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Harry Potter for Dogs...yeah, I know, but it's funny especially Sloberin: 100 Books Every Man Should Read. J.K. Rowling Sent A Harry Potter E-Book To A Girl In Aleppo - BuzzFeed News. 31 Things You Might Not Have Known About "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World" These Two People Are The True Villains Of “The Office” Can You Guess Which Clown Is Actually A Killer. 22 Times It Was Someone Else's Problem.

19 Creepy-As-Fuck Urban Legends That’ll Keep You Awake At Night. Untitled. Are These Chivalrous Acts Cute Or Creepy. M2H Lucha Underground Season 2 Episode 8 Highlights from YouTube.


7 Awesome Pregnancy Cosplays. Top 5 Mistakes of amateur MMA fighters - Brazilian Black Belt. This is an article wrote by Garcia Every single day hundreds of Men and women walk into the local MMA gym with the same goal in mind: Becoming the next big thing. everyone wants to be the next GSP, Anderson Silva, Jon Jones- but all too often MMA fighters in the early stages of their careers; the amateur stage of their careers in particular, forget all the in-between of making it to the big stage. here is a detailed description of the most common mistakes that will de-rail your dreams of UFC gold: Trusting promoters too much In todays day and age it is all too easy to get a fight. one can simply call a phone number, reply to a facebook post and boom next thing you know you’re standing across the cage from a guy you know nothing about competing in a sport you know even less about. the very root of amateur MMA is that promoter’s make money.

Top 5 Mistakes of amateur MMA fighters - Brazilian Black Belt

Amateur MMA fighters don’t make any money, so aside from cage rental, venue rental, alcohol vender etc. Not training enough. After A Divorce And Losing Custody Of His Kids, This 40-Year-Old Dad Lost 70LBS And Became A SHREDDED MMA Fighter. WWE Network: Bayley is presented with her first action figure: WWE Breaking Ground. Crazy Girlfriend Destroys Her Boyfriend’s Playstation While He’s Not Home, Then Films His Reaction. Ugh.

Crazy Girlfriend Destroys Her Boyfriend’s Playstation While He’s Not Home, Then Films His Reaction

This video is bad news. It’s such a worn-out for a girlfriend to be mad at her boyfriend over the amount of video games he plays. But this is truly some batshit psycho shit. This is true insanity. This Girl Went Around To See If Guys Would Still Hook Up With Her After Learning That She’s Engaged, Predictable Things Happened. Photos du journal - The Best of Tumblr. "At the end of the day you gotta feel some way. So why not feel unbeatable? Why not feel untouchable? Why not feel like the best to ever do it?" Ru… Underage Tinder Girl Gets Caught Using The App, Mom Changes Her Profile To The Most Embarrassing Message Possible. Shutterstock / imgur This isn’t just embarrassing for 15-year-old Kayla, it’s embarrassing for her mom as well.

Underage Tinder Girl Gets Caught Using The App, Mom Changes Her Profile To The Most Embarrassing Message Possible

“YESTARDAY” ? “If I was you” ? “Aswell” squished into one word? Grammar isn’t necessarily indicative of intelligence but considering Kayla was dumb enough to get caught using Tinder AND have sex with someone almost twice her age, I’d have to assume that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree which means her mom isn’t the brightest bulb in Home Depot either. Steampunk Goggles. 24 Reasons Your Kids Should Grow Up Watching “The Office” ECW Tue. Feb. 16, 2010. Get Psyched Mix - Barney Stinson. WWE RAW 1000 Highlights + RAW 1000 Intro. Bro Finds Out Girlfriend Is Cheating On Him, Pulls The Nastiest Revenge By Having Sex With Her Mom In Front Of Her. Shutterstock You think The Rock is cool?

Bro Finds Out Girlfriend Is Cheating On Him, Pulls The Nastiest Revenge By Having Sex With Her Mom In Front Of Her

You think Vin Diesel has swagger? You look up to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone because you think they’re the ultimate men who embody all the manliness in the man-world? WRONG. Watch Tottenham fans choosing between Chelsea hatred and kissing a model. Though not the most local rivalry in London, the enmity between Chelsea and Tottenham is one of the bitterest in the Premier League .

Watch Tottenham fans choosing between Chelsea hatred and kissing a model

The two fanbases simply love to antagonise each other; likewise, there have been plenty of acrimonious incidents on the pitch when Blues have faced Lilywhites in recent years. There's certainly no love lost between West and North London as far as football is concerned. However, the people behind ChelseaFansChannel have decided to find out just how deep the hatred between the two clubs flows. They've sent presenter and model Sophie Rose to White Hart Lane to test Spurs supporters' dedication to disliking their old foes - by offering them a kiss while wearing a Chelsea kit.

Having done the reverse experiment last year, Sophie quickly found out that Chelsea fans will not, under any circumstances, kiss a lady in a Spurs kit .


Vídeo explica como não perder tempo com "a tal" que achas que amas. Medo de conhecer uma mulher. O vídeo que todos os homens devem ver. Conor McGregor Rapped DMX At His Victory Party, Because That’s How Ruff Ryders Roll - BroBible. Conor McGregor knocked out José Aldo in just 13 seconds Saturday night to become the new UFC Champion.

Conor McGregor Rapped DMX At His Victory Party, Because That’s How Ruff Ryders Roll - BroBible

After sending his nemesis crashing to the mat and making it rain all over the trainers in Aldo’s corner of the octagon, the Irishman took to the club scene in Las Vegas to celebrate his monumental UFC 194 victory. The Notorious held his after party at Foxtail SLS, and it looked to be one hell of a time. So good, in fact, that McGregor even busted out DMX’s ‘Ruff Ryders Anthem’ on the mic, because what better song to blast after a stone cold, southpaw, fastest knockout in UFC history!? As with any true victory party, of course there was some Kanye West playing too.


A Conversation With My 12 Year Old Self: 20th Anniversary Edition. Charlie Schmidt's Keyboard Cat! - THE ORIGINAL! Best Police Take Down Ever. I'm just waiting for a mate original. GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY PENIS! - Epic Australian Man Arrested. Start Learning Polish - The Easy Way. More songs for this boyo ^u^ Songs for this boyo. Movies. 23 Things No Australian Has Ever Bought. What Does Star Wars Mean To You. Liam Payne Bought Harry Potter's Flying Car For His Garden. There Seem To Be Many Taylor Swift References On One Direction's New Album.

Untitled. Wink Periodic Table Spice Rack Set. People Have Been Photoshopping This Photo Of Bill Nye Into A Huge Meme. 21 Feelings Everyone Who Has Ever Stepped Foot In A School Knows. 19 Reasons British Fast Food Is Way Better Than American Fast Food. 3 Ways to Care for a Beard. Batalha de Lip Sync - John Krasinski. The office...BEST SHOW EVER! The 6 Awful Hairstyles You'll Have in Your Lifetime. 38 Ways To Live Your Best 'Back To The Future' Life.

16+ Book-Inspired Tattoos For Bookworms. There are certain books that really get under your skin, and these book-lovers decided to literally do something about it.

16+ Book-Inspired Tattoos For Bookworms

Some are subtle, just simple images or short phrases that only someone else who has read the book would recognize; others are hard to mistake, with their iconic characters and symbols prominently featured. Do you have a book-inspired tattoo? Post your photos below, or vote on your favorite! Show 56 more Add Image Recent submissions to this list The Hobbit Harry Potter Tattoo The Catcher In The Rye Tattoo. Dad Schools Sexy Selfie Taking Daughter On Facebook. By : Rebecca Knight | 15/10/15 | 538Shares All you need to do in order to see some pretty suggestive selfies is take a look at Facebook.

Dad Schools Sexy Selfie Taking Daughter On Facebook

After Seeing His Wife In Sexy Photoshopped Photos, A Husband Said He Missed Her "Flaws" TAP Portugal. Q&A Sunday With Joe Sugg. Living With Your Girlfriend Vs Dating But Living Separately. This Guy Wrote A 'BROsume,' AKA A Bro Resume, And Sent It To Sam Hunt In Hopes Of Becoming Bros With Him. Just move to a new city?

This Guy Wrote A 'BROsume,' AKA A Bro Resume, And Sent It To Sam Hunt In Hopes Of Becoming Bros With Him

Short on Bros to Bro-the-fuck-out with? Then maybe it’s time you take a page out of this Bro’s playbook and write a BROsume to hand out to dudes at your gym…or something? I don’t know. The whole concept, while funny, is kind of weird to me if there was any genuine attempt to actually befriend someone. Per reader email:

We Pick The Official Pokemon For All 50 States. It seems nowadays that every state has an official EVERYTHING.

We Pick The Official Pokemon For All 50 States

The official state amphibian of Colorado is the Western tiger salamander, The official state beverage of Rhode Island is "coffee milk. " It's all just a lame excuse for officials to waste taxpayer time and money when they should be allocating resources for the issues that truly matter, like WHO IS THE OFFICIAL STATE POKEMON FOR EACH STATE IN THIS GLORIOUS UNION? Don't worry legislators, we went to the trouble for you, while only being flippantly insulting to SOME of the states involved. This was an alarmingly difficult task for us, and if you disagree with our choices, we welcome your input in the comments. Meatball memes that pop in your mouth with fresh goodness and delight 2. Greatest Moments In Sports (2004-2014) An American tourist made a list of 100 quirky things about Britain... and he was incredibly accurate. 18 People Who Totally Look Like Cartoon Characters in Real Life. 70 Of The Best Damn Photos On The Internet - Guyism.

Facebook In today’s Must See Imagery we’re tackling the hilariously random photos I came across on my daily journey to the center of the Internet. Aggregating content from the web’s hottest sources: Facebook, Instagram, Imgur (often via Reddit), amongst others, I’m able to save you those precious man hours that can be used for the important things in life, and not scouring the web for random pics. Make sure to follow us on Instagram at @brobibleoffical for more funny pics. Steampunk Goggles - this style is so how i imagined His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman. Brock Obama - Photos du journal. Top 10 Keanu Reeves Roles. Football_leaks. NYC Man Confirms Sea Serpent Sighting To The NY Times In 1895: Gothamist. (Original image by by Currier & Ives, retouched by Alternate Histories) Over a century ago, the NY Times printed the following report, regarding a man living on Wall Street in Lower Manhattan, a trip to New Jersey, and a sea serpent.

Intrigued? Keep reading: "Phillip N. Jackson, Vice President of the Newark Electric Light and Power Company, confirms the story told by Willard P. Man, the drugs in the '80s were strong. "A great sea serpent was seen off the Jersey coast on Sunday afternoon. The creature was estimated to be around 100 feet long, and fast, traveling around 50 miles an hour, as it jumped above the water several times. The article ran on September 30th, 1895, 120 years ago tomorrow—will the serpent rise from the seas on its anniversary?

Husky Raised By Cats Doesn't Know How To Be A Dog. 2 months ago. Adrian Van Oyen. Old Nickelodeon TV Shows Theme Songs (1990s - 2013) Top 10 Sports Movie Speeches.

Freakin hilarious mate!

How deep is your love/How bad are ur jokes? Songs that now are just memories. Ahhhh...anyway ^u^ 100 Greatest Movie Quotes of All Time. YNWA - Liverpool vs Milan ( 2005 ) Probably Im looking like a dumbass with these folders titles. Concertos - Apocalyptica actuam em Portugal em 2015- Festivais de Verão 2015. Os violoncelistas finlandeses, Apocalyptica, regressam a Portugal em 2015. Estas actuações estão agendadas para 20 e 21 de Abril, no Coliseu do Porto e Lisboa respectivamente.

Teenage mutant Ninja Skertl

45 Love Quotes With Images. Win Free Chipotle For A Year By Playing Online Game. Twitter.