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Make This Microwavable Bologna Breakfast Bowl Instead of a Smoothie. How To Cook Frozen Foods In An Air Fryer. How To Make Fried Chicken The Best It Can Be, According To Southern Chefs. In the world of Southern food, it doesn’t get any more iconic than fried chicken: It’s crispy and flavorful on the outside, moist and juicy on the inside.

How To Make Fried Chicken The Best It Can Be, According To Southern Chefs

Preparation techniques and the right spice mix can make the difference between good and great fried chicken, so we’ve consulted some experts to share their top tips in the hopes of achieving fried chicken perfection at home. Start with a brine ― preferably one with a buttermilk base. For perfect fried chicken, “I always look for a golden crust that has been highly seasoned but the protein itself must be moist and juicy,” RJ Cooper, James Beard Award-winning executive chef and owner of Saint Stephen in Nashville, Tennessee, told HuffPost. To achieve this, Cooper puts pieces of raw chicken in a buttermilk brine and refrigerates for 12 hours. His mixture contains buttermilk, fresh sage, rosemary, thyme and garlic. “Brining the chicken keeps the bird moist and tender,” Cooper said. Don’t have buttermilk? Use a deep cast iron pan. How to Make a Boxed Mix Cake Taste Better. Magic happens when you combine soy sauce and butter.

Our weeknight secret weapon: a 6-ingredient panang curry. Soy-wasabi butter mushrooms—5 ingredients, 10 minutes, instant classic. How to Make Fast Food-Style Fries. Tater Tot Grilled Cheese & Bacon Waffle Sandwich Recipe. Why is this the most amazing grilled bacon and cheddar sandwich ever?

Tater Tot Grilled Cheese & Bacon Waffle Sandwich Recipe

Because instead of bread, we used waffles. But not just normal waffles — these are made out of tater tots. Grilled Cheese Bombs : GifRecipes. Chicken Fried Steak with Country Gravy : GifRecipes. Chicken Salt, Australia's Best Kept Secret : GifRecipes. Gif Recipes. Watermelon Keg : GifRecipes. Pigs in a Blanket Baked Brie - Host The Toast. Pigs in a Blanket Baked Brie [OC] : GifRecipes. How to Make Homemade Bone Broth. Homemade Chicken Stock - Savory Simple. Thank you!

Homemade Chicken Stock - Savory Simple

Check your email for the confirmation link. Homemade Chicken Stock - Savory Simple. One Pot Chicken and Bacon Orzo Soup - Savory Simple. This one pot chicken and bacon orzo soup is perfect for chilly days or when you just need a warm bowl of comfort food.

One Pot Chicken and Bacon Orzo Soup - Savory Simple

Healthy Eating: 9 Bone Broth-Based Soup Recipes. Chili Garlic Instant Pot Noodles Recipe. Thetakeout. Thetakeout. Thetakeout. English Tea Cucumber Sandwiches Recipe. Skillet.lifehacker. Skillet.lifehacker. Skillet.lifehacker. Skillet.lifehacker. Thetakeout. Carla Sears Mushrooms to Crispy Golden Perfection. Carla Sears Mushrooms to Crispy Golden Perfection. Thetakeout. Lifehacker. Creamy Hunter Sauce (Jägersoße) To some of you that know me, creamy Hunter Sauce (Jägersoße) might be the last kind of post you’d expect me to write.

Creamy Hunter Sauce (Jägersoße)

Up until about a year or two ago, I did not like mushrooms. Not at all. As with several food items in my life that I once detested, I just decide one day that I was tired of not liking it and started eating it. I know that might sound silly, but I’m serious. Plus, having some delicious pan-fried mushrooms off my Mother’s plate at the restaurant, Zeitlos, in Karlstadt am Main last summer certainly helped seal the deal. Thetakeout. Skillet.lifehacker. Skillet.lifehacker. Thetakeout. Lifehacker. Skillet.lifehacker. Thetakeout. Thetakeout. 14 Incredible Edible EGG Tricks! 14 Incredible Edible EGG Tricks! The Best Instant Pot Recipes To Make With The Pressure Cooker Feature. Thetakeout. Skillet.lifehacker. Tasty. Sous Vide CHICKEN STROGANOFF Brazilian Recipe - Best CHICKEN STROGANOFF ever! Welcome to Paulina Market! Sous Vide LOBSTER and STEAK - Catch and Cook Lobster VLOG 1.

Drberg. Drberg. Best Crock-Pot Lasagna Recipe - How to Make Crock-Pot Lasagna. Best Garlic Shrimp Recipe ...quick and easy. Easy Baked Spaghetti (Spasagna) - The Country Cook. Sometimes the meals I make are inspired by my favorite restaurant foods.

Easy Baked Spaghetti (Spasagna) - The Country Cook

If you’ve ever been to a Cheddar’s restaurant then this will be a familiar dish to you. They call it Spasagna* there (spaghetti plus lasagna.) If you’ve never heard of it, well, it’s about time you do. Basically, it is cooked spaghetti noodles tossed with alfredo (cheese) sauce, baked in the oven, and then topped with a meaty red sauce. Your Most Delicious and Creative Ways to Eat Instant Ramen. Last week I asked you all about your favorite ways to jazz up the infinitely riffable instant ramen and you, my friends, did not disappoint.

Your Most Delicious and Creative Ways to Eat Instant Ramen

There were so many good and interesting ideas—and I mean very interesting—and I was a little sad I couldn’t make them all. Below you will find what I did make, and I hope you find each dish as enjoyable as I did. Bacon Mushroom Ramen Bacon and mushrooms are two of the best culinary add-ins available in the grocery store—using them almost feels like cheating—so this suggestion from TheReturnofAlessar immediately grabbed my attention: Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe - SORTED. How-To: Make the Easiest Homemade Chicken Pot Pie. Sear Your Hard-Boiled Egg for a Healthy Snack — 10 Ways to Upgrade a Hard-Boiled Egg. Looking for a snack that fills you up and fuels you well?

Sear Your Hard-Boiled Egg for a Healthy Snack — 10 Ways to Upgrade a Hard-Boiled Egg

The humble hard-boiled egg is a small powerhouse of nutrition, but easily overlooked. We're upgrading the boiled egg in 10 sexy, spicy, flavor-jammed ways for better snacking. I Tried KFC's Secret Fried Chicken Recipe and Here's How It Went — On Trend. If there was a magical list of secret recipes that everyone on the internet has attempted to make before, KFC's fried chicken is pretty much at the top of that list.

I Tried KFC's Secret Fried Chicken Recipe and Here's How It Went — On Trend

There are many copycat recipes around the internet, and they all claim that theirs is the one that reigns supreme, but KFC claims that none come close to the original. Recently I found out that the supposed real mixture of magical 11 herbs and spices was released, and of course I scrambled to put it to the test. What to Do When Meal Planning Never Seems to Work for You. MyFridgeFood - Home. Drunken Oreo Madness - Tipsy Bartender. SKIN A WATERMELON party trick. Quick & Simple Bacon Weave. ABV Recipes - Things To Know When Cooking with ABV. Recipe 666: Deviled Eggs – Damn, These Were Hella Good. As I approached my 666th upload on YouTube, several subscribers wondered if I would do some sort of satanic-inspired recipe.

Recipe 666: Deviled Eggs – Damn, These Were Hella Good

Since one of my New Year’s resolutions was to eat less chocolate cake, I decided to go with the next most obvious choice. My deviled eggs recipe is fairly standard, except I like to add a little cream cheese. Unlike mayonnaise, cream cheese firms up when chilled, and provides a little more luxurious texture. The other glaring addition is a simple, yet stunning ring of candied Fresno chili pepper. I think a little sweetness is important to balance the sharp flavors, and these “rings of fire,” along with a dash of rice vinegar, worked perfectly. Besides sharing this much-requested recipe, and the gratuitous use of the words, “damn” and “hell,” the other reason I wanted to do this video was to prove that our previously posted hard-boiled egg method works as advertised. Ingredients: 12 large eggs cooked in 3 quarts of water as shown 2 tbsp cream cheese.

Food Wishes Video Recipes: Shakshuka – Say It With Me Now. This Shakshuka, or Shakshouka if you prefer, is why I’m so glad the show/blog/channel is called, “Food Wishes.” This North African one-dish-meal is so fast, easy, and delicious, but it probably wouldn’t have occurred to me to do a video for it, unless someone sent me a request. I always appreciate these types of reminders, and seeing "Shakshuka" in a subject line does catch your attention, but now I have a little problem. Chicken Souvlaki with Tzatziki Sauce Recipe. Huffingtonpost. How To Make A Red Velvet Brain Cake For Halloween. Ewww! Gross! These are not usually the reactions I’m going for when I bake one of my novelty cakes.

But when it comes to my zombielicious Brain Cake, it’s music to my ears! I’ve been baking for 18 years, and my YouTube show “How To Cake It” lets me unleash my passion for cake decorating in a whole new way. I’m working my way through my caking bucket list. My Brain Cake episode was inspired by The Walking Dead premiere this week. The Science Behind Baking Your Ideal Chocolate Chip Cookie. 15 Authentic Indian Recipes You Can Make at Home. 27 Beautiful Infographics that teach you how to cook. Orange Bulldog Margarita - Tipsy Bartender. Buzzfeed's XXL Watermelon Jello Shots - TipsyBartender. 10 Food Life Hacks and Experiments Compilation #2. 10 Cooking/Food Life Hacks. 10 Amazing Science Experiments you can do with Eggs.

5 Watermelon Tricks. Mrhappy0121. How to make Mountain Dew Gummies.