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P1 Weyerhaeuser Recreation - Find A Permit. Logging in Oregon. Logging industry, pacific northwest, old photos.

North cascades

Fossil hunting along the Sunset Highway. Mud is us!

Fossil hunting along the Sunset Highway

If you spend much time squelching through Oregon’s soggy landscapes you might get the feeling that we have only recently squeezed from the primordial mud. And that might not be too far off, if you permit me to readjust your watch to count eons instead of minutes. Washington Mining Claims. Map Tip× Zoom in FirstThen choose a Base Layer To stay InformedAbout Land Matters Updates Subscribe to the Landmark Newsletter Customize Your MapRight Click on any Layer name and choose "transparency" to blend your Map Layers The.

Washington Mining Claims

ArcGIS Web Application. How to Find an Abandoned Mining Claim in 9 Easy Steps. For those interested in having a mining claim of their very own, it helps to remember that claims are sometimes abandoned by their holders or forfeited for failure to comply with the requirements for maintaining them.

How to Find an Abandoned Mining Claim in 9 Easy Steps

If you could get a list of recently abandoned and forfeited claims you might -- with a little research to confirm that no one else has already grabbed them -- find one you could file on and obtain for yourself. Fortunately, such a list is available from the United States Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Better yet, you can get it on-line for free.

The BLM even has a free tutorial document that explains step-by-step how to go about customizing such a list to your geographical area of interest. The link to the BLM tutorial document is: As I discovered some differences between the current web pages and those described in the BLM tutorial, I have written out the steps below as I found them at present: Step 1 - Connect to the LR2000 website at. Map of Mining Claims In Washington. MiamiWatershedAnalysis. OGv50all. Historic Oregon Topographic Maps, 1898-1993. The Historic Oregon Topographic Maps consist of superceded or obsolete topographic maps published by the U.S.

Historic Oregon Topographic Maps, 1898-1993

Geological Survey. The maps cover all of Oregon as well as small portions of the bordering states of California, Idaho, and Washington. The bulk of the collection consists of 1:24,000 (7.5 min) quadrangle maps that were issued predominantly in the 1950s through 1970s and 1:62,500 (15 min) quadrangle maps which date from 1906 to the early 1970s. The maps depict topography; vegetation cover; rivers and lakes; roads, railroads, and other transportation; political boundaries; and the boundaries of national forests and parks.

Of special note are topographic maps of the Willamette Valley and vicinity that were prepared in the 1900s-1910s; these depict the southern and central Willamette Valley from Springfield and Eugene to Albany. Ger usgs topo index 1933. Ger publications list. Oregon Caves National Monument. Location and Importance N southern Oregon, in Josephine County, 52 miles southwest of Grants Pass, are situated the Oregon Caves.

Oregon Caves National Monument

The Caves are set aside as a national monument within the Siskiyou National Forest. The main entrance is on the west side of the divide between the Illinois and Applegate Rivers, about 4,000 feet above sea level and 1,500 feet below the main summit, at the head of Cave Creek.


Waterfall near Cape Arago,Coos Bay,oregon. Weatherproof Cork Jacket - MacLeods Scottish Shop. Schemers sought to seize Peter Iredale shipwreck, sell for scrap. Clackamas County man claimed his father had bought the salvage rights in 1908, setting off a huge dust-up among residents, beachgoers and politicians, who scrambled to protect the landmark wreck.

Schemers sought to seize Peter Iredale shipwreck, sell for scrap

He almost got away with it, too.

Native americans

Oregon Wild Newsletter Fall 2011. Search Results. Advanced Search Login Bookmarks History.

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Eagle Creek falls. Advanced Search Login Bookmarks History Eagle Creek falls Title Eagle Creek falls.

Eagle Creek falls

Mill Creek Falls. Advanced Search Login Bookmarks History Mill Creek Falls Title Mill Creek Falls.

Mill Creek Falls

Waterfalls on Elk Creek. Advanced Search Login Bookmarks History Waterfalls on Elk Creek Title.

Waterfalls on Elk Creek

Search Results. Bedrock chutes and falls. Advanced Search Login Bookmarks History Bedrock chutes and falls Title. A little waterfall on the Salmon River. Advanced Search Login Bookmarks History A little waterfall on the Salmon River Title A little waterfall on the Salmon River. Congress Slashes $101 Million From National Park Service Budget. More To Come? One-thirteenth of 1 percent of the $3.55 trillion federal budget gets you funding for the entire National Park System and the agency that oversees it, according to National Parks Conservation Association analysts. Yet that miniscule sliver hasn't stopped Congress from eyeing the National Park Service for cuts to help rein-in the $1.5 trillion federal deficit. That one-thirteenth of 1 percent of the federal budget keeps places like Old Faithful and Gettysburg open for your enjoyment and education, makes it possible for you to walk the beaches at Cape Cod, Cape Hatteras, and Point Reyes national seashores, and puts on display the wonders of Mesa Verde National Park, Mammoth Cave National Park, and Dinosaur National Monument.

That one-thirteenth of 1 percent, however, is not enough to keep the Park Service from running roughly $600 million shy of its annual funding needs, according to the NPCA. According to a chart (above) Mr. "... Stelprd3845381. CemeteryList. SunCalc - sunrise, sunset, shadow length, sun position, sun phase, sun height, sun calculator, sun eclipse, sun movement, map, sunlight phases, elevation, Photovoltaic system, Photovoltaic. Calculation of sun’s position in the sky for each location on the earth at any time of day. Home > Solar tools > Sun Position Insert this map tool in your site Back to top Content | Data + Map | Chart Polar | Chart Cartesian | Table | Annual sun path | shadow | download PDF Annual sun path. Total Solar Eclipse 2017 - Eclipse Animations. Animations!

Here are some truly fantastic animations, provided by Ernie Wright of NASA, that give wonderful VISUAL explanations of the eclipse! Please be patient, as they may take a second to load! Cave and Mine Adventures. Descriptions of Selected Park Caves - Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks (U.S. National Park Service) Shannon Nieland at Kumback Shelter, Oct. 1978. This old trail shelter, located along an abandoned trail, it is difficult to find. View topic - Starway to Falls on Star Creek - 7/6/08. View topic - Star Way and Star Creek Falls. How To Rappel or Why You Need To Spread Your Legs (Not in a Nasty Way) A Wildwood falls (at Brice creek) Cave dive above Cottage Grove Oregon. Pacific Northwest Stream Survey. Ape Canyon - ropewiki. Lillian Halseth Taylor - Lower Breitenbush Hot Springs History. View topic - 1928 train wreck in the columbia river gorge.

Ghost Town of Palmer, Oregon - Pacific Northwest Photoblog. Error 403. It's My Life sheet music and tabs - Bon Jovi. Hand Drilling and Breaking Rock for Wilderness Trail Maintenance - 84232602 - FS Publications - Publications - Recreational Trails. Breaking Rock. Coast Range Association. Special Announcement: All National Forests in Oregon to get new forest plans over the next two years. The Forest Service has already completed 40% of the work to revise all national forest plans in the area of the Northwest Forest Plan (NWFP). The NWFP covers all federal forests in Washington and Oregon west of the Cascade crest. 31 Things That Will Make Camping With Your Kids So Much Easier.

Multi-Purpose Pack. 686 Industrial Snow Tool Belt. 6f8282c3ca1272d7dd035a9e6d1f11f9.jpg (JPEG Image, 736 × 736 pixels) NGMDB Product Description Page. Spooky Scary Things.