Sounds visionary, right? But this is the invention of Jordanian-Canadian architect, designer and artist Abeer Seikaly. [IMAGE: Abeer Seikaly] Abeer Seikaly designed these amazing multipurpose tents with refugees in mind, people who have been displaced by global and civil war, climate change and more. Inspired by elements of nature such as snake skin and traditional cultural aspects such as weaving, nomadic life and tent dwellings, this weather proof, strong but lightweight and mobile fabric tent gives refugees shelter but also a chance to "weave their lives back together". The flexible dual layer tent structure has the ability to close out the cold of winter and wet weather. Solar energy hits the tent fabric and is stored in a battery for use at night providing renewable electricity.

For this amazing life changing structure, Seikaly has won the 2013 Lexus Design Award. Steve Areen Builds Perfect Dream Dome Home In Thailand For Less Than $10,000. When most people imagine their dream home, they probably think of a large, sprawling vacation house that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Steve Areen Builds Perfect Dream Dome Home In Thailand For Less Than $10,000

A home on wheels: 15 converted buses we love. Inside the 1978 Bluebird Bus.

A home on wheels: 15 converted buses we love

Photo: Ralph Barrera As property prices soar around the globe, people are being forced to think outside the square when it comes to where they live. Cave man of the Blue Mountains: Lionell Buckett's ecological creation. Could not load plugins: File not found Cave dweller in the mountains Stunning drone footage of Lionel Buckett's cave home at the base of Mount Tomah in the Blue Mountains.

Cave man of the Blue Mountains: Lionell Buckett's ecological creation

There are cave dwellers in the Blue Mountains. The oldest rocks in the range were formed from marine sediments deposited some 400 million years ago. This cave, metamorphosed to its contemporary form, is a few months old. Fred's Tiny House Tour - Get Inspired to build your own ! - Fred's Tiny Houses. Menthé charpentier indépendantiste. A Tiny French Woodland Home.

THROUGH THE LENS with Rob Machado - Taka's Treehouse. TREEHOUSE PEOPLE. Treehouses by takashi kobayashi, japan. Takashi kobayashi is a self-taught designer that has brought treehouse vernacular to the japanese landscape. the carpenter and architect of 120 houses throughout japan, his prolificness is borne of a deep-seated investment in the creation of a new architectural tradition in his country added to the hefty, overall aim of each project- to erode the boundary between man and nature. using reclaimed wood, the designer and his collective treehouse people have developed methods since the first building in 1993 for the arboreal structures balanced on living boughs and limbs that avoid stunting the growth of the tree. stained glass facade complements the wood form image © treehouse people eleavation view image © treehouse people interior view image © treehouse people stained glass weaves with the landscape view image © treehouse people interior image © treehouse people.

treehouses by takashi kobayashi, japan

Cozy Outdoor Fireplace Hut is a Warm Glowing Play Place. This artful outdoor fireplace from Haugen/Zohar Architects is integrated with a nearby playground, allowing families a chance to duck in and take the chill out of a cool evening playtime.

Cozy Outdoor Fireplace Hut is a Warm Glowing Play Place

The fireplace, built on a playground in Trondheim, Norway, is a wonderfully whimsical structure that provides a place not only to warm up, but to spend time telling stories. Its unique shape is reminiscent of traditional Norwegian turf structures, with a hole at the top for the smoke to escape. A concrete base provides a seating area all around the fire, encouraging bonding over scary stories or tall tales. Kids are encouraged to play in the structure, giving it a triple life as a decorative structure, a functional warming-up space, and an extension of the nearby playground. The architects, faced with an extremely limited budget, found an inexpensive building material at a nearby construction site. Patrick Dougherty. Stickwork. Tiny House In The Outback.

Japanese House Built by Off Grid Champion - Brian Schulz. The Japanese Forest House is a confluence of my love of small spaces, my passion for local materials, and my fascination with tradtional Japanese architecture.

Japanese House Built by Off Grid Champion - Brian Schulz

For those familiar with the intensely refined art of traditional Japanese carpentry, applying the title of 'Japanese' onto my house might be laying it on a bit thick.