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Dessertbuzz. Molecular Gastronomy Recipes, Tips and Techniques. Chef Rubber. COCOA. Eat Out magazine. Meringue Desserts. Top Chocolate Blogs. Some say it’s a staple food.

Top Chocolate Blogs

Others say if chocolate is not in heaven they don’t want to go. Still others call it a sort of healing herb, especially when you consider the properties within dark chocolate. The Chocolate Life. Valrhona Chocolates. Meringue Desserts. Khymos » - dedicated to molecular gastronomy. Nordic Food Lab. GreenFuse Photos: Garden, farm & food photography. Home To Recipes & Chefs From The Great British Menu - Great British Chefs. Sweet Cuisine. Eat Out Magazine. Le blog de Philippe Blondiaux. Cake Decorating. The Something Awful Forums. Global sugar art. CHOW - Recipes, cooking tips, resources, and stories for people who love food.

CHOCOLAT FORM srl. Demarle. Paul Bocuse. Infusions 4 Chefs. Ramon Morato. Wilton Decorating. Cost Sector Catering magazine. Sweet Cuisine. Gabriel Riva. Oriol Balaguer. Home Chocolate Factory. JB Prince. Boiron. Ponthier. Ravifruit. Capfruit. SICOLY. Start [Discover Chocolate and Live La Vida Cocoa] This wiki was created to crowd source and Open Source the collection of the largest single repository of facts and resources related to chocolate on the Internet .

start [Discover Chocolate and Live La Vida Cocoa]

It was started by Clay Gordon, the author of Discover Chocolate and the creator and moderator of and is complementary to that community. As of October 17, 2011 there are about 50 member accounts contributing to this project. Jin Patisserie. PCB CREATION. The ChefsTalk Project.