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Beer / Bière @ Paris

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Restaurant Liquiderie Bar in Paris. With his 24-page wine list plus 20 beers and wines on tap, Julien Maillet has us drinking all the colors of the rainbow! His watering hole? A former PMU betting bar in Belleville that’s been given a makeover down to the bones (polished concrete floors, stripped walls, industrial furniture) and is not far from the wine shop by the same name, where body heat increases with every raised glass. To sponge up all the booze, the liquidator has some stylish, locally sourced eats: grilled artichoke hearts, delicious taggiasche olives, fine tinned sardines on buttered bread, lovely sausage, good transalpine cheeses, burrata from Puglia sprinkled with pistachios… Not to mention the bruschetta of the day, topped with stracciatella and anchovies the night we went. // A.A.

FEELING THIRSTY? Only clean options! PRICE: Snacks €5-13. Biérocratie, cave à bières - 32 rue de l'Espérance, Paris 13. Biérocratie - Boutiques dans le Grand Paris. Liquiderie - Accueil. WAB : We Are Brewers. Les 5 nouveaux bars à bières artisanales de Paris. Aux Tables du Père Lachaise - Home. Buy BrewDog Beers & Beers From Guest Breweries - Craft Beer Shop. Demory Paris – La Ville, La Bière. LA BRASSERIE – La Montreuilloise. Créée en 2014, La Montreuilloise est une microbrasserie dédiée à la fabrication de bières. La Montreuilloise, c’est aussi un engagement local et une démarche militante pour une bière artisanale et respectueuse de l’environnement !

Une bière locale La Montreuilloise fabrique des bières aux portes de Paris. La brasserie se situe dans une usine des années 1870, perchée dans le haut de Montreuil, en bordure du quartier des Murs à Pêches. La Montreuilloise est née en 2014 sous l’impulsion de Jérome Martinez. Une bière artisanale La Montreuilloise fabrique une gamme de bières artisanales, pour retrouver le goût des produits fabriqués à la main et à échelle humaine. La Montreuilloise s’inscrit dans le mouvement du renouveau des microbrasseries, qui a pris son essor en France dans les années 2000.

Nous vous proposons de prendre le temps d’apprécier le goût des malts, d’explorer l’infinie variété des houblons et autres découvertes gustatives… Une bière Nature & Progrès Nos partenaires. Bière artisanale Paris | LBF La brasserie 100% française ! Un biergarten champêtre ouvert tout l’été à Montreuil. La brasserie artisanale la Montreuilloise, située dans ce qui fut autrefois un verger de 500 hectares, anime tout l'été un biergarten champêtre ouvert le samedi et où goûter les bières du cru jusqu'en octobre.

En plein coeur des murs à pêches à Montreuil, ancien verger qui s’étendait sur 500 ha au XIXe siècle, on fabrique et on déguste depuis 2014 l’une des bières les plus fameuses du Grand Paris, la Montreuilloise. Mousse sur la bière, elle est bio. Et sous-bock sous la pinte, on profite depuis l’été d’un biergarten aménagé sous un grand peuplier entouré de pieds de houblon. Ouvert tous les samedis après-midis, vous pourrez y savourer également des planches végétariennes et carnivores ou goûter aux jus de fruits JUBI Made in Montreuil. Infos pratiques : La Montreuilloise, 97 rue Pierre de Montreuil, Montreuil (93).

A lire : Les 10 bars où s’accouder à Montreuil.

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Pour your own. Bar Le Village 75005. Mayflower 75005. Bonvivant 75005. La fût gueuze 7013. Chop'in | Cave à bières 75014 *** Académie de la bière 75006 **+ Kerbeer 75014 ** Bar And Beer 75018 ** Murphy - Bières & Tartines 75014. L' After Beer Bar 75014 ** Brewberry | Cave à bières et petite restauration 75005 ** The Bombardier Pub 75005 ** Bon Esprit - Craft Beers 75003. La Moustache Blanche - Bières au détail 75004. La cave à bulles 75004. Mozaic – Cave à bières artisanales 75008. La P'tite Mousse 75009. Troll Café - bar à bière - 75012. Debonair 75013. A la bière comme à la bière 75018. La Bièrothèque belge, cave à bières belges 75018.

Paname Brewing Company 75019. Brasserie de l'Être 75019.

L'Atalante 75019

Les Trois 8 75020. Bar & Beer 75012/75020. Frog Revolution 75004 *** Le Festin Nu 75018 *** Société Parisienne de Bière 75017 *** This Batignolles bar is a beer-lover’s heaven. If you’re on the hunt for good, well-sourced beer, look no further. Beer expert Fabien Nahum has been selling his Batignolles-brewed beer from this charming stonewalled shop – ‘cave à bières’ – in the 17th arrondissement for two years.

Surrounded by fairy lights and stocked shelves we begin our tasting session, on the advice of Fabien, with a simple larger (Jandrain IV Saison, €4,60) and a perfectly balanced beer from Strasbourg (Bendorf Kollane Lill €5). We also order a shared plate of Salers cheese, smoked lamb from the valée de l’Ubaye and Basque country ‘cul noir’ sausage to go with. This man has taste. The beers keep coming: from an Etoile Du Nord (€4,80) to a Crazy Hops Get Hop Stand Hop (€5,40) (an astonishing, explosive Indian pale ale – we have to order a second). We leave Société Parisienne de Bière absolutely enthused, our only complaint being that we don’t live next door.

La Fine Mousse, bar à bières artisanales - 75011*** Gallia Paris | La bière parisienne depuis 1890 *** Brasserie de la Goutte d'Or 75018 *** Brewdog Marais 75003 **+ Micro-brasserie Balthazar 75020 **

I.B.U. 75010 **

On The Road Pub 75018 ** Brasserie La Baleine 75020 ** Beer Me! — Brasserie Frog & Rosbif — 75002 ** Le bar à pintes 75011 * Deck & Donohue 75020 * Hall's Beer Tavern 75001 * BEERS & Records - Montreuil, Ile-De-France, France. Hellomybeer Fontainebleau. Brasserie de Sutter. O'clock Brewing - IdF. Brasserie Pachamama ** Breweries outside Paris. La carte ultime des meilleures bières artisanales de Paris - Sortir Grand Paris. Toutes les Bières - Guide des bières. Où acheter ou déguster des bières artisanales à Paris ? Beer bars in Paris – Paris by Mouth. Paris Beer Guide: Your Paris guide to beer, beer bars, breweries and brewpubs.

6 awesome microbreweries in Paris - Urban Adventures. In the late 19th century, Paris had over 60 breweries producing good-quality beer. However, industrialisation, the concentration of production, and the homogenisation of taste has lead to almost all of these breweries closing down — leaving Parisian (and French) beer in a state of sad despair. Up until recently, the only beers you would find in the French capital were Kronenbourg, or similar cat-piss-tasting-mass-produced beer.

Fortunately, some smaller breweries have opened lately, following the growing world trend of local, micro-produced craft beer. To make sure you only find yourself drinking the good stuff while you’re in town, here are our favourite six microbreweries in Paris: Le Triangle Maybe the tiniest and most adorable beer bar/microbrewery/restaurant in Paris, Le Triangle and its French-Canadian team aim, in a beer-sommelier fashion, to pair food and beer.

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 6pm to 11pm. 13 Rue Jacques Louvel-Tessier, 75010 Paris. +33 1 71 39 58 02 BapBap Brasserie. The 15 Best Places for Draft Beer in Paris. 3 Paris Craft Beer Bars to Taste | Craft Breweries in Paris. Paris craft beer bars were rare a decade ago. Today, the city is experiencing something of a craft beer bar boom. In fact, it’s a great time to be in Paris if you’re a craft beer fan. There are now more than 15 craft beer bars in Paris. Best of all, they’re serving local brews from 18 independent breweries in Paris. The Paris Craft Beer Scene Center Stage If you’re in Paris between 5 May and 14 May, 2017, you can discover this French beer universe up-close. Paris Beer Week celebrates the Paris craft beer scene. Meet the main independent breweries, bar owners and suppliers of craft beer at Paris Beer Week The French Beer Scene France is, of course, famous for its wines.

The country’s northeast, falls in the famed “hop belt”. Brittany, Alsace, and Nord-pas de Calais in France have long brewing traditions. The famous French brasserie is, in fact, a brewery-beer hall. In the early twentieth-century, brasseries were popular places to eat, drink and dance. New Wave Independent Breweries in Paris. Top Spots to Buy or Drink Craft Beer in Paris. Paris is firmly on the craft beer map after years of languishing in sub-par suds. These now-classic addresses are some of the best places to discover what’s brewing in Paris. La Fine Mousse Bar & Restaurant Since pouring its first pint in fall of 2012, Paris’s original craft beer bar has gone on to open a casually elegant restaurant across the street, where artfully arranged small plates can be paired with beers from around the world. While French breweries play the starring roles on La Fine Mousse’s 30 taps– 20 at the bar, 10 at the restaurant– international guests such as Siren, Mikkeler, Cantillon and Brew Fist make regular appearances.

Live music and meet-the-brewer nights are regular affairs worth dropping by for if you can take the crowds. 6 Avenue Jean Aicard, 75011. Les Trois 8 Named for the three shifts worked on the factory floor, this pint-sized bar in the gritty Menilmontant neighborhood is workingman’s casual meets West Coast cool. 11 Rue Victor Letalle, 75020. Brewberry. Our Guide to Craft Beer Bars & Shops | Paris by Mouth. Paris Beer Guide: Your guide to beer, beer bars, breweries and brewpubs in Paris.

Top of the hops: Best craft beer bars in Paris - No one is in doubt that France’s national drink is wine, but recent years have seen it joining the craft beer craze with some truly excellent small breweries opening all over the country. Like many other cities across Europe, Paris is gradually joining this craft beer revolution. Many bars feature a small selection of bottled microbrews alongside the usual selection of draught beers, but there is also an increasing number of places entirely dedicated to promoting smaller breweries, while catering to a wider variety of tastes.

While this list is far from exhaustive, here are seven spots to quench your craft-thirst next time you’re in town Frog and Rosbif (116 Rue Saint-Denis, 75002; open daily from 12pm to 2am) There are several “Frog” pubs strewn around Paris and the question as to which one is the best is ultimately a matter of preference, as they all have a pretty unified aesthetic. Brew Unique (1 rue des Jeuneurs, 75002; Tuesday through Saturday) Bière & Malt Bière & Malt La Fine Mousse.

Nos adresses préférées pour acheter ou déguster des bières artisanales à Paris - Sortir. Beer + Food — Brasserie Craig Allan. IPA - The Best IPAs Come in Four Different Colors. Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale 7.2% ABV, 50 IBUsRehoboth Beach, DE "I like that you still get that bold, bitter IPA characteristics coming through, but it also has a nice chocolatey-ness to it in the malt.

It's an easy-drinking beer. Can't go wrong with anything from Dogfish. " -- Jules Bouchard, Euclid Hall, Denver, CO "Being a true IPA advocate, I started getting a little worried when I witnessed the boom of variations. Regardless, pushing my purist, 'get off my lawn' ideologies to the side, I happened to enjoy some really good ones.

Indian Style Brown isn't my favorite style -- most brown ales are typically too light in the pants in my opinion, and then hopped up on top of that? Yuck. Fortunately, Dogfish Head's Indian Brown Ale does a Barnum & Bailey balancing act of the hops, malt, and body with their version, and set the bar for others. " -- Ale Sharpton, beer blogger Smuttynose Brewing Co. Sign up here for our daily Thrillist email, and get your fix of the best in food/drink/fun. Où manger un burger avec une Gallia ? Trouver un bon burger à Paris c’est facile, mais trouver un burger accompagné d’une bonne Gallia, ça l’est moins ! Heureusement, nous sommes nés pour vous rendre la vie plus facile… Voici donc une liste de lieux qui font des supers bons burgers et où vous pouvez commander une Gallia en pression ou en bouteille… à vous de choisir !

1er ARR. : BISTROT BURGER 26 rue Montorgeuil, 75001 Paris M° Les HallesFacebook La Gallia Lager y est en pression… Son plus : sa grande terrasse qui donne sur une rue piétonne ! 3ème ARR. : CANTINE CALIFORNIA 46 rue de Turbigo, 75003 Paris – Facebook Gallia Lager en pression… Son plus : c’est bon, c’est bon, oh dieu que c’est bon ! 5ème ARR. : LITTLE CANTINE 51 rue des Ecoles, 75005 Paris – Facebook Gallia Lager, Hefeweizen et IPA en bouteille… Son plus : esprit familial qui fait la dif !

11ème ARR. : EAST SIDE BURGER 60 Boulevard Voltaire, 75011 Paris – Facebook Son plus : c’est délicieux, c’est végétarien et en plus on peut se le faire livrer ! 13ème ARR. : PERSILLÉ.