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How to sew an infinity dress: free sewing pattern – beginner friendly! - Gathered. This clever multi-style frock that makes party dressing a doddle.

How to sew an infinity dress: free sewing pattern – beginner friendly! - Gathered

With a multitude of configurations giving you lots of different looks, this one dress will see you through many parties! Read on to find our free sewing pattern and learn how to sew an infinity dress. Whether you go demure, vampish, classic or asymmetric, this style gives you oodles of options to suit any occasion. What’s more, it’s simple and quick to make. How to Make a Teddy Bear - #10 Facial Features.

42 Extremely Creative No-Sew DIY Projects and Ideas – Page 27. How To Make The How Joyful Teddy Bear! Tutorial. Sock Dragon Stuffed Animal. DIY Adorable Sock Dragon. Sock animals are just fabulous and the process of making them is so much fun.

DIY Adorable Sock Dragon

Be sure to check out all the sock animal projects on my site HERE. I am excited to feature another DIY project to make a sock dragon. It look so adorable! It has the cutest little wings and spikes down his tail. How to DIY Adorable Sock Teddy Bear. Making some sock dolls are so fun.

How to DIY Adorable Sock Teddy Bear

I have posted DIY projects to make sock bunny, sock owl, sock piglet, sock monkey and so on. Now let’s make a sock teddy bear! Isn’t that adorable? It’s so soft and comfortable for the little hands, a perfect gift for your little ones! You can use old socks or socks that are missing the other half, which is a nice way of recycling. Here are the supplies you may need: Unjointed Memory Bear Making Project - Part 5 - Stuffing And Adding The Face.

How to sew a memory toy keepsake teddy bear. Posted underA day in my lifeBlogNEW Softie PatternsToy-making TIPS & TUTORIALS on2016-01-24 02:52:32 My NEW Melody Memory Bear Keepsake Sewing Pattern is ready to go!

How to sew a memory toy keepsake teddy bear

Now you can use this pattern to transform your child’s clothes into an everlasting memory keepsake – I have taken step-by-step photos to create a photo tutorial to show you just how much fun it is to sew your own Keepsake Teddy! *** PLEASE NOTE – this in ONLY a PHOTO TUTORIAL *** The FULL PATTERN IS NOT included here. Eyemu idées. (36) Pinterest. Teddy Bear Tutorial and Pattern : 5 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables. How to make a stuffed bear: The HowJoyful Bear. I started this project because I wanted to make something really special for our wedding photographers, so as a thank you present I made two of these stuffed teddy bears for their son and daughter.

How to make a stuffed bear: The HowJoyful Bear

I was so happy with how they turned out, so I decided to make a tutorial and share my pattern with all of you for FREE! This post contains affiliate links. Megan's Tiny Treasures: Free Teddy Bear Pattern - A simple softie to sew for Bearathon. Here's a very simple and quick to sew teddy bear softie for you to make.

Megan's Tiny Treasures: Free Teddy Bear Pattern - A simple softie to sew for Bearathon

Let's have a look at how to do it: Make a sturdy template from the pattern, by cutting it from cardboard or an old X-ray. Cut a piece of fabric approximately 35cm x 35 cm. If the fabric is stretchy, turn the square so that the most stretch is in the sideways direction. Fold fabric in half, from left to right. Place the template on doubled fabric and mark the outline with a felt pen or fabric marker. Pin the two layers of fabric together so that it will not shift while sewing. Sew all the way around the outline. Leaving a 5mm seam allowance, cut neatly all around the teddy bear. Baby Clothes Memory Bear Pattern and Tutorial — PACountryCrafts. And, because I felt like it, I took pictures of the process to make a tutorial to share!

Baby Clothes Memory Bear Pattern and Tutorial — PACountryCrafts

(They are a little dark, but it was winter.) You will need: ~clothing item to upcycle (or fabric)~lightweight, iron-on interfacing~scissors (paper and fabric!) ~thread~ribbon (optional)~fiberfill~sewing machine~hand sewing needle~bear pattern (available HERE) ***I have had a few people ask about sizing. ***Also, I have been getting some feedback on this pattern so I feel compelled to warn you that the resulting bear using this pattern usually looks more like the bear made with the purple onesie. 12+ Adorable DIY Memory Bears Pattern with Instructions. EASIEST Pillowcase - Only Three Seams. 25 Bag Sewing Patterns. What’s the Project?

25 Bag Sewing Patterns

If you love bags, you are going to really LOVE these free bag sewing patterns. More than 30 bags that you can choose from to sew for yourself or others. Everything from tote bags and purses, duffels and messengers, there’s something for everyone here! If it hasn’t already become apparent here at Crazy Little Projects, I love to sew bags. Thehappyhousewife. Fabric Gift Bag Tutorial. Traditional-style Fabric Gift Bags Instructions DIY step-by-step tutorial.Such a package will look much more effective than a normal gift bag, and if you sew it from a laminated fabric, you will get a great lunch pack that you can wash.

Fabric Gift Bag Tutorial

You will need: Cotton (two kinds) Thick hair elastic Holniten (4 pieces) Large button Cut two pieces, front and back. At the hair band, cut the tip and sew, as shown in the photo. Stitch the sides of the front panel. Then - the lining. Attach the lining inside, so that both parts are the wrong sides outward, and stitch, leaving a small area unscrewed for eversion. Turn out on the front side and manually sew the left hole with a hidden seam. Thread the lining inside. Secure the corners with holniten. Sew a button. 45+ Quick & Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners - For Creative Juice. Sewing is relaxing, fun, creative and a useful and rewarding skill.

45+ Quick & Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners - For Creative Juice

Sewing is an easy craft to learn. Even though you are unfamiliar with how sewing machines works, you can still learn to sew. Sewing your own projects can be so much fun and save you much money. Several hours spending on sewing can come for many things. When you start learning to sew, you should choose some simple, quick yet useful project you can have success with, and build the basic sewing skills from there. Cute DIY Drawstring Bag Tutorial – A Cup Of Thuy. I absolutely love drawstring bags, they’re so versatile! You can fill it with anything, and they don’t take up all the space that a makeup case does. It’s as small or as large as what’s inside! Easy Peasy DIY Travel Bags (+ Make Something Pink to Support Breast Cancer Awareness!) As promised, we’ve got a pink DIY project just made for jet setters. Before we get to the how-to, we’re pumped to tell you about how you can support breast cancer awareness by making something pink and sharing it with us right here!

Simply submit a photo of something pink (DIY, baked good, a super awesome outfit) by pressing the button below, and we’ll donate $1 to the Young Survival Coalition for every upload. We’ll feature the best and brightest submissions next week, and every entrant will have the chance to win a pack of panties from our friends at True&Co. Enter the contest Now, onto the tutorial! Materials: – 3 printed pieces of fabric (1/4 yard each) – drawstring or shoelaces Tools: – fabric scissors. No Sew Pouch - No Sew Drawstring Bag - Cute & Easy DIY. Trouser Fitting Tips – Koerbs Bros Stitch Designs. Today I would like to share the newest pattern release, the Ladies Siren Trousers, and a few fitting tips to get that perfect look. These pants are part of the Fall Pattern Showcase hosted by Becca at Free Notion. If you haven’t checked it out yet, head on over and take a look at all of the featured fall patterns.

The Showcase runs through the end of the month. Ok, back to the Siren Trousers. If you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, they are posted here (don’t forget the join the Facebook group and grab the discount code), but these tips can be used on any pants or shorts pattern you may have. First, measure your waist, high hip and hips and go ahead and cut out your pattern pieces per the measurement chart.

How to keep your tights from falling down. Ever wondered how much better the world would be if a pair of tights existed that didn't fall down every five seconds? Tumblr Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Ever wondered how much more sophisticated you'd look if you didn't have to stop to do the awkward yanking the tights up shimmy when they're getting dangerously low? Paramount Ever wondered what life would feel like if you didn't have to constantly worry about your tights crotch getting so low it is visible under your skirt?

Tights have been colluding to ruin lives since before a year we can even think of - and they've been doing a pretty good job, until now. Thanks to the power of social media and some clever people in the world sharing their advice, we now have countless ways in which to stick two fingers up to our tights. The latest in the series is all about keeping those pesky buggers in place and the solution is so easy you'll be annoyed you didn't think about it sooner. 25 Things to Sew in Under 10 Minutes. Make The Best of Things: You CAN Repair Your Blue Jeans! Yup, everyone's got 'em. Those once expensive blue jeans with mysterious rips and blow outs at the seams and pockets! The Welding Man will wear his jeans as long as there are seams and not much else but for the rest of the fam, sometimes we want to salvage our jeans and our dignity.

You know what I'm talking about...those gaping holes in the involving the the whole crotch area. View the disasters below..... Unfixable, right? How to repair Ripped Jeans. Everyone has had a favorite pair of jeans that they have ripped. It can be so frustrating, especially if the rip is not on a seam! Knees, butt, and crotch rips are the most common, and those are the repairs that can be really difficult to fix. Well, there’s good news for you!