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Hyper-tokenism II: Othering the Black Female Body in 'Sta. In 2014, just a few months after winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her emotionally draining and physically exposed role as “Patsey” in Steve McQueen’s "12 Years a Slave" (2013), it was announced that Lupita Nyong’o would be cast in J.J.

Hyper-tokenism II: Othering the Black Female Body in 'Sta

Abrams’ reboot of the "Star Wars" franchise for its new owner The Disney Studios.(1) Nyong’o’s addition to the cast along with John Boyega and Oscar Isaac’s casting announcements gave new hope to many "Star Wars" fans of color who have long wanted to see greater racial diversity within George Lucas’ beloved and globally entertaining space fantasy film. Later in May of 2015, it was publically announced that the character that Lupita Nyong’o was cast to play would be a CGI character rendered through the complex technical process of motion capture most successfully done with actor Andy Serkis as Gollum in Peter Jackson’s "he Lord of the Rings" trilogy.

Regardless of director J.J. Glick_Fiske[1] Jill Peters: Documenting sworn virgins, women who live as men in Albania (PHOTOS). Jill Peters.

Jill Peters: Documenting sworn virgins, women who live as men in Albania (PHOTOS).

“Sworn virgins” (burrneshas in Albanian) are Albanian women who decide to ignore their female identity and live as men in the Balkans. Photographer Jill Peters traveled to Northern Albania to meet and photograph these women. The decision to live as men is more related to gender roles in the Albanian culture rather than a statement of sexuality; these women live their lives appearing as men. Wikipedia Declares War On Women, Gives Anti-Feminist Males Control Over Gender And Sexuality Entries. The anti-feminist GamerGate war rages on, and now Wikipedia has joined the sexist pigs by barring female editors from working on entries that deal with women’s issues, effectively giving control of these entries to the He-Man woman haters club.

Wikipedia Declares War On Women, Gives Anti-Feminist Males Control Over Gender And Sexuality Entries

As you’ll recall, GamerGate centers around sexist and misogynistic attacks against women in the gaming industry. Since August 2014, a group consisting of male gamers have targeted females in the industry with threats of violence and harassment, including rape and death threats. Karen Barad. Karen Michelle Barad (born April, 1956) is an American feminist theorist best known for her theory of Agential Realism.

Karen Barad

She is currently Professor of Feminist Studies, Philosophy, and History of Consciousness at the University of California, Santa Cruz.[1] She is the author of Meeting the Universe Halfway: Quantum Physics and the Entanglement of Matter and Meaning.[2][3] Her research topics include feminist theory, physics, twentieth-century continental philosophy, epistemology, ontology, philosophy of physics, cultural studies of science, and feminist science studies.[4] Barad earned her doctorate in theoretical physics at Stony Brook University.

Her dissertation presented computational methods for quantifying properties of quarks, and other fermions, and in the framework of lattice gauge theory. 50 Fierce Femmes — Jack Tar 207. August 13, 2014 Since sharing the Fifty Fierce Femmes post two months ago, Jack Tar 207 has received both positive and negative feedback, for which, ALL of which, we are so grateful.

50 Fierce Femmes — Jack Tar 207

We created the post to honor fifty people who identify as Femme. We wanted to begin a conversation about femme visibility, meant to inspire more conversations with and by more femmes and people who appreciate them. In curating this post, we made mistakes. We would like to apologize, and make amends where we are able. # TOPIE IMPITOYABLE /// The Space a Body Occupies: Marianne Wex’s Striking Gendered Photos. Excerpt of the book “Let’s Take Back our Space”: ‘Female’ and ‘Male’ Body Language as a Result of Patriarchal Structures by Marianne Wex (Frauenliteraturverlag Hermine Fees, 1979).

# TOPIE IMPITOYABLE /// The Space a Body Occupies: Marianne Wex’s Striking Gendered Photos

Regular readers of the Funambulist will have probably noticed the recent recurrence of articles dedicated to questions of body. This finds an explanation in the nature of my current research for an upcoming book that French publisher D-Fiction was kind enough to propose as a project. This book will explore the political relationships a body develops with design (more on that soon). Twerk, vogue, krump, bounce : danses révoltantes et révoltées de la société de consommation ? - SDH. Je me sens obligée d'écrire quelque chose sur le Twerk et ses origines, vu que hier soir nous avons eu un débat assez agité avec les copines sur la question de la réappropriation culturelle « bonne » ou « mauvaise » du Twerk par les milieux blancs (genre Miley Cyrus etc.) et la pertinence du Twerk d'un point de vue artistique et politique.

Twerk, vogue, krump, bounce : danses révoltantes et révoltées de la société de consommation ? - SDH

Le récent clip bien mal influencé de Lily Allen et la récupération/dénaturation a aussi eu ses effets bien pervers. We should all be feminists - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie at TEDxEuston. Genderfuck. A genderfuck, or gender fuck or gender-fuck, is the conscious or unconscious effort to mock or "fuck with" traditional notions of gender identity, gender roles, and gender presentation which assume that one's identity, role and orientation is determined by one's sex assigned at birth.[1] This activity has also been called genderbending.[2] Traditional notions of gender assume that one will identify, act and appear in accordance with normative values of masculinity and femininity depending on one's biological sex.


Genderfucking can also fall under the umbrella of the transgender spectrum, which includes a variety of individuals, behaviors, and groups that tend to deviate from the traditional gender expectations, although genderfuck and transgender are not synonymous. Trans man Max Wolf Valerio points out that "the conflation of genderfuck Into the transmovement has confused and eroded authentic transsexual voices. History[edit] The term starts to appear in written documents in the 1970s. Green Screen: The Lack of Female Road Narratives and Why it Matters. This essay has been drawn from the February/March issue of the American Reader, available here.

Green Screen: The Lack of Female Road Narratives and Why it Matters

Grandir sans genre attitré : l’expérience de Malin Björn. Un samedi, dans le métro.

Grandir sans genre attitré : l’expérience de Malin Björn

Une mère, son bébé. Identité de genre: le Népal et l'Australie ouvrent une troisième voie. [mise à jour, 18 juin] Ajout de la réaction de l’Organisation Internationale des Intersexués Australie Le Népal et l’Australie ont reconnu dans les dernières semaines que des citoyen-ne-s échappent à la division binaire «homme» ou «femme». À Katmandou comme à Canberra, une nouvelle nomenclature a été élaborée pour les papiers d’identité: «X» en Australie, c’est-à-dire que le genre ne sera pas spécifié, et «transgenre» au Népal.

TROISIÈME GENRE «Nous admettons que les personnes puissent être reconnues ou identifiées au sein de la communauté par un genre autre que celui qui leur a été assigné à la naissance, ou par un genre non déterminé», a indiqué le procureur général d’Australie dans un communiqué publié le 14 juin. Aucune intervention chirurgicale ne sera requise, pas plus qu’un traitement hormonal. Devadâsî. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Les devadâsî - littéralement servante de la divinité - étaient, dans l'hindouisme, des femmes consacrées au temple dès leur plus jeune âge, considérées comme des épouses de la divinité, surnommées « femmes à jamais favorables » (leur mari, Dieu, ne pouvant mourir de leur vivant) qui jouissaient de libertés sexuelles auxquelles les autres femmes mariées à un « mortel » n'avaient pas accès.

Le gouvernement indien a interdit cette pratique dans les années 1980. Culture du viol : un colloque regrette la suralcoolisation des filles. Jonathan Ned Katz. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Pour les articles homonymes, voir Katz. Lillian Faderman. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Biographie[modifier | modifier le code] Elle commence à s'affirmer comme lesbienne alors que prévalent la discrétion et les faux mariages entre gays et lesbiennes.

Deux députés veulent une enquête sur la «théorie du genre» Les députés se sont prononcés en début de semaine pour une commission d’enquête sur le travail des services de renseignement dans l’affaire Merah. Peut-être devront-ils bientôt voter pour déterminer s’ils souhaitent aussi investiguer sur... le genre. Elle travaille aux corps.

Neurosexisme : la guerre est déclarée - Fondamental. Culture du viol. Joystick : apologie du viol et culture du machisme. "Legitimate Rape" Pharmaceutical Ad (TW)