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Video Writing Prompts

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Iowa, Did You Know? Things in Slow Motion (compilation) The Majestic Plastic Bag - A Mockumentary. Yoda- "Size Matters Not" The Joy of Books. Think different. Barack Obama Singing Born This Way by Lady Gaga. Be the change that you want to see in this world. The Hunger Games trailer. Teacher Express - Checkout. My story. Social Media Revolution 2011. Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins Book Trailer. Video Writing Prompts. Halloween Light Show 2010 HD - Monster Mash. 20 Incredible TED Talks You Should Show Your High School Students | Online College Courses. What makes TED such an appealing web series and organization is its desire to offer up a little something for everyone. This includes high school students and the teachers who love, hate, or tolerate them.

Honestly, pretty much any video hosted there boasts its own educational value, but some hold more relevance than others. Whether they empower and inspire, shine a light on social injustices or simply show off some seriously cool innovations, the following 20 videos are bound to make class time just a little more interesting. Viktor Frankl: Why to believe in othersFrom TED’s Best of the Web series comes a fabulous lecture by influential psychiatrist, philosopher, and Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl. Reel Wisdom Lessons from 40 Films in 7 Minutes. Famous Failures. Teaching Videos. Education Video Library. Digital Media and Learning. How fun can change people's decisions - The Piano Stairway. :: The Years Are Short :: Jain - Sacred Geometry & Vedic Mathematics. Beau Studio. The Power of Words.

Reel Wisdom: Lessons from 40 Films in 7 Minutes. Marine Tribute "On My Watch Tonight" TEACH ME HOW TO STUDY.