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NOTCOT.ORG. New business ideas, trends and innovation. Behance. Anna Wintour Revealed: Bloomberg Game Changers - Video. The 99 Percent - It's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen. Think Quarterly. More Intelligent Life. THE ELLIPSIS IS THE BEST The Big Question: Kassia St Clair argues that the informal dot-dot-dot is best-suited for the age of social media read more » THE COMMA IS THE BEST The Big Question: for Johnny Grimond, writer of The Economist's style guide, the comma is unmatched in its versatility read more » THE SEMI-COLON IS THE BEST The Big Question: Claire Messud believes the semi-colon allows writers to reflect the complexity of life's experience read more » THE DASH IS THE BEST The Big Question: Norah Perkins is left breathless by the punctuation mark that fills the silent space read more » LOVE IS...MINDING THE GAP What London lacks in romance, Charles Nevin discovers, it makes up for in sentiment—in a very British manner read more » FACEBOOK IS TEN From the Archive: the chances are you have a Facebook profile yourself.

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