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Alien-abduction.jpg (JPEG-bilde, 1348x1600 punkter) - Skalert (54 %) Image: 'Cityscape' by Marco Bauriedel - category Fantasy - site - CG artist home// BrickHut. Post-apocalyptic Tokyo scenery. 19 Aug 2010 The illustrations of TokyoGenso (a.k.a. Tokyo Fantasy) depict a post-apocalyptic Tokyo devoid of people and overtaken by nature. Shinjuku skyline [+] Tokyo Big Sight [+] Rainbow Bridge [+] Moai statue at Shibuya station [+] Kabuki-za Theater, Ginza [+] Mode HAL iKO Building, Shinjuku [+] Poster for "The Book of Eli" (Japanese title: "The Walker") [+] Gundam // Tokyogenso Robot Tokyo Sky Tree [+] Sofmap Akihabara [+] Haneda Airport [+] Cover of Liberal Time, September 2010 Akihabara [+] Saigō Takamori statue, Ueno Poster for "The Book of Eli" (a.k.a.

Osaka street scene - Tsūtenkaku Tower [+] Osaka street scene - Billiken [+] Osaka street scene [+] Hato Bus [+] Tokyo Monorail [+] Shibuya station (Fukutoshin Line) // Seibu Shibuya "Manneken Pis" statue at Hamamatsuchō station Ueno [+] Tokyo Tower [+] Shinjuku station [+] Hanayashiki amusement park, Asakusa [+] McDonald's [+] Yoyogi station [+] Nakano station [+] Akihabara [+] Shibuya [+] Wako Building, Ginza [+] [Links: tokyogenso blog, pixiv, deviantART]

Still Feather Photography -- Michael A. Bliss. Awe-inspiring Digital Art & Illustration  View 35 beautiful illustrations digital arts - Art Gallery - Free Photoshop Tutorials - Alias3DMedia. Exceptional Digital Paintings and Character Illustrations. Some of the Most Beautiful Digital Paintings and Character Illustrations Amazing and beautiful digital paintings and character illustrations by awesome artists. The latter is a niche of the first so basically these are all digital paintings. Character Illustrations require a huge amount of detail work, that’s because you have to work on expressions a lot. Boundless creativity is required and the artists of these paintings had exactly that. Some of these artists are worth featuring again and again for their mind blowing talent. You might also want to look at these similar collections like Brilliant Digital Paintings and Character Illustrations or 40 Epic Digital Paintings Click on the images to go to their original sources.

Koi Boy Goldfish -closeup by *cypherx Save. Heaven by ~acmelabs City Escape by ~Rozefire Scarlet Wind by `arcipello Dream Chaser by *cypherx Devocion e indiferencia by ~novac My World by ~Keun-chul .: mushroom hideout :. by ~vinegar Blowing Bubbles by `AquaSixio forest by ~tahra.