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MITSloan Mgmt Review sur Twitter : "Not every company needs a strong #brand, exceptional talent or exclusive technology #HR. Competing With Ordinary Resources. This Generic Brand Video Is The Greatest Thing About The Absolute Worst In Advertising. It's just perfect. Everything is in there. The scientists with beakers, synonyms for progress, powerful rushing water, a baby, a blue-collar guy with dirt on his face, time-lapse footage of a city at night. Since the dawn of time, these have been the images used by marketers who just didn't quite manage to have an actual idea.

The images, when combined with a solemn voiceover, form the basis of one of the most enduring, and enduringly bad, ad templates--the old "shoot-the-brief montage. " To illustrate this marketing strategy equivalent of paint-by-numbers, stock video footage firm Dissolve took its goods and created a masterpiece with the words of Kendra Eash's brilliant McSweeney's piece. This spoof should make a lot of advertisers cringe for how little it actually exaggerates. Think it's an over-the-top spoof? Meet this Acura spot from 2013. At least the car brands have a product shot to work with.

The rise and rise of Under Armour into a Super Brand. Did you know that Under Armour is now the number 2 sports apparel brand in America, overtaking Adidas? This is despite the World Cup where Adidas are an official sponsor. They are now only behind Nike. But with 22 successive quarterly profit increases, surely it’s a matter of time before they overtake them too. Americans love an underdog and that’s where Under Armour began and is positioned against the much more conservative and corporate Nike, Adidas and Puma. Under Armour is a classic rags to riches story. The creator, Kevin Plank, founded the company out of a real need for sports people to be dry while sweating. He created a revolutionary new T-shirt built from microfibers that wicked moisture that kept athletes cool, dry, and light.

In a class piece of business acumen Plank created a new subcategory of fitness clothing that stays fresh and dry—and dominated it. A year after he created the company and using all of his credit card, debt and savings, he was broke. The rise and rise of Under Armour into a Super Brand. This Generic Brand Video Is The Greatest Thing About The Absolute Worst In Advertising. The rise and rise of Under Armour into a Super Brand. This Generic Brand Video Is The Greatest Thing About The Absolute Worst In Advertising. Over $1 Trillion Sold: Appreciation of Craftsmanship or Unrestrained Consumption? | Doug Gollan. The global luxury industry sells over $1 trillion of handbags, shoes, cars, vacations, watches, suits, rings, bracelets and earrings a year, according to Bain & Co.

Is it appreciation of craftsmanship or just consumption? Has the luxury industry lost its feel for innovation in a defensive rush to keep its heritage in a box? Have we entered a new Gilded Age? What is the relationship between ‘sophistication’ and wealth? In an age of multi-billion dollar luxury conglomerates, is there still a place for artisan craftsmen making product one by one? Sponsored by New York’s Museum of Arts and Design and La Fondazione NY, Luxury in Today’s Society: Between Excellence and Excess spent three hours on a sunny Saturday afternoon in a packed basement auditorium to debate these and other topics. One thing that was missing was focus on who the core luxury consumer today is?

Pinkhasov threw some water on the question of “what is luxury” by equating it to “asking the world for a favorite color.” Like this: La Maison des Carrés: bienvenue dans le Musée Hermés 2.0. Cher(e)s Galaxynautes, L’heure est grave…non que dis-je…l’heure est festive! Interpellés par tant de mystère, vous devez ainsi vous demander « Mais pourquoi donc? ». Pas de panique, vous allez tout savoir! Et oui, depuis le 17 septembre 2014 la maison Hermès nous dévoile un nouvel espace digital: La Maison des Carrés. Cela sonne presque comme une évidence ! Depuis 2001 et la mise en ligne de son site internet officiel, Hermès ne nous avait pas interpellé avec autant de grâce et d’esthétisme. Une ôde numérique à son produit icône: le Carré de soie L’objectif de ce site internet est simple : nous raconter, sous toutes les coutures, l’histoire du produit phare de la maison créée en 1837 par Thierry Hermès.

Comme à son habitude, le design est admirable: joyeux, ponctué d’animations de ci de là, quasi-régressif (en étant entièrement dessiné par la main prodigieuse de Pierre Marie). Le constat est clair : Présentation des carrés dans des box en référence à son héritable « équestre » Swiss watch industry awaits Apple smartwatch - Ralph Lauren interview:'s Dirk Standen Speaks With the Designer - The office was pretty much the way I'd pictured it would be: wood paneling, black-and-white photos, sleek leather-and-chrome club chairs arranged around a book-laden coffee table the size of a boat. And the man sitting across from me was more or less familiar from his photographs: the carefully barbered white hair; the tan, gentler now than in its full Cary Grant glory; the art-directed getup of white jeans, sneakers, and khaki jacket, with a jangle of turquoise and silver pendants peeking out from the neck of his matching khaki shirt.

But the moment Ralph Lauren began to speak, his voice a soft hepcat whisper, any preconceptions went out the window. The topic at hand was his newest baby, Polo Ralph Lauren for Women—it launches tonight, Monday, September 8, with a high-tech spectacular in Central Park—but no subject was off-limits. I'd been expecting guarded, but he spoke candidly for more than an hour, without even the ghost of a PR handler in the room. Chapter 1 RL: Well, no. RL: Yes. Best Global Green Brands 2014 | The three rules in consumer products: Redefin... The three rules in consumer products: Redefining how to win By Steven Goldbach & Rebecca Godecke "Over the past 40 years, exceptional companies created virtuous cycles that enabled strong, long-term performance. " The best a man can get Gillette’s long-standing advertising slogan exemplifies how it competes.

The company’s top-of-the-line Fusion ProGlide—a five-blade, battery-powered razor with a comfort strip that indicates when the blade cartridge is ready to be changed—is an exemplar of Gillette’s longtime strategy: Produce blades and razors that provide the closest and most comfortable shave. Over its history, Gillette has relentlessly and consistently invested in R&D to create leading blades and razors.4 The result of this relentlessness has been clear: In many markets, Gillette’s top-of-the-line product holds by far the leading market share, despite being priced at a significant premium over many competing products.

Under this model, the product was the hero. A changing landscape. No Brands are Safe as Lafley Takes Apart P&G to Rebuild It. The first time around running Procter & Gamble, CEO A.G. Lafley was in an expansionary mindset that prompted the CPG giant to acquire Gillette, swoop up and deploy outside innovations such as the Crest Spinbrush, and beef up brand after brand and market after market to transform the company into a global consumer-good marketing juggernaut. Not so much this time around. In his second turn as chief, Lafley is addressing questions about P&G's business model that are just as fundamental as during his first tenure. But the answers he's been coming up with are much less pleasant, as he forges a strategy based on cutting costs, reorganizing operations and shedding many of the 100 underperforming brands that he's currently reviewing as he tries to re-energize a company beaten down by the slow-growth economy and challenged as never before by CPG rivals.

His idea is to turn fewer, better-performing brands into greater growth engines for the company. China and the US have very different stereotypes for the same cars. ToastyKen via Flickr The Chinese auto market is a young one, but it is already the world's biggest, and a key region for the global auto industry.

But to sell cars there, it's more than a question of translating manuals and opening a few dealerships. Over the last 30 years, according to the New York Times, the Chinese public has also formed some very strong opinions as to who drives a particular make and model and why — and those views are often at odds with how brands are perceived in the U.S. For non-Chinese automakers, understanding those perceptions is key to putting more cars on the road. [An earlier version of this article was written by Alex Davies and Travis Okulski.]

Audi in China: For the government elite. In China, Audi's are seen as the car of the government and elite. Fast fact: Audi gained access to the Chinese market nearly 15 years before BMW, thanks to a shrewd partnership parent company VW made with Chinese automaker Yiqi. Buick in China: The fashionable accessory. Abercrombie to Strip Logo from Clothing - BoF - The Business of Fashion. OHIO, United States — The Abercrombie & Fitch logo has lost the power it once wielded. Shares of Abercrombie & Fitch Co. fell Thursday after the retailer reported weak sales as more teens shop elsewhere. The company is trying to stock trendier clothing — and it turns out that means stripping off the once-prized Abercrombie logo. It is a major change for the retailer, whose sweatshirts and T-shirts emblazoned with its name long held major cachet with teenagers.

Now, individuality is the name of the game. “Personal style, specifically with teens, is becoming less about fitting in and more about standing out,” said Lauren Wolfenden, a senior advisory analyst at WGSN, a fashion trend consultancy. A&F and other traditional teen stores have to adapt in an uphill battle to turn their businesses around as mall traffic drops and shoppers’ tastes change. A slowly recovering economy is making parents and teens to think twice about splurging on clothes. By Anne D’Innocenzio. Starbucks: Storm In A Coffee Cup. 2013.9.4 | Wall Street Journal Chart: The Extra-Caffeinated Cost of a Starbucks Latte in China As more Chinese travel overseas and shop online, many are hit with the realization that they’re paying far more a variety of ordinary goods.

WSJ used a SmithStreet's chart of a break-down of the cost of a Starbucks grande latte in China, indicating $1 higher price than that in US. 2013.9.4 | Sina Finance 图解星巴克拿铁咖啡在华售价构成 First Chinese media reposted WSJ's article about Starbucks' pricing breakdown, drawing Chinese's attention to Starbucks' high pricing issue in China. 2013.9.6 | The Atlantic Why Is Starbucks So Expensive in China? The Atlantic commented in terms of WSJ's report on Starbucks' high pricing in China. 2013.10.8 | China Business News 星巴克中国“暴利”:亚太区利润率为欧洲16倍 Led by CBN, Chinese media started the attack on Starbucks. 2013.10.9 | Beijing Times 星巴克回应在华卖高价称各市场运营成本不同 It was Starbucks first response facing Chinese media's condemnation.

星巴克价格调查 星巴克价高受宠的背后.