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Ever since I tried a raspberry chocolate macaron from Jean-Paul Hévin a couple of weeks ago (they have outlets in HK), I've been reminising the complimentary taste of chocolate with tanginess of the raspberry. It reminded me a lot of Pierre Hermé's Mogador macarons, which as most of you know is a mix of milk chocolate and passion fruit hence having some similarity in terms of taste from the blend of chocolate with tangy fruit. Now that I've gotten my own copy of PH's Macarons book, I thought its time I tried recreating these Mogador macarons. Its probably one of the easier recipes in the book when it comes to sourcing for ingredients. Meringue Desserts Meringue Desserts
Meringue Desserts
Khymos » - dedicated to molecular gastronomy

Khymos » - dedicated to molecular gastronomy

by Martin Lersch / February 24th, 2014 With only 3 ingredients you can make a tasty gel within minutes. The gel is very fragile and easily “looses” liquid, in this case whey, which is seen as a clear drop under the spoon. This loss of liquid from a gel is known as syneresis. Some weeks ago, while doing research for Texture on gel formation in foods where no “external” hydrocolloid is added, I came across ginger milk curd (in Chinese: 姜汁炖奶/薑汁撞奶). With only three ingredients – milk, ginger and sugar – it immediately caught my attention.
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Home To Recipes & Chefs From The Great British Menu - Great British Chefs Home To Recipes & Chefs From The Great British Menu - Great British Chefs Duck for Dinner Quick, simple and delicious duck recipes from Britain's greatest chefs Duck breast with passion fruit sauce and crushed new potatoes Marcello Tully View recipe > Honey-glazed duck breast, pak choi, baby courgette and tomato couscous Adam Stokes
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Vendredi 23 mars 5 23 /03 /Mars 14:36 "La seule chose importante que j'ai apprise au fil des ans, c'est la différence entre prendre son travail au sérieux et se prendre soi-même au sérieux. Le premier est absolument nécessaire - le deuxième est catastrophique." Dame Margot Fonteyn. (1919-1991) Le blog de Philippe Blondiaux Le blog de Philippe Blondiaux
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Boiron Boiron Je suis fier de vous inviter à parcourir notre site et à découvrir Les vergers Boiron, une aventure familiale démarrée en 1942. Mon grand-père a fondé une première entreprise de négoce de fruits à Paris, puis mon père a lancé au début des années 1970 les premiers fruits transformés et surgelés, vendus sous forme de purée pour répondre aux besoins de ses clients pâtissiers. Nos fruits et légumes sont sélectionnés sur les meilleurs terroirs, récoltés à maturité, transformés selon des procédés adaptés, puis surgelés pour en préserver toutes les saveurs originelles. Ils sont assemblés par nos experts selon des méthodes inspirées de la vinification du champagne afin de garantir la constance de nos produits tout au long de l’année. Les vergers Boiron innovent jour après jour. Nous travaillons sans cesse de nouveaux fruits et nos emballages évoluent, pour être toujours plus pratiques.
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This wiki was created to crowd source and Open Source the collection of the largest single repository of facts and resources related to chocolate on the Internet . It was started by Clay Gordon, the author of Discover Chocolate and the creator and moderator of and is complementary to that community. As of October 17, 2011 there are about 50 member accounts contributing to this project. start [Discover Chocolate and Live La Vida Cocoa] start [Discover Chocolate and Live La Vida Cocoa]

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Top Chocolate Blogs Some say it’s a staple food. Others say if chocolate is not in heaven they don’t want to go. Still others call it a sort of healing herb, especially when you consider the properties within dark chocolate. Top Chocolate Blogs
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