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5 Tips for Flipping Your PBL Classroom. I am of course a huge project-based learning (PBL) nerd and advocate. I am also an advocate for the flipped classroom, yet at the same time I also have my concerns about flipping a classroom. This model still hinges upon great teachers, and engaging curriculum and instruction. So why not combine PBL and the flipped classroom? It can be an excellent match when you consider some of the following tips. Even Salman Khan believes that the flipped classroom can create the space for PBL. 1. The key piece here is short. 2.

I love it when students assign their own homework. 3. Flipping isn't just videos, because -- let's be honest -- videos can get boring after a while. 4. If you are concerned with students taking an excessive amount of time in actually constructing the PBL product, give a technology choice or choices as an element of the final product. 5. Not all of our students have access the technology. PBL and the flipped classroom model can play well together. Top 10 UK Education Blogs according to @CisionUK. So, earlier on this week, I discovered my @TeacherToolkit blog was ranked amongst the Top-10 Education Blogs in the UK! In fact, number 1! Despite the accolade from Cision UK, this does come at a price and if you are a keen blogger, then please read this. Regarding this ranking, I was flattered to be interviewed; you can read the full discourse – which is to appear in Cision’s monthly newsletter – at the foot of this post.

How it works? Cision Influence Rating offers a detailed view of each blogger and publication, and reflects the level of influence they have across traditional and social media. Rated on a scale from 0 to 99, the Cision Influence Rating reflects the level of influence a blogger has across traditional and social media. Have any idea? And just remember, this is ‘according to Cision UK’. Top 10 UK education Blogs: The full list: (last Updated 15/01/2014) – click here to visit the page.

A great collection of bloggers! Speedy Spotlight on @TeacherToolkit: *Interview* Like this: Education news, comment and analysis. Teacher Network. Cpd timeline. Open door. @LeadingLearner | Fascinated by learning and leading. #OutstandingIn10Plus10: Mid-Year Report. In September I launched our first CPD programme that had been deliberately written for teachers who were good, stuck at good and to be frank pretty fed up that they had not yet been able to take their desired step to outstanding.

The professional development sessions that we have shared were, without doubt, one of my highlights of last term. Teaching and learning just fascinate me. Roots of the Programme We grade performance management lesson observations. Keep the Learning Gains Tight & Lesson Structure Loose The genesis of the programme can be found in the post, “Consistently Good to Outstanding” and the CPD programme that I implemented is detailed in “To Outstanding with #OutstandingIn10Plus10”.

What is below is a summary of some of the observations, thoughts and discussions that emerged during the first attempt at implementing #OutstandingIn10Plus10 with a group of ten staff volunteers. Peer Lesson Observations Some of the statements from the staff included: Rich Discussions Like this: @ TeacherToolkit. How has blogging enhanced my CPD? by @TeacherToolkit.

The 5 Minute Lesson Plan. *Updated* 28th October 2014 The 5 Minute Lesson Plan is now available in digital format! This means you can now create quick lesson plans online. Read my blog announcement here or go straight to test the software out here now! The 5 Minute Lesson Plan: Welcome to the original place to find context for The 5 Minute Lesson Plan; including history and evidence of how it’s being used by thousands of teachers and in hundreds of schools worldwide! If you would like to see other variations, please visit The #5MinPlan Series. which also has (FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions.

Licence: The 5 Minute Lesson Plan is developed by @TeacherToolkit ( Ross Morrison McGill ) and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Based on all work published at Digital Plan: Just announced! Listen: Listen to me talk about The 5 Minute Lesson Plan on @ChalkTalkPod.

“Do outstanding lessons really require meticulous planning? The original: In video: The Revised 5 Minute Lesson Plan.