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Multivariable. Free Calculus Ebooks. Calculus. Topics in Calculus. AP Calculus BC Course Home Page. The AP Calculus BC Exam. Exam Content In 1956, 386 students took what was then known as the AP Mathematics Exam.

The AP Calculus BC Exam

By 1969, still under the heading of AP Mathematics, it had become Calculus AB and Calculus BC. The Calculus BC exam covers the same differential and integral calculus topics that are included in the Calculus AB exam, plus additional topics in differential and integral calculus, and polynomial approximations and series. This is material that would be included in a two-semester calculus sequence at the college level. Because graphing calculator use is an integral part of the course, the exam contains questions that require students to use a graphing calculator. Calculus BC. Yet Another Calculus Text. CALCULUS.ORG. THE CALCULUS PAGE PROBLEMS LIST.