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Ferramentas úteis, programas, etc.

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Contador de palavras - Analisador estatístico de textos. ScoreCloud - Free music notation software - Best composition tool! : ScoreCloud. Tune into chords. Contador de palavras - Analisador estatístico de textos. COMO AUMENTAR A CAPACIDADE DO SEU CARTÃO DE MEMORIA OU PEN DRIVE. Free Music Archive. Blog - Expresii 寫意. PackageRadar - track the delivery process of your online orders. Package tracking made easy! Menthor. Ele coloca a fita adesiva no telefone e pinta com marcadores: quando ele filma, o que acontece é incrível.

Apache OpenOffice - A Suíte de Produtividade Aberta e Gratuíta. Download online videos with and convert them to MP3 from Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo videos for free. Soluções e ferramentas para Jornalistas. Facebook Video Downloader Online. Virtual Human Anatomy Studio. Fevereiro 14, 2010 Abismo Infinito Download, Softwares 3D, Download, Facial X-pression Studio, Softwares, VFDS, Virtual Figure Drawing Studio, Virtual Hand Studio, Virtual Human Anatomy Studio Eu já mencionei antes a importância do conhecimento da anatomia realista para artistas que possuem traços mais caricatos.

Virtual Human Anatomy Studio

Pois agora trago um pacote de programas 3D com modelos bem melhores que aqueles manequins de madeira que você comprou pelo olho da cara. Transforma sua foto em preto e branco - Criar Banner. Aguarde!

Transforma sua foto em preto e branco - Criar Banner

Escolha primeiramente a fotografia no seu computador, em seguida clique em "Enviar foto"! Neste tutorial você vai aprender como transformar foto em preto e branco. Uma Solução Grátis para todos os Problemas PDF. Dividir PDF - Extrair páginas do seu PDF. Do Google Drive Da Dropbox Como dividir arquivos PDF Envie seu arquivo através de arrastar e soltar ou prima "escolher arquivo".

Dividir PDF - Extrair páginas do seu PDF

Selecione as páginas para salvar em um novo arquivo. WeTransfer. HD Externo pedindo para formatar - Recuperando os arquivos. Como baixar vídeos de QUALQUER site sem programas. A dúvida chegou através dos comentários há algumas horas aqui no nosso site.

Como baixar vídeos de QUALQUER site sem programas

Smithsonian Digitizes & Lets You Download 40,000 Works of Asian and American Art. Art lovers who visit my hometown of Washington, DC have an almost embarrassing wealth of opportunities to view art collections classical, Baroque, Renaissance, modern, postmodern, and otherwise through the Smithsonian’s network of museums.

Smithsonian Digitizes & Lets You Download 40,000 Works of Asian and American Art

From the East and West Wings of the National Gallery, to the Hirshhorn, with its wondrous sculpture garden, to the American Art Museum and Renwick Gallery—I’ll admit, it can be a little overwhelming, and far too much to take in during a weekend jaunt, especially if you’ve got restless family in tow. (One can’t, after all, miss the Natural History or Air and Space Museums… or, you know… those monuments.) In all the bustle of a DC vacation, however, one collection tends to get overlooked, and it is one of my personal favorites—the Freer and Sackler Galleries, which house the Smithsonian’s unique collection of Asian art, including the James McNeill Whistler-decorated Peacock Room. (See his “Harmony in Blue and Gold” above.) via Kottke Related Content: Photoshop Tutorials. Photoshop CS6: Your Ultimate Overview. Have you just bought Photoshop CS6?

Photoshop CS6: Your Ultimate Overview

Are you thinking about buying it? Whatever your situation, it’s worth learning what’s new and improved in CS6 so that you can make the most of your decision. Our latest guide, “What’s New in Photoshop CS6, Your Ultimate Overview”, will have you using the best of the new Photoshop CS6 features in no time at all. Our Photoshop expert Azamat “Bohed” E. has put together this step-by-step guide to Photoshop CS6 in order to get you up to speed with the new tools as quickly as possible. Whether you’re looking to get the most out of your newly-purchased copy of CS6 or wondering whether it’s worth the upgrade, this ultimate outline will teach you all of the tricks and tools the latest version of earth’s best photo manipulation software can offer.

Table Of Contents §1? §2? §3? §4? §5? 1. Learn Photoshop CS6. Prezi - Software de Apresentação. Downloader de YouTube Online e Grátis: Baixe vídeos do YouTube, Facebook e muitos outros! An Introduction to Adobe Illustrator. For those that are new to the graphic design gig, welcome.

An Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

Let this tutorial be your tour guide to one of the most gruesome (yet rewarding) professions ever and you will find your stay slightly more pleasant. For the newbies out there, Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based drawing program that is often used for graphic design. Utilizing the program will help you create complicated patterns and designs faster and more efficiently than one normally could on pencil and paper or other traditional methods.

Let start with the program basics.? Feel free to let my know if I’ve left anything out of my brief introduction of Adobe Illustrator. Keyboard shortcuts Adobe actually has a really comprehensive library of ‘keyboard shortcuts‘ for all their programs. It’s also possible to set your own keyboard shortcuts or import a custom set that others have set up and optimized for your designing experience. Making Basic Shapes in Adobe Illustrator Up in the depth of your tool palette is the shape tool. Uma Solução Grátis para todos os seus Problemas PDF. Curso de treinamento do Office 2013 - Treinamento. Unzip Online: Uncompress and Convert Archives Online. O desproteger um pdf. PDFUnlock! - Unlock secured PDF files online for free.