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21st Century Learning

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Action mapping: Design lively elearning and training. Quick!

Action mapping: Design lively elearning and training

Design some elearning that has compelling activities and a real business impact! How? Try action mapping. I’ve been using a quick, visual process to design projects. I call it action mapping because it helps you change what people do, not just what they know. Here’s a slideshow with an overview. Open Educational Resources Meet Instructional Design. Well, we made it to 2015, the year in which we were supposed to have hover boards, flying cars, and the Cubs winning the World Series (that may still happen).

Open Educational Resources Meet Instructional Design

Back to the Future II gave us a glimpse of what 2015 might look like through the eyes of Doc Brown and Marty McFly. Despite the many great innovations we've developed since that 1989 movie, one constant remains in our world: paper. Introduction to Instructional Systems Design. Course Description Instructional Systems Design is the process of designing and developing instructional courses or materials that bring greater efficiency and effectiveness to acquiring knowledge or skills for learners.

Introduction to Instructional Systems Design

This free online course in Instructional Systems Design reviews important aspects such as learning theories and learning objectives and how they influence the design process. It also reviews the role of memory, needs analysis, and design models such as ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation). The Global Search for Education: How to Lead Well  "The existing model of collaboration between the public and private sectors limits innovation in sectors that are substantially publicly funded.

The Global Search for Education: How to Lead Well 

" - Esko Aho How do highly effective leaders lift their organizations to extraordinary levels of achievement? How do you they lead their people well and subsequently bring about change on a global scale? Andy Hargreaves, Alan Boyle and Alma Harris conducted an extensive seven-year global research study that focused on fifteen high-performing organizations in business, sports and education to find out the answers to these questions. Prepare to be inspired by their extensive research and their conclusions, which are the subject of Uplifting Leadership: How Organizations, Teams and Communities Raise Performance, a new book that Sir Ken Robinson predicts will "overturn many conventional assumptions about leadership.

" 10 Ted Talks That Will Help You to Make ELearning Meet Modern Learners’ Needs. Does your learning correspond with modern learner’s needs?

10 Ted Talks That Will Help You to Make ELearning Meet Modern Learners’ Needs

Recent Bersin by Deloitte research on changes transforming learners’ needs inspired us to share with you informative TED lectures that will help you to make your eLearning project satisfy modern learners’ needs and be appealing to society and market changes. Inspire, reinvent, revolutionize! "Someone, at some point, came up with this very bad idea that an ordinary individual couldn't make a difference in the world. I think that's just a horrible thing. " John Skoll Develop Creativity Rapidly changing environment, globalization, scarcity of resources and growth rates of human knowledge makes critical thinking and creativity the primary skills students need to obtain to get ready for an adult life. Andrew McAfee: What will future jobs look like? The Future of Learning. Remember the Jetsons?

The Future of Learning

That iconic family of the future depicted in the 1960s cartoon? They lived in a futuristic society marked by flying cars and advanced technology -- and yet, they learned in a lecture-based system with the teacher (albeit a robot one) directing the process from the front of the room. We have always struggled to envision the future, often superimposing new technology over our current views. What’s Our Vision for the Future of Learning? The following is an excerpt from Open: How We’ll Live, Work, and Learn in the Future written by British learning Futurist David Price.

What’s Our Vision for the Future of Learning?

By David Price For 150 years, formal education has adopted an ‘inside-out’ mindset – schools and colleges have usually been organised around the needs of the educators, not the learners. In areas such as research, this is nothing to be embarrassed about. The Future of Thinking. 21st Century Fluency Project. How Technology Has Impacted Education. The Current State Of Technology In K-12 6.60K Views 0 Likes What is the next device most students will soon purchase?

How many schools have a digital strategy? Top 10 Videos on 21st Century Learning. The Future of Education - Charting the Course of Teaching and Learning in a Networked World. The Future of Learning (Video & Report) Next Generation Science Standards. Hire Edupreneurs: Advice for School Start-Ups - Getting Smart by Guest Author -

“Hire Edupreneurs: Advice for School Start-Ups” by Jon Bacal first appeared on Blend My Learning.

Hire Edupreneurs: Advice for School Start-Ups - Getting Smart by Guest Author -

In the jargon-filled world of education, neologisms should be used sparingly. For a new school aimed at inspiring innovators and entrepreneurial leaders with a new learning model, the termedupreneur is indispensible. Edupreneur combines the concepts of education and entrepreneur – a person who undertakes any enterprise or venture, usually with considerable initiative and risk. Edupreneurs bring passion, imagination, grit and a sense of urgency in their zealous drive to create and constantly refine optimal learning for young people, organization-wide and for every learner. See my co-edupreneur Kerry Muse’s take on the concept, as well as former Medtronic CEO Bill George on innovative leadership.

Now seven months away from opening Venture Academy in Minneapolis, I’ve worked on 25 new school start-ups over the last 15 years. Teaching In The 21st Century. Top 10 Education Gamification Examples that will Change our Future. A Crash Course In EVIDENCE BASED TEACHING. Flexible Classrooms: Providing the Learning Environment That Kids Need. What is a 21st century teacher? People toss around terms in education and attach the words “21st century” to appear cutting edge or on the front end of trending ideas.

What is a 21st century teacher?

As a teacher in the 21st century, I find it amazing to see some of the things that are so-called 21st century and yet are no different from ideas from the 20th or even the 19th century. With that in mind, I reflected on what it takes to be a teacher in the 21st century and what such a teacher looks like. Obviously, a 21st-century teacher should be tall, handsome and have a sweet spot for superheroes. Beyond that, I think there are some key characteristics that good 21st-century teachers need. Be a connected educator. Be a master of technology. Interactive whiteboards are being used as chalkboards once were, computers are being used to make flash cards and tablets are being used to do word searches. Be a reflective practitioner.

Be an advocate. None of these ideas is radical or groundbreaking. 9 Characteristics Of 21st Century Learning. The label of “21st Century learning” is vague, and is an idea that we here at TeachThought like to take a swing at as often as possible, including: –weighing the magic of technology with its incredible cost and complexity –underscoring the potential for well thought-out instructional design –considering the considerable potential of social media platforms against its apparent divergence from academic learning Some educators seek out the ideal of a 21st century learning environment constantly, while others prefer that we lose the phrase altogether, insisting that learning hasn’t changed, and good learning looks the same whether it’s the 12th or 21st century.

9 Characteristics Of 21st Century Learning

At TeachThought, we tend towards the tech-infused model, but do spend time exploring the limits and challenges of technology, the impact of rapid technology change, and carefully considering important questions before diving in head-first. Classcraft – Make learning an adventure. “Classcraft saved my classroom! My class immediately changed behaviorally and academically after implementing it in my courses.“ — Roy Rodriguez, Public Speaking, Theatre & Debate, Grades 9-12, College Station, Texas. The 23 Best Game-Based Education Resources for 2014. Edudemic has covered game-based learning and gamification in the classroom on numerous occasions in the past. When learning becomes a game, it’s an enjoyable, effective experience for students and teachers alike.

We’ve curated 23 of the best game-based education resources for 2014. If your class hasn’t gotten its game on yet, then now is the time. The MindShift Guide to Digital Games and Learning. Some Struggles Teachers Face Using Games in the Classroom Lack of time and administrative support are just some of the obstacles to using games in the classroom.

Continue Reading. Four Inventive Games That Show Us the Future of Learning. By Tanner Higgin, Graphite I think of contemporary art as a kind of futurism. Artists tinker away in their studios like engineers, making challenging (often weird) things that reframe what’s possible.