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Mark Foster Gage's Manhattan Skyscraper Takes Gothic Architecture to New Heights. 20 Home Decor Cheat Sheets That Will Have You Decorate Like a Pro. You won't believe but these Creative Houses exist in the World - FluxCrux. We all love to have a pretty house with a courtyard and pool beside some amazing scenic beauties.

You won't believe but these Creative Houses exist in the World - FluxCrux

But there are some people who are willing to render a unique structure to their houses. Some creative houses that worth appreciation and recognition are: 1. Transparent House, Japan. Tech Insider - Futuristic 'pancake' skyscraper. 10 New Trends of Logo Design for 2015. When the foundation of a business firm is laid, the most cardinal aspect that can help in the development of a business’ stance is a logo, a trendy creative logo plays an important role in making up the impression and to display the perspective of the firm.

10 New Trends of Logo Design for 2015

New and latest techniques come into the world of art and design so people can get the best outcome in the most possible ways. Experts are coming up with new logo trends to give new directions to the genre of logo designs so I am presenting before you 10 new trends of logo design for 2015. 1. These Vector Logos for Animals are Awesome. Graphic designer Tom Anders Watkins created a wonderful series of vector animal logos that have been receiving plenty of accolades on the creative showcase website, Behance.

These Vector Logos for Animals are Awesome

The 19-year-old, half Finnish half English artist is currently studying Creative Advertising at the University of Lincoln (UK) and hopes to pursue a career in advertising after graduation. You can see much more of his design work on Behance as well as his personal website. [via Behance] Paid Content:Paid Content:Paid Content:Paid Content:Paid Content: Recycled Plastic Bottles Partially Filled with Colored Water Used to Create a Parking Canopy. 9 Houses That Look Normal On The Outside But Are Anything But On The Inside. Never judge a house by its cover. 1.

9 Houses That Look Normal On The Outside But Are Anything But On The Inside

This looks like just another one of those average storage barn places. How To Design The Perfect Logo. Portable, solar-powered ecocapsules mean you can live rent- and electric-bill free, globally. In the 1960s, when Britain applied to join the European Economic Community, a predecessor of today’s European Union, it was vetoed by France.

Portable, solar-powered ecocapsules mean you can live rent- and electric-bill free, globally

Twice. The UK made it into the club, eventually, in 1973. Shortly thereafter, new prime minister Harold Wilson called a referendum on whether Britain should remain a member. It wasn’t close—two-thirds of voters opted to stay in the club on June 6, 1975. Belying its initial enthusiasm, Britain has been an awkward member of the economic bloc ever since, reluctantly pulled along as the EU has expanded to 28 countries, of which 19 now also share the same currency, the euro. 11 Steps to a Perfect Logo. Spanish industrial designer Borja Acosta de Vizcaino has created a simple guide that teaches readers how to create the perfect logo in 11 steps.

11 Steps to a Perfect Logo

His guide was based on the 4 essential rules of effective logo design by Webdesigner Deport. AJ+ - Ghana's Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bikes. Build a DIY Portable Solar Power Generator For Under $150. Want to build your own portable solar power generator to take with you on camping trips or for use in an emergency?

Build a DIY Portable Solar Power Generator For Under $150

I’ll show you how below, it’s easier than you think. Goal Zero’s version of this cost over $400 and doesn’t include any solar panels! Depending on what you include yours will cost under $150 by buying inexpensive parts from How portable do you want your solar generator to be? Think about how heavy and large it should be? Video showing components: 30 Brilliant DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas. This Bamboo Tower Creates 26 Gallons Of Water A Day From Thin Air! In Ethiopia, women and children have to walk several hours to collect water.

This Bamboo Tower Creates 26 Gallons Of Water A Day From Thin Air!

A solution to this problem was designed by Arturo Vittori and Andreas Vogler of Architecture and Vision. It’s called the WarkaWater and it’s a 9 meter tall bamboo framework that has special fabric hanging on the inside that collects the water from the air by condensation. The lightweight structure is designed with parametric computing, but can be built with local skills and materials by the village inhabitants. Snøhetta's tilted zero energy house completed in norway. Dec 16, 2014 snøhetta's tilted zero energy house completed in norway snøhetta’s tilted zero energy house completed in norwayphoto © bruce damonteall images courtesy of snøhetta in a continued effort to produce ecologically conscious structures, the research center on zero emission buildings and design office snøhetta partnered up to develop a pilot house near the norwegian town of larvik. now completed, the dwelling serves as a platform for assisting knowledge of ‘plus houses’, which produce more energy than they use. the demonstration residence’s distinctive tilt towards the southeast instigates its environmental performance, with a sloped roof surface clad in photovoltaic panels. the solar energy collectors are complemented by geothermal wells on the site, resulting in a total gain able to service the house with surplus to power an electric car year-round. for more information on the ZEB pilot house, see here for our previous article prior to the dwelling’s completion.

snøhetta's tilted zero energy house completed in norway

Glow in the Dark Tiles. Bull Bear Origami Wall Decals - Art Without Boundaries. In Pieces - 30 Endangered Species, 30 Pieces. Make a business in 10㎡ Tinyhouseswoon. Tabletop Niemeyer and 10 Other Architecture-Inspired Housewares. Far be it for us to call it a trend, but all kinds of new buildings bear an uncanny resemblance to everyday objects: a can of ham, for example, or a sandwich accoutrement.

Tabletop Niemeyer and 10 Other Architecture-Inspired Housewares

While you may be sick of looking toward the skyline and seeing the contents of your fridge, you could be open to the possibility of looking in your living room and seeing mini works of architecture. A mini Oscar Niemeyer Palácio de Alvorada to put flowers in, perhaps? Or a CCTV Tower-shaped closet? Below, find our room-by-room guide to furnishing your whole house with other buildings. Add To Collection Save this image to a collection. Www.potatofeed. Clever Ways to Store Tools. Designers Explore an Entirely New Use for Shipping Containers in Seoul’s Design District (570312)

Chief Architect X3 Manufacturer Catalogs and Content. Www.earthporm. Humans are social creatures that require a great deal of private space, and when it’s privacy you crave home is where the heart is. No matter what your home looks like it is your sanctuary. Simply stepping through the front door and clicking the door locked behind you brings a feeling of peace and tranquility. Www.autosaur. Viral.pcheaven. News.distractify.

Homegrown. “Cricket to us was more than play, it was a worship in the summer sun.” - Edmund Blunden That an English poet could summarize our own nation’s profuse passion for a sport so succinctly shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. The British may have laid many aspects of India to colonial waste under their rule so many years ago, but even as they divided to conquer, they gave us a game so special it found a way to unite the whole country all over again—across every self-constructed point of separation be it caste, creed, colour or sex. Just a few days shy of the biggest cricket tournament in the world however, it seems apt to give credit where credit is due. You know, good karma and all of that.

But the power of cricket needs no further explanation to anybody with an Indian heart. Ardent pioneers in the field of innovation, Nike’s responsible for the fanciful new design that the new Indian cricket jersey embodies, made entirely out of 15 recycled plastic bottles no less. Trotify Turns Your Bicycle Into a Galloping Horse. The makers of Trotify ask, “Why the long face? 15 Of The Most Beautiful Cinemas Around The World. How to Find Love Using Feng Shui This Valentine's Day. Image via Shutterstock. It Seems Like A Normal Sculpture, But When It Spins, I Couldn’t Look Away. Plant Power: Dutch company harvests electricity from living plants to power streetlights, Wi-Fi, and cell phones. A Dutch company harnesses electricity from living plants, and then uses it to power cell phone chargers, Wi-Fi hotspots, and now over 300 LED streetlights in two sites in the Netherlands.

30 Things That You Don't Need It - But You Want Have It. 15 Inventions That Will Solve Life’s Annoying Little Problems. Bicycle Art. Bicycle Reuse Inspiration Burning Man Festival 2007 by Mark Grieve and Ilana SpectorBikes reclaimed from garbage dumps and recycling centers form a 30 foot high archway.Pic: Jenene Chesbrough Bicycle Shop Germany Christian Petersen admires the facade of the bike shop he co-owns in Atlandsberg, north east of Berlin. The Coworking Challenge / jovoto / Ideas / jovoto. 19 Clever And Functional Key Holders. 303 Flares Twitter 55 Facebook 0 Google+ 31 Pin It Share 217 Email -- 303 Flares × 25 Of The Most Creative Sculptures And Statues From Around The World. 217 Flares Twitter 78 Facebook 0 Google+ 39 Pin It Share 100 Email -- 217 Flares × Our cities are full of majestic monuments, stunning sculptures and artistic statues, each having a story to tell.

Brilliant Device Turns Waste Paper Into Pencils. If you often find yourself searching for a pencil, then this clever little device called the P&P Office Waste Processor will keep well stocked by quickly producing them from simple office waste paper. 40 Things That Will Make You Say WOW – Simple Ideas But Totally Genius! If All These Rooms Were in One House, It Would be the Coolest House in the World. Especially #8. 30 Clever Innovations That Totally Need To Be Everywhere Already. Colour Shades and Schemes from Asian Paints Colour Spectra. 12 Projects Win Regional Holcim Awards 2014 for Africa Middle East. Whatever Happened to the Column? 10 Examples that Redefine the Concept of Structural Support. Anigif_enhanced-buzz-15992-1392241972-39.gif (GIF Image, 600 × 338 pixels) My House Feels So Boring After Seeing These 30 Awesome Things.

These Amazing Wall Murals Will Make Your Home Look Awesome! The Green Village / PT Bambu. Vision42 Design International Competition. Architect Day: Renzo Piano. This Object Doesn't Really Exist...When You See What I Mean You'll Flip. Most interesting photos from presentation boards!!! (architecture projects) pool. The Psychology of Color [Infographic]


Window Socket - Solar Energy Powered Socket by Kyuho Song & Boa Oh. 10 Cool Fun New Products From Fred And Friends In Fall 2013. Dude Cigar Bar by Studiomake. Nido. Flush Doors v/s Wooden Doors. Design Seeds®: For All Who Love Color. Creative Wall Art Can Brighten Up Your Home. COLD FORGING A KNIFE FROM A NAIL.