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Library - myAMATYC. Mathematicians Open a New Front on an Ancient Number Problem. As a high school student in the mid-1990s, Pace Nielsen encountered a mathematical question that he’s still struggling with to this day.

Mathematicians Open a New Front on an Ancient Number Problem

Courseware. CEMC. Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing. Math Resources - SLzUSD Math.

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Manipulative and Technology. Over 400 Ivy League classes are now free online. Kids aren't the only ones who can take online classes during our coronavirus-riddled time.

Over 400 Ivy League classes are now free online

Ivy League schools in the U.S. are offering 450 free courses for any adults who have spare time while trapped at home. And according to some of the reviews, these classes are for real. Expect to spend a good amount of hours per week watching lecture videos, completing assignments, and doing quizzes. So if you're interested in bettering yourself while social distancing, check out the plethora of subjects and courses offered below. Computer Science Computer science is where one can learn how to understand computers and computational systems beyond 'it's a machine with the internet on it.' Computer science also encompasses subjects such as cyber security, artificial intelligence, robotics, and solving human-computer interaction. Data Science. Free educational materials for teachers and families.

AlgebraByExample (usually Grades 8 or 9) 9 algebra topics, 42 individual assignments Students analyze and explain correctly and incorrectly worked examples targeting common errors in algebra and then work on similar problems on their own.

Free educational materials for teachers and families

MathByExample (Grades 4 & 5) 13 math topics, 125+ individual assignments Students analyze and explain correctly and incorrectly worked examples targeting common errors in math and then work on similar problems on their own.

Teaching Using COVID-19

Ancient Science: Mysterious Babylonian Tablet Could Hold Mathematical Secrets For Today's Researchers. An ancient Babylonian tablet whose purpose has been a longstanding mystery reveals that the ancient Mesopotamian civilization beat the Greeks to the discovery of trigonometry by more than 1,000 years, researchers say—and their methodology might even hold lessons for modern-day mathematicians.

Ancient Science: Mysterious Babylonian Tablet Could Hold Mathematical Secrets For Today's Researchers

The tablet, Plimpton 322, was discovered in the early 1900s in present-day Iraq, according to, and researchers have puzzled over its function ever since. It displays four columns and 15 rows of numbers in the contemporary cuneiform script composed in a base 60, or sexagesimal, system. Dr. Daniel Mansfield, of the School of Mathematics and Statistics in the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Faculty of Science, Sydney, says his research has unearthed the tablet's true meaning. His paper, co-authored with UNSW Associate Professor Norman Wildberger, was published in Historia Mathematica. Quadratic Method: Detailed Explanation. Alternative Method of Solving Quadratic Equations If you find and with sum and product , then , and they are all the rootsTwo numbers sum to when they are Their product is when Square root always gives valid Thus work as and , and are all the roots Known hundreds of years ago (Viète)Known thousands of years ago (Babylonians, Greeks) The individual steps of this method had been separately discovered by ancient mathematicians.

Quadratic Method: Detailed Explanation

The combination of these steps is something that anyone could have come up with, but after releasing this webpage to the wild, the only previous reference that surfaced, of a similar coherent method for solving quadratic equations, was a nice article by mathematics teacher John Savage, published in The Mathematics Teacher in 1989. Explanation of Quadratic Method, by Example The presentation below is based on the approach in my originally posted article, but goes further. Russ Herman - Open Source Mathematics. Open Source Software for Mathematics The high cost of standard mathematical packages is often a hardship for students and faculty (especially in third world countries).

Russ Herman - Open Source Mathematics

As a result, more people are joining the open source movement and are seeking ways to circumvent cost, storage and ownership. We review a diverse number of open source software in the ICTCM 2008 talk and accompanying paper. Everyday Open Source Applications List of Open Source Projects Portable Applications. Dlippman.imathas. Online Whiteboard and Collaboration -

Free Mathematics Whiteboard Applet. Last January, I posted a link of an electronic whiteboard that teachers can use for classroom presentations.

Free Mathematics Whiteboard Applet

This time, there is a better applet that you can use for presenting as well as teaching mathematics. This applet was created using Dbook, a Japanese software that enables teachers to create intereactive electronic books. The Top 5 Online Math Tutor Tools – Katie Tutors Math. Some of the products I recommend below have affiliate links.

The Top 5 Online Math Tutor Tools – Katie Tutors Math

Nothing will cost you a penny extra, but I make a tiny bit of money when you purchase through my link. LaTeX for Geometry Proof Step 0: Study LaTeX Algebra first here.Step 1: Open LaTeX Equation Editor window (click here) Lesson 1: How to set up the table structure.

Copy and paste the code on the left box to LaTex Equation Editor. Interactive Statistical Calculation Pages. Electronics and Electrical Engineering Tools. An Engineers Quick References to Mathematics Algebra Help Math SheetThis algebra reference sheet contains the following algebraic operations addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.


Edwards-Penney-Calvis. Loan Calculator. A loan is a contract between a borrower and a lender in which the borrower receives an amount of money (principal) that they are obligated to pay back in the future.

Loan Calculator

Most loans can be categorized into one of three categories: Paying Back a Fixed Amount Periodically Use this calculator for basic calculations of common loan types such as mortgages, auto loans, student loans, or personal loans, or click the links for more detail on each. Paying Back a Lump Sum Due at Loan Maturity Paying Back a Predetermined Amount Due at Loan Maturity. Canons of page construction. The canons of page construction are a set of principles in the field of book design used to describe the ways that page proportions, margins and type areas (print spaces) of books are constructed. The notion of canons, or laws of form, of book page construction was popularized by Jan Tschichold in the mid to late twentieth century, based on the work of J.

A. van de Graaf, Raúl M. Rosarivo, Hans Kayser, and others.[1] Tschichold wrote, “Though largely forgotten today, methods and rules upon which it is impossible to improve have been developed for centuries.


Ethno. Pixar in a box: New on Khan Academy. Scientists Discover 15th Convex Pentagon Able To Tile A Plane. Consider the ceramic on the floor beneath you. Quantitative Literacy. Recreational Math. Cycloid Optical Illusion Will Boggle Your Mind. Optical illusions typically prey on your mind’s ability to fill in blanks in the visual stimulus it is receiving. Sometimes this can be so strong, your mind continues to be tricked even after it has been explained. Matematicas Visuales. In MatematicasVisuales you will find visual expositions of mathematical concepts. MatematicasVisuales intends to complement the work initiated by artiludios, a site with games, puzzles and mathematical curiosities. Reading Miguel de Guzmán I found a demonstration of the line of Simpson and the Steiner Deltoid.

It serves as an introduction to the geometry section. The concept of function and its graphical representation are a key concept and we dedicate special attention to it in the analysis section. Geometric representation of the complex numbers facilitates its visualization. Thinking in who have to start learning probability we have this section about this subject. CR Algebra Review.


Print Free Graph Paper. Dy/dan » Algebra: The Supplement. Differential Equations. Project MATHEMATICS! Mathematical Formula Tables. Making Math and Science Connections. Fill-It-In Outline Mathematics. Free Mathematics Resources OnLine. Graphers and Applets. Mathematics Assessment. Authentic Assessment in Mathematics Home Page. The Geometry Forum Summer '94 Workshop at Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA. The goal of this project was to collect and organize available INTERNET resources on Authentic Mathematical Assessment applicable to Secondary Schools. MacTutor History of Mathematics. Sage: Open Source Mathematics Software. Jim Loy's Mathematics Page.