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All datasets - OpenSpending. Defining the Open in Open Data, Open Content and Open Services. Promoting Open Knowledge in a Digital Age. Welcome - OpenSpending. International Open Data Hackathon. Sunlight Labs. Sunlight at the International Open Data Hackathon. This past Saturday was the second annual International Open Data Hackathon, a globally coordinated day for people to gather and hack on open public data from the world's governments.

Sunlight at the International Open Data Hackathon

As part of this, POPVOX hosted an Open Data event here in DC at the MLK Memorial Public Library. Several Sunlighters showed up, and we had a pretty great time. Andrew and I came expecting to work alone on our project, an ambitious attempt to bridge the data gap between legislation and the regulations they generate, that we're tentatively titling Crosslaws. Instead, after we (and everyone else) described our project to the room at the start of the day, we had 6 people come to our table and ask how they could help - 5 of whom weren't developers at all.

Drew and Daniel went to the hackathon to work on their statistical analysis of USASpending data, using Benford's Law. Sunlight Labs Projects. 180 Degrees description retired Identify attendees of influential hearings and events.

Sunlight Labs Projects

Ad Hawk mobile description retired Identify political TV and radio ads. Call on Congress description retired Toll-free service to learn about and call Congress. Capitol Words description Explore and compare what Congress says. Checking Influence description retired See the political activity behind your everyday spending. Open State Project: freeing state legislative information.

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Hong kong : Données publiques / Open Data

We believe that PSI is not only a valuable source of reference, but may also generate valuable applications. Facilitating value-added re-use of PSI will be conducive to the development of Hong Kong as a knowledge-based economy. To this end, the Government launched on 31 March 2011 an 18-month pilot scheme (i.e. from 31 March 2011 to 30 September 2012) to make available via geo-referenced public facility data and real-time traffic data for free download and value-added re-use by the public.

The geo-referenced public facility data include names, addresses and co-ordinates, etc. of public facilities such as government offices, hospitals, schools, country parks as well as recreational, cultural and sports venues. All these data are freely downloadable and re-usable during pilot scheme and some are in the XML format for convenient data transfer and processing by computers.

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Belgique : Données publiques / Open Data

Recherche d’open data Actuellement, le nombre d’ensembles de données est assez limité, mais il grandira rapidement. Participants - Développeurs Si vous acceptez les conditions d’utilisation, vous pouvez demander de l’aide dans votre recherche d’ensembles de données et lancer des suggestions d’améliorations. Participants - Gouvernements Si vous travaillez pour une administration belge (de quelque niveau que ce soit) ou un parastatal, vous pouvez poser votre candidature en tant qu’éditeur de données ouvertes, ce qui vous permettra d’ajouter vos propres ensembles de données et recevoir en retour les avis de la communauté open data.

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