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This week I worked with the Kindergarten classes to help the teachers integrate technology and math with their students. In Kindergarten, the students are typically using the iPads with content based apps to practice letter recognition, writing, and basic math, but I wanted the students to use the iPad as a creation tool just like the older students do in my schools. The students were working on CC standard K.MD.A.2 to describe and compare measurable attributes in which they compare to see which group has more than or less than. The students first used the app Make A Scene: Farmyard (FREE) to create a picture with two groups of animals, one with a greater number than the other. iPad Lesson: Educreations Math for Kindergarten iPad Lesson: Educreations Math for Kindergarten
How to do intermittent fasting » The Fast Diet If we were to distill the Fast Diet into a single sound-bite, it would all come down to 5:2. That’s five days of normal eating, with little thought to calorie control and a slice of pie for pudding if that’s what you want. Then, on the other two days, you just eat a quarter of your recommended daily calorie quota. How to do intermittent fasting » The Fast Diet
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It’s summer time and what better way to cool off than with homemade popsicles! These are my two favorite popsicle recipes and have never been able to pick which one I liked better, the strawberry coconut or the honeydew lime, so I decided to share them both with you! Need a reason to make these popsicles? Make for dessert at the summer BBQHave as an afternoon treat with your kidsPlanning a summer birthday party? There ya’ go.It’s sunny – what better excuse do you need?

{Recipes} Homemade Summer Popsicles & Free Printables!

{Recipes} Homemade Summer Popsicles & Free Printables!
gracefully50 | On your birthday: count your candles, count your years, count your blessings.
gracefully50 | On your birthday: count your candles, count your years, count your blessings.
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Napkins Catering Supplies - Catering Supplies specializes in wedding napkins and party napkins, plus Dunilin and Better than Linen napkins for any size event.
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DIY Burlap Table Numbers - Wedding Project Tutorial DIY Burlap Table Numbers - Wedding Project Tutorial I love working with burlap for two reasons. One, I adore the texture and rustic look of burlap. And two, because it’s pretty inexpensive compared to many other fabrics. You can buy it in bulk for big projects without breaking the bank.
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More and more teachers are scavenging the web, searching for free clip art for classroom use. Here's my list of websites that offer free clip art that teachers can use: Microsoft Office Clip Art. I've been using this for years. Free Clip Art for Teachers Free Clip Art for Teachers
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Lesson Plan- Birth of Jesus (1st grade on up) Birth of Jesus Objectives: The students will be able to - retell the story of Jesus’ birth - identify where Jesus was born and in what town - identify that Jesus was born on Christmas - identify Bethlehem on a map Review: Prayer, Take Home Sheet, and vocabulary from last week’s lesson and also Objects Used as Mass cards (show picture cards that we have done thus far) Vocabulary Words: (Write the words on the board and discuss with class) Lesson Plan- Birth of Jesus (1st grade on up)
Marissa Evans I had little experience in technology, and had never launched an iPhone app before, but I was determined to figure out how to do it and make it work. Following business school, I worked at a digital consulting firm in New York City where I would frequently meet with entrepreneurs. I deeply admired their work and considered the life of an entrepreneur to be my dream job: to have my own company, to build a team and to try and create something from nothing. Marissa Evans
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Themes — Linda Kaye’s Partymakers Themes — Linda Kaye’s Partymakers Fairy Party Birthday Box At some point or another, your little girl might become obsessed with the enchanted little fairies and want to dress up like one, act like one, and celebrate like one. Party Settings Choose an enchanting location for your party. An outdoor area, a back yard or garden work very nicely.
Think and Do Partners offers numerous home services to make your home life less hectic and less stressful. We act as your Personal Assistant to free up some time in your busy schedule. Below are some of the common home services we provide, but please contact us if you don’t see a particular service listed. Professional Housekeeping Move-in and move-out cleaning Packing and unpacking Filing, organizing, and coordinating Identify items for repair, replacement, and maintenance Schedule and supervise home repair services Schedule and receive home deliveries Schedule personal appointments Retrieve and sort mail Put out and bring in trash cans and recycling containers Plant care and gardening Managing and organizing personal accounts Household laundry Deliver and pick up dry cleaning Ironing Hemming, alterations, and minor repairs Transportation to and from appointments Pet sitting Dog walking Order, pick up, and delivery of food, supplies, or medications Assisting with medications Personal Assistant - Think and Do PartnersThink and Do Partners Personal Assistant - Think and Do PartnersThink and Do Partners
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fashion bloggers and lifestyle blogs by women over 40 When I set up this site I wanted to create a stylish outlet for women over 40 and a community where they can all get together and talk about style and life. To that end I have setup the style forum where we can get together, feature many fabulous 40+ women and style bloggers in our style interviews and organise frequent dressing challenges. Apart from many readers, I have also met lots of bloggers over 40 and I thought it would be great to bring them all together on this site as well. Although the sites are randomly arranged in no particular order (with people that I connect with or that send back the most traffic to 40+Style currently at the top), you can easily put them in alphabetical order by clicking the arrows above a column. Or just search by keyword. You can also arrange by country or name. fashion bloggers and lifestyle blogs by women over 40
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Wise Men Celebrating the Mass Lessons: (First Grade On Up) The celebration of Mass is a hard concept for younger students to understand and with the new Roman Missal being implemented on the first Sunday of Advent, November 27, 2011 makes it even harder. With that said I will attempt to produce various lessons to help students learn the parts of the Mass. The lessons will provide catechists, teachers, or parents with activities, crafts, games, puzzles, worksheets, etc. to use with their students or child to learn what goes on during Mass and what they should do. This will be geared for students first grade on up. Lesson Plans & Ideas
Lesson Plan- Birth of Jesus (1st grade on up)
Are you using the same comments on your report card, and starting to feel like it is mundane work? Here are some great report card comments that you might consider using. When writing comments on a report card, the most important thing to remember is to be honest about a student's progress. 100 Great Report Card Comments For K-6 Students

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Good quotes are often powerful words of wisdom that inspire, educate and even motivate a person to take action. They usually share common themes such as: Positive thinking leads to positive outcomesFailure is a stepping stone to successHelp yourself by helping othersDetermination, initiative and persistence are the foundation of success And yet these lessons of life are typically condensed into 1-2 lines.
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15 Favorite iPad Apps As Selected By Teachers

Out of 125 responses from teachers indicating their top 3 apps, these are the apps that were listed most often. Over the last few weeks, we ran a survey asking teachers to tell us about two or three of their favorite iPad apps that they use in an education-related context. Today we share the apps that were listed most often, and include some feedback from teachers regarding why they like them so much.
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