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11745331_530551247096171_2619291615864308232_n.jpg (JPEG Image, 680 × 865 pixels) Valentine's Day in different states... I would love some cereal right now... Video games don't affect kids. You probably read this wrong... What women want... It all adds up. Pissed Off Angel... The Holidays. Relationships. Hello stranger... You can't wear him... Condescending Marilyn Manson. You Win This Time Corgi. Sour Grapes. What Has The Internet Done To Me? Group Project In A Nutshell. If You Get Lost In The Woods. A True Genius. I've Noticed This Is Happening More And More Often. Ron Swanson at his best… Best quotes by Ron Swanson… Funny Pictures Of The Day – 93 Pics. TO SEE MORE AWESOME VINTAGE FUNNY QUOTES AND SAYINGS SIGNS CLICK THE FOLLOWING LINK: #funnyquotes #funnysayi…

TO SEE MORE AWESOME VINTAGE FUNNY QUOTES AND SAYINGS SIGNS CLICK THE FOLLOWING LINK: #funnyquotes #funnysayi… TO SEE MORE AWESOME VINTAGE FUNNY QUOTES AND SAYING SIGNS, CLICK THE FOLLOWING LINK: #funnyquotes #funnysayi… Funny stuff I love ^/_\^ This is awesome lol. Pinterest. Video Games. Pokemon // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures. Random Funny Stuff. 15 Most Chilling Facts You Didn't Know About Hitler. 29 Important Life Lessons From Teachers. 24 Times Old People Talked to Corporate Facebook Pages. Hahahha i have a dirty mind :) 22 Questions "The Simpsons" Refused To Answer. 20 Thoughtful Gifts For The Bookworm In Your Life.

Pin do(a) Beatriz Biondo em Games. 24 Reasons Kids Should Never Be Left Alone With Their Dads. Can You Pass This Fifth-Grade Science Test From Alabama. 18 Reasons Being An Aunt Or An Uncle Is The Best Thing Ever. Are You More Sam Or Dean Winchester. Sometimes the greatest form of love is letting the Other go. Even there Love finds a way. 11082616_1053377314675972_4261659664247069203_n.jpg (JPEG Image, 538 × 797 pixels) Silence the mind. The Worst Possible Animals to Have as Your Animagus. Who hasn’t thought about what they would be if they could turn into an animal?

The Worst Possible Animals to Have as Your Animagus

If you have haven't, I ask you — seriously? It's one of the most standard ice-breaker questions, so much so that JK Rowling devoted an entire magical ability (along with several plot points) to it in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. But there is one very important difference between the common hypothetical question and the canonical Potter-verse equivalent: In Harry Potter, wizards who have the ability to transform into animals don’t get to choose their Animagus form.

That’s right, whatever animal you transform into is what you're stuck with. And seeing as the process of becoming an Animagus is extremely difficult, you could go to a lot of effort for an absolutely garbage animal. A Goldfish (source) A goldfish, or really like 99% of creatures in the phylum Chordata (a.k.a fish) would be a truly awful Animagus form, but goldfish would be the worst.

A Sloth. 13 Elizabethan Versions of Nerd Heroes (Page 2) Photographer Sacha Goldberger has made something fantastic, something that we didn't even know we needed: famous nerd figures (mostly superheroes and Star Wars characters) in Elizabethan garb. 1.

13 Elizabethan Versions of Nerd Heroes (Page 2)

Captain New World 2. The Man of Bronze 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 15 New And Typically True Words For Our Generation. Parks & Recreation. Yin Yang Symbols and Their Meanings. Yin Yang Symbol Meanings In a nutshell, Chinese Yin Yang symbols represent perfect balance.

Yin Yang Symbols and Their Meanings

Seemingly, the whole of Chinese philosophy stems from the concept of Yin and Yang - opposites interacting and supposedly the seed of all things. For example, evil results from an imbalance in Yin and Yang, and good comes from the two being in harmonic balance. To aid in understanding the properties belonging to each side of the symbol, I have included the following table.

Each property is beneath its corresponding Yin or Yan energy. Yin and Yang Corresponding Energies The meaning of the characters for yin and yang, has more than just one connotation. This Device Turns Your iPhone Into An Actual Gameboy. Yesterday the people of Reddit went absolutely bonkers for a new concept that would turn your iPhone into a Gameboy, and it turns out, it’s real.

This Device Turns Your iPhone Into An Actual Gameboy

Not an April fools like everyone would assume. We can now confirm that the tentatively titled SmartBoy will be something you can eventually buy. 5 Great Books To Read In April. This made me laugh too hard. How I met your mother #himym. Pin do(a) Margie em Funny. Well, That's Good Enough For Today. TO SEE MORE AWESOME VINTAGE FUNNY QUOTES AND SAYINGS SIGNS CLICK THE FOLLOWING LINK: #funnyquotes #funnysayi… You don't say? Pin do(a) Miranda Wardle em Classic Comedy.

Pinterest. Let The Cookies Cool. 20 Life Lessons From "How I Met Your Mother" 9 Psychopathic Thoughts You Have But Don't Admit. What Your Girlfriend Says Vs. What She Means. How Couples Think They Look Vs. How They Actually Look. Weird Ways Couples Say "I Love You" Problems People Who Are Always Joking Understand. 7 Awkward Moments Saved By A Good Relationship.

8 Facts You'll Be Embarrassed You Didn't Know. It Turns Out Jack Nicholson Had An Underground Tunnel From His House To The Playboy Mansion. Which really, when you think about it, is living your best life.

It Turns Out Jack Nicholson Had An Underground Tunnel From His House To The Playboy Mansion

What’s the point of being a rich celebrity women love and owning an extravagant home down the street from the Playboy mansion if you have to walk outside to get there? Fuck that. No, that ain’t for Jack Nicholson and it really shouldn’t be for anyone. When Jack Nicholson wanted to go to the Playboy mansion, he took an underground tunnel built specifically for him.

Damn, imagine the tail you can pull showing that off? Top 10 Awkward Moments in Live TV. You people better pin this. 21 Reasons Being A Third Wheel Is Literally The Worst. If Motivational Posters Were Written For People In Their Twenties. 21 Kids Who Gave Absolutely Zero F**ks. This Guy's Calligraphy Instagrams Will Make You Feel Immensely Calm. 25 Perfect Cross-Stitches That Are Ridiculously Geeky (Page 2) Pinterest. If the world was blind, how many people would you impress? A Pastor Named Creflo Dollar Blames Pokémon for Turning Kids Gay. If you grew up watching Pokémon or playing the games, Creflo Dollar Ministries thinks Pokémon made you gay.

A Pastor Named Creflo Dollar Blames Pokémon for Turning Kids Gay

According to a "study" conducted by the church, children born in the late 80s through the early 90s "had their sexuality warped by Ash and his fruity friends. " The study claims the Pokémon themselves are also to blame, including Bulbasaur, who apparently has a representation of a breast on its back combined with a name that "casts doubt on the natural attraction of man to the forms of the female body.

" Meanwhile, Pokémon like Weedle are phallic in appearance (nobody tell him about the move harden!) , while Mew is said to represent a third gender. 75 Behind-The-Scenes Photos That Will Change How You See Your Favorite Movies. As effects get better and stories grow in scope, you can forget that movies are the work of thousands of craftsmen, artists, and animators.

75 Behind-The-Scenes Photos That Will Change How You See Your Favorite Movies

We scoured the web for our favorite shots that peel back the layers and let you see the actors, stuntmen, and surly teamsters who made these movies legendary. The list of photos kept growing, so we (roughly) broke it down by film franchise. Check it out: 22 Things "The Legend Of Zelda" Taught You About Life. True story. The Nintendo family tree: Often probably preferable to your actual family tree. Related: The Evolution of Video Game Controllers (via creati... 21 Times Canadians Were EASY TARGETS on Tumblr. 29 Photos That Prove Punctuation Is VERY Important. 26 Delicious Foods To Pack For A Spring Picnic. 34 Clean Eating Recipes That Are Perfect For Spring. 8 Things Nobody Warns You About Art School. 20 Things People Have Google Searched That'll Make You Worried About Humanity (Page 2) 14 Incredible Edible EGG Tricks! Child Protective Services Visit Goku. Nothing Can Save This. Pin do(a) Ladysmer Bautista em MEGA FUNNY. Pinterest. Pin do(a) Lenny Eugenia em Funny.

Pin do(a) Fandom Girl em Comedy.