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The most followed teacher on Twitter in the UK

The most followed teacher on Twitter in the UK
Latest Post Quick simply, I’ve had another ‘lightbulb’ moment. My summer has been full of them; mainly for slowing down, not jetting-off and staying putt at home in the UK has helped. I’ve had a few great idea-moments, but think this one will work. Read the ‘Introducing’ sub-heading at the bottom of this post to get straight to the point! Twitter Ideas:

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ELTPics How Does it Work? The idea has remained pretty much the same since then. Every two weeks teachers and folks in ELT are invited to take and share photos on a given theme. This theme is publicised on facebook and twitter by the now curators: @cgoodey, @elt_pics, @fionamau, @JulieRaikou, @mkofab, @sandymillin, and @vickyloras using the hashtag #eltpics. This means that if you have a Facebook account or a Twitter account and follow the hashtag #eltpics, you will be kept up to date. Teaching Village Hi! I’m Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto. I’m an English teacher currently living in Kitakyushu, Japan.

Top 10 Educational Technology Blogs for Teachers The importance of this list;lies in the fact that it provides teachers and educators with an easy to access collection of educational blogs they can follow or check to keep updated about educational technology and to learn how to integrate this technology into their day-today teaching. We sharing with you the top ten blogs featured in this list and you can head over to the original article to learn about the others. 1- iLearn Technology 2- Around The Corner 3- Educational Technology and Mobile Learning IGCSE Geography - Revision guide - Human settlements means the totality of the human community - whether city, town or village - with all the social, material, organizational, spiritual and cultural elements that sustain it. The fabric of human settlements consists of physical elements and services to which these elements provide the material support. The physical components comprise, Shelter, i.e. the superstructures of different shapes, size, type and materials erected by mankind for security, privacy and protection from the elements and for his singularity within a community; Infrastructure, i.e. the complex networks designed to deliver to or remove from the shelter people, goods, energy or information; Services cover those required by a community for the fulfilment of its functions as a social body, such as education, health, culture, welfare, recreation and nutrition.

for teachers by teachers I had a tough time in Mrs. Collard’s 2nd grade reading class. Though already a reader with books of my own at home, the skill-based phonics worksheets we were doing in class made no sense to me. NSW DEC Raps and Book Raps Current & planned raps Join a reading adventure! A rap supporting reading and literacy, this offers a range of exciting reading ideas, activities for K-10, resources and ebooks to dip into, and a space for you to share your reading adventures. Mobile Edition U.N. Climate Warning El Nino Return? Florida's Orchid Revival Andean Eruption Cyclone Ita Nicaraguan Quake Minah Menaces Global Temperature Extremes Contact Author

The Rapid eLearning Blog - Practical, real-world tips for e-learning success. In a previous post I mentioned how to find color schemes using color schemers. They're great tools to help find the right color palette for your courses. Personally I find them valuable because I have slight color blindness. So having a system that keeps me in line really helps. Use the Color Picker to Manually Create Color Schemes Another way to create color schemes to manually pick colors from an image.